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Xfinity Double Play Packages

xfinity internet doubleplay
xfinity tv doubleplay


  • Download speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Enjoy 10+ channels
  • Ideal for streaming and entertainment
  • HD programming included

$39.99 /mo

For the first year

xfinity internet doubleplay
xfinity phone bundle


  • Download speeds up to 60 Mbps
  • Ideal for 2-5 devices
  • Unlimited calls to a wide variety of destination

$49.99 /mo

For the first year

xfinity internet doubleplay
xfinity tv doubleplay
xfinity phone bundle


  • Entertainment unlimited with 220+ channels
  • Includes NFL network, NBA TV and more
  • Unlimited calls to a wide variety of destination

$79.99 /mo

For the first year

Xfinity Double Play Deals

Your search for a bundle of happiness is over. Xfinity brings you deals that you have always been looking for. Xfinity double play bundles offer you double fun and double services at affordable prices. This affordability is powered by the twin services that you get in these bundles. Shop Xfinity® Deals - Special Offer - get the internet speed & TV channels you want at a price you'll love. Shop Now!

You get to choose from a variety of Xfinity double play packages which are tailored to your needs in a way that gets you a mix of multiple services at economical rates, every month. These carefully designed bundles offer you packages which help you save money. Savings are enhanced by a wide variety of amenities and services that are being offered at no extra charges.

Xfinity Entertainment

xfinity x1 box

Xfinity X1

Xfinity X1 is the ultimate option to get your entertainment sorted. Get a chance to consolidate your TV entertainment, live TV and Netflix in one package deal. Bid farewell to complications and control all your entertainment from a single box.

xfinity x1 remote

X1 Voice Remote

Taking control of an entertainment box is not an easy. Remembering what to do from which control is a thing of the past. Get Xfinity Voice Remote and enjoy the convenience of voice control. Give the command and watch the magic happen!

Xfinity Double Play Bundle Offers

Xfinity BundleDownload speedChannelsUnlimited DiallingTerm AgreementPrice 
Choice Double PlayUp to 100 Mbps10+-No Term Agreement$39.99/moOrder Now
Standard Double PlayUp to 100 Mbps125+-2-year Term Agreement*$59.99/moOrder Now
Select Double PlayUp to 100 Mbps210+-2-year Term Agreement*$79.99/moOrder Now
Signature Double PlayUp to 100 Mbps219+-2-year Term Agreement*$99.99/moOrder Now
Digital Starter and Performance Starter InternetUp to 15 Mbps140+-No Term Agreement*$109.99/moOrder Now
Super Double playUp to 150 Mbps250+-2-year Term Agreement*$129.99/moOrder Now
Performance Internet and Xfinity VoiceUp to 60 Mbps- No Term Agreement*$49.99/moOrder Now
Digital Preferred and Xfinity Voice-220+ No Term Agreement*$79.99/moOrder Now

Frequently Asked Questions

Xfinity double play is a combination of two Xfinity services. These services offer a variety of options, free features, and savings.
Xfinity offers a variety of double play bundles to choose from. These packages vary in download speeds, channels, and other such services. This variation in services changes the price but Xfinity double play bundles start from $39.99 per month.
Xfinity double play packages are primarily composed of two services. The most famous double play bundle comprises of Xfinity internet and Xfinity TV services. However, there are other options to choose from as well.
Channel line-up for Xfinity double play varies with the package you choose. Different packages offer a different number of channels. The best double play package offers 250+ channels. This line-up includes HD programming as well as some premium channels.