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Internet Accessibility in the Paradise of Pacific

The internet has rapidly become one of the most important commodities that we rely on for carrying out our daily activities. A continuous advancement in network technology and our pursuit of keeping up with the pace has made high-speed internet an essential part of our lives. Speaking of internet, Hawaii has the highest broadband coverage in the US, a connectivity that is hard to match, and a provider saturation to the right degree. Let LocalCableDeals unravel the Aloha State’s internet account for you below.

Hawaii Internet: A Glance at the Numbers

  • 40+ internet providers serve the population of Hawaii at present
  • Spectrum & HughesNet® outrank other ISPs in the region
  • Hawaii is the 7th ‘most connected state’ in the US
  • 97% of the populace has access to basic broadband network in their area

Most Connected State


Average Mbps Speed State Wide


Broadband Coverage

Wired Network Coverage


of Hawaiians have access to at least one wireline service provider


can subscribe to cable internet


can enjoy fiber-optic internet speeds


of Hawaiian residents can opt for DSL internet service

Wireless Network Coverage

100% of Hawaiians have the privilege of accessing a competitive mobile broadband service

13.2% of residents can decide to go for a fixed wireless service

Satellite Network Coverage

96.08% of Hawaii’s households have access to at least one satellite internet provider

Speed Quotient

  • 96.9% of Hawaiians have the benefit of enjoying 25 Mbps or higher speeds
  • 96.8% have access to 100 Mbps or faster broadband speeds
  • 51.3% have 1 Gig internet speeds available in their area
  • 37.2 Mbps is the average state-wide internet speed in Hawaii.

Top Hawaii Cities with Fastest Internet Connectivity

These are the top 5 cities in Hawaii with the highest broadband speeds:

City County Avg. Speed Top Provider City Coverage
Waikoloa Hawaii County 88.8 Mbps Spectrum 97.6%
Waimea Hawaii County 57.3 Mbps Spectrum 94.3%
Kaʻaʻawa Honolulu County 50.6 Mbps Spectrum 100%
Kaneohe Honolulu County 48.8 Mbps Spectrum 99.8%
Kihei Maui County 51.5 Mbps Spectrum 99.3%

Speeds may vary based on location

Connectivity Issues

  • 44,000 people in Hawaii can’t get access to a 25 Mbps or higher connection
  • 91,000 people are restricted to only one wired internet provider in their area
  • 22,000 Hawaiians don’t have wired coverage in their area AT ALL

TV Accessibility in Hawaii

It’s okay to feel frustrated from your current TV provider, and wish to switch to a new one. However, this is where the actual nightmare begins. Comparing a whole bunch of providers with multiple offers, keeping track of a hundred tabs, and deciding on something is definitely harder than it looks!

Entertainment shouldn’t come at such a big cost. To ease the tension, LocalCableDeals provides a one-stop solution to all your problems by showing area-specific cable companies in Hawaii with the best TV offers to suit your entertainment needs perfectly.

It’s good to know that…

  • 6+ cable and satellite TV companies operate in Hawaii, offering seamless entertainment services
  • Spectrum and AT&T’s DIRECTV count as the leading TV providers in the Aloha State
  • 1,168,055 Hawaiians have a singular TV subscription at home.
  • 934,444 people tend to bundle their cable TV services with the internet for a better viewing experience
  • 622,963 Hawaiians watch their favorite TV shows on the internet via video streaming platforms
  • 1,258,904 still prefer to be entertained by the traditional TV broadcasts
  • 1,103,163 people like to catch shows on Hawaii’s network timeline, instead of recording for later via DVR

Voice Accessibility in Hawaii

A reliable phone service lets you carry out day-to-day personal or business tasks smoothly. Thus saving you on a major expense of having to travel long distances to get things done. LocalCableDeals brings the best voice services from traditional landline to cell phone in Hawaii on a single platform for your ultimate convenience.

  • 92.6% of Hawaii has unperturbed cell-phone coverage
  • 8 out of 10 is the coverage score which Hawaii gets among other states
  • 7+ phone providers with advanced voice technologies cater to the communicative needs of the Hawaiians
  • AT&T has the highest cell-phone serviceability in Hawaii
  • 96.09% of Hawaii’s zip codes are covered by AT&T wireless plans
  • 86/100 is the average score designated to the overall cell phone coverage in Hawaii, and is improving day by day

Compare the Finest Internet Providers in Hawaii

The Aloha State is proud of hosting the fastest internet service providers found in the U.S. telecom market. Such a huge multitude of options, paired with a hundred different plans and prices, makes choosing one perfect provider incredibly difficult. Worry not, because we have sorted the best internet providers of Hawaii below – including their coverage, speeds, and other services offered – for you, so you can have a crystal-clear idea at a single glance.

Provider Service Type Maximum Speed Population Covered* Other Services ACSI** Score
Spectrum Cable 940 Mbps 92.21% Spectrum TV with 200+ channels & FREE HD Spectrum Voice with 28 calling featuresSpectrum Mobile with unlimited/By the Gig data plansSpectrum Business 59
HughesNet® Satellite 5 Mbps 96.08% HughesNet® Voice with free equipment setup -
Windstream Copper 7 Mbps 0.5% - 57

*Offers and availability may vary by location and are subject to change

**American Consumer Satisfaction Index

Why Depend on LocalCableDeals?

Switching and subscribing to a new telecom provider is nothing short of a nightmare. You have to go through the laborious process of researching arounf the web, digging down the well of plans and pricing, shuffling hundreds of tabs and what not. Just thinking about it makes you feel tired and we get it. That is why LocalCableDeals brings a one-stop solution to these and many other problems. All you have to do is type in your zip code or address and you will be redirected to only those offers that are available in your area, so you can compare specific plans and pricing, and reach a conclusion in a lot less time. Since time is money, you save significantly via LocalCableDeals. Moreover, you can:

  • Compare Internet Services in your Area – LocalCableDeals solves all your provider-related research woes by displaying geographically accurate and highly relevant ISP information on a single page for you to compare as you deem fit. With it, you can quickly sort through all the Hawaii internet providers serving in your area without too much effort.
  • Find the Right Phone Service LocalCableDeals brings you a vast collection of Voice technologies from traditional landlines to VoIP, as sported by the best phone providers in your Hawaiian zip. Thereby, enabling you to make a more informed choice for your personal or business phone.
  • Select the Speed you Need We all use internet differently for our unique reasons. Some of us use it to study online; others, for streaming and gaming. The possibilities are endless. Each of these needs require different internet speeds. LocalCableDeals helps you understand various speed levels and find the provider packages that actually suit you.
  • Discover Bundle Offers You can bundle TV, internet, and phone subscriptions to reduce the number of bills you receive at the end of the month. LocalCableDeals lists all the bundle offers from the top cable companies in Hawaii, so you can weigh your options better.
  • Delve into Entertainment Options We all enjoy watching TV and spending quality time alone or with one another. A movie marathon or a popular HBO show is just the thing we need to keep us sane during stressful times. Luckily, LocalCableDeals gathers all the best entertainment plans by Hawaii cable and satellite TV providers in one place, so you can find amazing channel line-ups that are perfect for all such TV nights at home.

Hawaii’s Internet Environment

Hawaii is ranked among the top US states when the availability of internet infrastructure is taken into consideration. The Aloha State has some of the country’s best providers offering broadband connectivity via fiber-backed cable, copper and satellite network technologies. HughesNet® is particularly famous for its 5 Mbps satellite speed plans, available to more than 95% of the Hawaiian population. On the other hand, Spectrum covers over 90% of Hawaii’s area and offers internet speeds that climb up to 940 Mbps. Windstream’s max 7 Mbps speeds are also available to less than 1% of the households. These high-speed internet providers in Hawaii are responsible for the state’s 7th ‘most connected’ rank.

Internet Service In Hawaii
Hawaii TV Service

Hawaii’s TV Situation

The Aloha State has given birth to some of the biggest names, like the nation’s favorite POTUS, Barack Obama, who is from Honolulu. Our beloved Bruno Mars is from Waikiki. Gilmore Girls and Parenthood star Lauren Graham too is from Honolulu. And the list goes up a notch with names like Nicole Kidman and our very own Aquaman, Jason Momoa. Fun Fact: Jason also won Hawaii Model of the Year in 1999, before hitting fame for his role as Khal Drogo in HBO’s Game of Thrones. You can watch these Hawaiian stars all in one place by getting your hands on the best TV providers in the HI state, such as Spectrum and DIRECTV, etc. Once you start relying on LocalCableDeals, there’s no stopping the entertainment train.

Final Word…

has the best infrastructure to support internet provision on a wide-scale, with satellite internet available practically everywhere and fiber-backed cable covering more than 90% of Hawaii. In short, Hawaii internet is one of the sturdiest in the country. TV and phone services aren’t behind either. Hawaii has some of the best providers offering seamless TV and phone connectivity. All this and so much more you can get with LocalCableDeals, which takes the burden off your shoulders and makes it easier for you to decide on what you need for your home or business.

Internet TV Phone Bundle Hawaii

Find Hawaii Providers on City-Level

LocalCableDeals brings city-specific telecom data at your disposal, so you can narrow down your search for the right internet, TV and phone providers in your Hawaiian zip. Select your city below, and be redirected to a page holding every possible answer to your question about telecom services in that particular city.

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