You shouldn’t be compromising when it comes to your entertainment. That’s why you need to opt for the best resources. Fortunately, Xfinity brings ‘Xfinity NOW TV’ that will fulfill your entertainment needs just the way you want. Want to learn more about it? Well, this blog will cover everything you need to know about NOW TV. So, buckle up as we’re about to start!

What is Xfinity NOW TV?

Xfinity NOW TV is an exclusive service that allows users to stream live sports, movies, and shows – all in one place! That’s right, now you don’t need to subscribe to different streaming platforms to catch up on your favorite shows!

Xfinity NOW brings 40+ on-demand TV channels, including Hallmark, History, and more, and also gives access to live TV. In addition, you also have access to Peacock Premium, and that too without any extra cost!

How Can You Watch Xfinity NOW TV?

The good thing about Xfinity NOW TV is that you can watch it with your Xfinity Flex TV streaming box. You can even use other eligible platforms; however, it’s best that you use Flex TV or Xfinity Stream app since it allows streaming up to 3 mobile devices simultaneously. You can check out our blog on Xfinity Flex to learn more about it.

How Much Is Xfinity NOW TV?

With this level of access, you must find it hard to resist the temptation of getting Xfinity NOW TV. Luckily, it’s economical. You can get Xfinity NOW at just $20/ month*. In addition, you also get Peacock Premium free, which brings 20+ free streaming channels!

*Taxes extra. Activation of Peacock account required.

Call Xfinity Customer Services at 1-844-207-8722

How Can You Get Xfinity NOW TV?

Now that you know how much is Xfinity NOW TV, it’s time to check out how can you get it. Here are some requirements that you need to fulfill first:

  • Get or have Xfinity Internet access.
  • Get access to Xfinity TV via
    • Xfinity Flex


  • Download the Xfinity Stream app


  • Get compatible devices i.e. Chromecast, Apple AirPlay, Fire TV, etc.

If you have the above, then you can simply contact customer support and get your Xfinity NOW subscribed right away.

What Channels You Get With Xfinity NOW TV?

Earlier we mentioned that you get 40+ channels with NOW TV alongside 20+ channels with free Peacock Premium access. Here are some channels available in the list:

BBC AmericaBBC NewsThe Weather Channel
Animal PlanetDiscoveryGreat American Family
Game Show Network (GSN)Hallmark Drama/ MoviesJustice Central
Lifetime Movie NetworkMilitary HistorySony Movies
Recipe TVScience ChannelTLC

In addition, you’ll be getting with free Peacock Premium access with channels, some of which are mentioned below:

NBC News Now

Sky News

Xumo Action Movies

Xumo Black Cinema

Xumo Bollywood & Indian Cinema

Xumo Comedy Movies

Xumo Travel & Lifestyle TV

Xumo Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movies

Xumo Kids TV

Xumo Reality TV

Xumo Her Movies

Xumo Food TV

Xumo Game Show

Xumo Documentaries

Xumo Horror & Thriller

How Can You Access Xfinity NOW TV?

The good thing about Xfinity NOW TV is that you don’t need any additional equipment for it. Below is the process of how you can access NOW TV after buying its subscription:

  • Ensure that you’ve received confirmation of acquiring Xfinity NOW TV service from Xfinity support.
  • Once received, open your Xfinity TV Flex.
  • From the menu, choose the Xfinity Stream icon.
  • You’ll find the NOW TV home page appearing when you open Xfinity Stream.
  • From the options, you’ll find available channels as well as live TV options.
  • The ‘Save’ option will let you record content as per your DVR’s capacity.
  • You can also use the ‘Browse/Search’ option to search through the collections/

In this way, you can easily access and enjoy NOW TV content. If you want, you can check out our extended blog on Xfinity Stream to get a better idea of how to operate it.

Call Xfinity Customer Services at 1-844-207-8722

Closing Thoughts

Now, you know what Xfinity NOW TV is and how can you get it to enjoy live TV and on-demand content using the available Xfinity Flex and Xfinity Stream app. In any case, you can contact Xfinity customer service to get help acquiring the service or setting it up on your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is available on Xfinity NOW TV?

Xfinity NOW brings 40+ channels alongside 20+ channels with Peacock Premium, including Hallmark Drama/Movies, NBC News Now, and many more.

How much is NOW TV?

You can get Xfinity NOW TV at just $20/month*.
*Taxes extra. Activation of Peacock account required.

Do I need additional equipment for NOW TV?

Fortunately, you don’t need any additional equipment for Xfinity NOW TV. You can subscribe to the service and access it via your streaming box easily.