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There are days when you aren’t able to give time to your elderly due to busy schedules. However, that doesn’t mean they should be left on their own. Today, you can get your elderly gadgets and apps that can keep them occupied and connected with their loved ones easily.

Since we’re talking about apps and gadgets here, it’s essential to have good internet, and that too at an affordable price. If you qualify as a senior citizen or looking for internet plans for the elderly, then with this blog, you can find out Xfinity internet deals for seniors and avail them at discounted rates. Let’s find out more about it below:

Xfinity Internet Deals for Seniors

As of now, Xfinity doesn’t offer senior-related deals or discounts. However, it does offer discounts via its ‘Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).” Regulated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), the ACP program allows users to avail of monthly discounts on their internet bill.

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)? 

Xfinity ACP allows Xfinity customers to get monthly discounts on their internet bills. It’s convenient for households that have limited income so that they can use the internet for school, work, or home.

How Can You Qualify for Xfinity ACP?

To qualify or to be eligible for the Xfinity ACP program:

  • Your household income is 200% or less than the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  • You or any member of your household are existing participants of any government assistance program i.e. Medicaid, WIC, SNAP, or others.
  • You’re already receiving a Lifeline Benefit.

How to Sign Up for Xfinity ACP?

Just follow the steps below to apply for Xfinity ACP:

  1. Visit to check for your household’s eligibility. Once confirmed, apply for the program. You’ll get your National Verifier ID upon application acceptance.
  2. Once your application is accepted, reach out to your desired internet provider or in this case Xfinity.
  3. Select the ideal internet plan according to your household needs. Check for speeds and ensure you opt for the one that fits best.
  4. Once selected, proceed to order. The ACP benefit should be applied to your billing as credit, which will be displayed on your internet statement for as long as the program is active.
Call 1-855-771-3154 to get ACP


If you’re a senior or looking for affordable internet plans for seniors, then you can check out the affordable connectivity program, and apply for it.


How much discount do I get on my internet bill with ACP?

You can get up to a $100 discount with the ACP based on your eligibility for the discounts offered.

Can I apply for the ACP online?

Yes, you can apply for the ACP online. In case you aren’t able to, you can download its PDF form and then mail it to the appropriate address.