Charter Spectrum internet users receive a modem, which is included in the plan at no additional cost. Although you can purchase your own internet modem, it will not save you money because the provider does not offer any technical support for personal equipment. Therefore, majority of the users prefer using Spectrum-rented router, which costs only $5/month.

What are the benefits of purchasing your own router?

The benefits of having your own router include faster Wi-Fi, no rental fees, security, and extended wireless coverage. A self-bought router will buffer, load, and download fast and in this era of lesser time and more work, extraordinary internet speed has become a necessity. Whilst it may seem easy to think that $5 is nothing, but think of it this way: you will be investing $60 a year, still not have your router, and the performance might not be up to your expectations. Even if you are not working and just browsing online, your data and information need to be protected at all costs. These days cybercrime has increased drastically and a rented router might not protect you from it. With your own router, you can customize your preferred security settings. For example, you can set up antivirus software, a firewall, a VPN, etc. based on your specific needs. Lastly, the self-brought router can have extended coverage depending on the location and size of your house.

Why should you rent your router from Spectrum?

Spectrum internet users are required to use authorized equipment to actively connect to Spectrum network. For a small monthly fee, Spectrum provides a pre-configured Wi-Fi router, which is capable of transmitting super-fast internet speeds whilst covering most of your area with strong wireless signals. In addition to this, Charter Spectrum offers 24/7 customer support for its rented equipment. So, if you are having trouble with your connection, a team of professional technicians will be sent over to your place to resolve the issue as soon as possible. The $5 monthly cost is not only for the modem but it also covers the aforementioned benefits so you do not stress out in case an issue arises. Furthermore, Spectrum does not burden you with an upfront cost that is involved when purchasing a modem. Therefore, rent your modem from Charter Spectrum and live a peaceful life knowing all your problems are covered.

What routers are compatible with Spectrum Internet?

Here is a list of internet routers that are authorized by Spectrum:

Recommended Wi-Fi Routers for Spectrum Internet
Router Ethernet Ports No. of External Antennas Wi-Fi Band
Askey 802.11ac Wave 2 4 0 Dual Band
TP-Link AC1750 Smart Wifi Router 4 3 Dual Band
NETGEAR Nighthawk R6700 4 3 Dual Band
Linksys Tri-Band AC2200 5 4 Dual Band
Compatible Modems with Spectrum Internet
Brand Modem Internet Speed Capability
Arris SB6120, SB6121 60 Mbps
Netgear CMD31T 60 Mbps
Arris SB6141, SBG6400, SBG6580, SBG6580-2, SBG6700-AC 100 Mbps
D-Link DCM301 100 Mbps
Linksys CM3008 100 Mbps
Motorola MB7220, MG7310, MG7315 100 Mbps
Netgear C3000, C3000-100NAS, CG3000D, C3700-100NAS, CM400 100 Mbps
TP-Link TC-7610, TC-W7960 100 Mbps
Zoom 5341J, 5345, 5350, 5352, 5354, 5360, 5363 100 Mbps
Zyxel CDA30360 100 Mbps
Arris SB6183, SBG6900-AC 300 Mbps
ASUS CM-16 300 Mbps
Motorola MB7420, MG7540, MG7550 300 Mbps
Netgear C6250, CM500, CM500-100NAS 300 Mbps
SMC Networks D3CM1604 300 Mbps
TP-Link CR500, CR700, TC-7620 300 Mbps
Arris SB6190, SBG7580, SBG7580-AC 400 Mbps
ASUS CM-32, CM-32_AC2600 400 Mbps
Linksys CM3024 400 Mbps
Motorola MB7621 400 Mbps
Netgear C6900, C7000-100NAS, CM600, CM700 400 Mbps

These are all the modems that you can purchase to connect with your Spectrum internet service. Make sure to check the specifications of the router and confirm it with your ISP before finalizing your decision regarding the purchase.