Launched in 1994, Turner Classic Movies or better known as TCM is an American pay-TV movie network, directly operated by Warner Bros. Entertainment’s Kids, Young, Adults, and Classics division. The network’s headquarter is situated in Atlanta, Georgia.

TCM is widely known for its original programming featuring theatrically and cinema-released movies from the Turner Entertainment Library, comprising of movies by Warner Bros., Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and RKO Pictures. In addition, TCM acquires movies featured by other studios.

With its availability in the United States, United Kingdom, Latin America, Canada, Ireland, France, Malta, Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Spain, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Middle East, and the Nordic countries – TCM is one of the most widely watched cable channels.

Before the launch of TCM, the movies and other programming produced under the banner of Turner Broadcasting System used to air on TNT (Turner Network Television), the commercial-supported cable TV channel of the network. However, since the creation of TCM, network policies have been streamlined to a better extent.

How Can I Watch TCM on Cable?

While there is no question that streaming services have made a world of subscribers for them in the new age of entertainment, it is certainly a farce to assume that cable is dead as of yet. Enthusiasts and real followers of cable TV still do not consider anything other than cable, the real entertainment. And rightly so – the extensive channel lineup, unlimited entertainment and information outlets, and extreme freedom to choose between genres is something that is synonymous with cable TV.

The rise in cable providers is also on account of the demand for cable, which has been trending upwards for over a decade now. It might just be our biasness but if you live in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania – you must sign up with Optimum Altice to rid yourself of all the hassles and worries when it comes to entertainment. This is on account of the matter that Optimum offers the most affordable and convenient cable TV plans. Here is a summarized view of the best Optimum TV packages:

Cable PlansChannel CountHD Channel CountCloud DVRVoice Activated Remote
Optimum Core TVMore than 255More than 80YesYes
Optimum Select TVMore than 340More than 110YesYes
Optimum Premier TVMore than 420More than 140YesYes

Since, this blog post concentrates on the classic movie channel, TCM, the question of what channel is TCM on Optimum freely roams around in everyone’s mind. The following subsections cover the detailed response to this query.

What Channel is TCM on Optimum?

Optimum TV has three popular cable packages that offer TCM in their channel lineup. In addition to TCM, all three packages include a long list of premium channels also. Below is a brief discussion about the channels included in the cable packages:

Optimum Core TV –Animal Planet, A&E, History, National Geographic Channel, Travel Channel, FXX, WGN, Fox Business, TNT, HGTV, Discovery Channel, etc.

Optimum Select TV – all of the Core TV channels, Starz Encore, FX Movie Channel, NFL Network, NBA TV, American Heroes Channel, Sundance, BBC World News, MTV 2, IFC, NFL Network, etc.

Optimum Premier TV – all of the Select TV channels, Fox Soccer Plus, NHL Network, Showtime, HBO 2, HBO Max, beIN sport, TVG, etc.

The brief channel summary sure depicts the level of varied entertainment that you can expect from this cable provider. If you belong to the group of people who need a little something extra on top of the channel lineup, then you would be glad to know that Optimum also provides voice-activated remote, in-built streaming applications, and on-the-go entertainment to its customers. Altice One, a smartphone application of Optimum, lets you experience television in the most exciting manner.

Furthermore, Optimum religiously follows a no-contract policy and as a cherry on top, offers a 500 USD contract buyout – making it such an easy pick for customers.

Now that, it is clear that your interest is developed in the cable provider under the spotlight, let us come to the point of what channel is TCM on Optimum TV.

This table shows which channel number offers TCM on Optimum cable in different cities and states. For more clarity, you can go up to this link:

City, StateChannel Number
Bridgeport, CT76
Litchfield, CT70
New Haven, CT76
Norwalk, CT76
Great Neck, LI – West97
Islip/Woodbury, LI – West97
Lynbrook, LI – West97
Brookhaven, LI – East97
East Hampton/Riverhead, LI – East97
Haupage, LI – East97
Bayonne, NJ – Central97
Bergen/Cresskill, NJ – Central97
Elizabeth, NJ – Central91
Hudson, NJ – Central97
Morris County, NJ – Central97
Newark, NJ – Central97
Matamoras, NJ – North97
Oakland, NJ – North69
Paterson, NJ – North97
Ramapo, NJ – North97
Rockland, NJ – North65
Freehold/Lakewood/Jackson/Millstone, NJ – South97
Hamilton, NJ – South97
Raritan Valley, NJ – South97
Seaside, NJ – South97
Wall, NJ – South97
Brooklyn, NYC41
Bronx, NYC41
Hendersonville, NC245
West Jefferson, NC258
Dutchess, Westchester68
Eastchester/Bronxville/Tuckahoe, Westchester67
Matamoras, Westchester97
Ossining, Westchester63
Rockland County, Westchester65
Port Chester/Harrison, Westchester79
Southern Westchester, Westchester67
Wappingers Falls, Westchester68
Warwick, Westchester97
Yonkers, Westchester97
Yorktown/Cross River, Westchester97

How Can I Watch TCM Without Cable?

If you have made up your mind to go on with your life after canceling the cable service, it is fine since you can access TCM and many other channels without cable too. Most live streaming services offer TCM in their channel setup. Some of these streaming platforms are discussed here:

YouTube TVHulu + Live TVChannel Number
TV Channel Count70+65+50+
Number of Titles50,0003,000+50,000+
Simultaneous streams against one account321 (Orange), 3 (Blue)
Ad-free streamingNoYesNo
Picture Quality1080p1080p720p
Base DVR storageUnlimited50 hours10 hours
Free TrialYesYesYes

Summing Up

Moving on from cable service is totally up to you, however, if the only reason you want to switch from cable TV is its cost – you ought to give Optimum Cable a chance. TCM is a basic movie channel that you can find in all of the cable packages offered by Optimum Altice. For detailed information, you can contact the Optimum customer service center at 1-844-518-2667.

Until then, if you need to remember what channel is TCM on Optimum – do give this blog a read.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Optimum Select include TCM?

All three cable packages of Optimum Cable (Core TV, Select TV, and Premier TV) include TCM in their channel lineup.

What channel is TCM on Optimum NYC?

You can catch TCM on channel number 41 in New York City.

Does Optimum have TCM on demand?

To get the details about Optimum on-demand content, please visit