If you are reading this and “Together we make football” rings a bell, then you, my dear friend, are in a football fan’s heaven. It’s the official slogan of America’s heartbeat: the NFL. Yes, our very own NFL. A bit of history though - America’s National Football League, consisting of 32 teams, owns the NFL Network. The NFL Network was first launched in November 2003 with a $100 million investment by the league itself.

While most sports channels broadcast NFL games on and off-season,  the NFL came to every sports lover’s rescue by launching a dedicated channel for NFL games only. The network exclusively broadcasts NFL games and NFL-related analysis programs or documentaries.

The NFL prides itself on having a wide subscriber base, with every 7 out of 10 households with a television watching the NFL Network.

One of the best parts about the NFL network is the fact that it doesn’t only focus on the game but also on all the on and off-field events. A little dose of sports gossip to a bit of on and off-field drama is enough to keep you hooked - not to forget the highlight of it all, the mighty Super Bowl. The Super Bowl is hands down the biggest American event of the year, so mighty in scale that even someone who doesn’t watch football can’t resist tuning into the channel on the day of the finale.

NFL on Spectrum

If you are a true football enthusiast who can’t get through the night without watching runs and re-runs of your favorite game then NFL Network is the one for you, offering an exhaustive selection of programs to give you just the adrenaline rush you need. Both Spectrum Select Signature and Spectrum Select Plus plans come with NFL Network on their channel lineup. The availability might vary for different regions so take a look at your localized cable channel lineup at https://www.spectrum.com/cable-tv/channel-lineup to find the exact channel number for NFL Network on Spectrum TV.


NFL Network on Spectrum is your go-to channel for all the latest NFL news and games. You can locate the exact channel number for the network by visiting the localized channel lineup of your subscribed Spectrum TV plan.

Frequently Asked Questions about NFL on Spectrum

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How can I watch NFL on Spectrum?

You can watch your team’s football match in HD quality with cable TV packages by Spectrum. Get NFL Network on your TV screens by subscribing to either Spectrum Select Signature or Spectrum Select Plus plan.

Does Spectrum carry the NFL Network?

Spectrum Cable offers full access to NFL Network and all its programs on both Spectrum Select Signature and Spectrum Select Plus plans.