Imagining a day without watching television is certainly going to give chills to many people. One way to keep our brains fresh and energetic is to give them a daily dose of fun and entertainment. In the present era, television is surely one place to dissipate all the exhaustion and revive the energy to deal with the upcoming days.

Watching television is not possible without having a cable connection at home. Optimum cable is one such service provider covering major areas of the United States including New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut. The cable provider also allows you to bundle cable TV with phone and internet or both. In our opinion, it is better to bundle it with the internet as there are many people in the house looking forward to streaming on Netflix or online gaming.

One of the channels being offered on the Optimum channel lineup is TBS. TBS or Tuner Broadcasting System is a basic cable channel, which was founded in 1967 popularly recognized as Atlanta television. However, later in 1976 TBS was relaunched and offered a wide range of programming from thrilling sports events like NCCA and MLB to comedy. The channel has over 90 million subscribers all over the United States and gained popularity like Paramount Network, Bravo, and ABC within a short span.

TBS is not about sports and comedy it can help you find amazing dramas, updated news, and so much more added to the library. If there is nothing else to do and killing the boredom seems impossible, TBS is one channel you should stick to.

TBS Shows to Watch

The Bill Engvall Show American Dad
Celebrity Show-Off The King of Queens
Deal with It SWAT Kats
WCW Thunder Deon Cole's Black Box
Georgia Championship Wrestling Cougar Town
Braves TBS Baseball The Misery Index
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien Are We There Yet?
The Baseball Bunch Lopez Tonight

Is TBS Available on Optimum Cable?

Optimum cable is a one-stop place to fulfill and satisfy your desire for entertainment. Especially when it comes to weekends, sometimes you might not be able to hang out with friends. The only way to spend a quality weekend is either to spend your time with family members or sit on a comfortable couch, grab your remote, and start scrolling through channels.

Optimum has an extensive channel lineup, and fortunately, TBS is also available. Whether you are subscribed to its basic cable plan, select plan, or premier plan, TBS is available on all of them. You don’t need to pay anything extra to catch up on your favorite shows on TBS.

However, one thing that might trouble you while searching for TBS is the channel number. With a huge channel lineup of 420&plus, hitting the right channel in one go is not less than a miracle. If a program is scheduled on TBS that you had been waiting for a week or so, but are not able to identify channel number then make sure to read until the end because we are going to tell you what channel is TBS on Optimum.

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Cable Connecticut?

City Channel Number
Litchfield 39
New Haven 39
Bridgeport 39
Norwalk 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Long Island?

City Channel Number
Great Neck 39
Islip / Woodbury 39
Lynbrook 39
Brookhaven 39
East Hampton / Riverhead 39
Hauppauge 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum in NJ?

City Channel Number
Bayonne 39
Oakland 39
Wall 39
Newark 39
Matamoras 39
Rockland 39
Morris County 39
Hamilton (Philadelphia DMA) 39
Hamilton (NY DMA) 39
Ramapo 39
Ossining, Rockland 39
Bergen, Cresskill 39
Elizabeth 39
Hudson 39

What Channel is TBS on Optimum New York?

City Channel Number
Brookhaven 39
Yonkers 39
Brooklyn 39
Yorktown, Cross River 39
Ossining, Rockland County 39
Bronx 39
Wappingers Falls 39
Lynbrook 39
Port Chester, Harrison 39
Southern Westchester 39
Eastchester, Bronxville, Tuckahoe 39
Great Neck 39
Islip, Woodbury 39
Dutchess 39
Hauppauge 39
East Hampton, Riverhead 39
Wappingers Falls 39
Rockland County 39
Matamoras, Warwick 39

What Channel is TBS on Dish and Other Networks?

Provider Channel Number
Dish Network 139 (HD/SD)
DirecTV 247 (East; SD/HD), 247-1 (West; HD)
Google Fiber 284 (HD/SD)
CenturyLink Prism 112 (East; SD), 1113 (West; HD),  1112 (East; HD), 113 (West; SD)
Verizon Fios 552 (HD), 52 (SD)
AT&T U-verse 112 (East; SD), 1113 (West; HD), 113 (West; SD), 1112 (East; HD)

Summing Up

In this era, where technology has gone far and beyond what we could have imagined in the past, the importance of television is still there. Whether it be watching comedy sitcom, live sporting event, kids programming, or live news, Optimum has got you covered. If you have not subscribed to Optimum cable yet, pick up your phone and call customer service at 1-844-518-2667.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is TBS on Optimum New York?

TBS on Optimum New York is on channel number 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum in NJ?

TBS on Optimum in NJ is on channel number 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Cable Connecticut?

TBS on Optimum Cable Connecticut is on channel number 39

What Channel Is TBS on Optimum Long Island?

TBS on Optimum Long Island is on channel number 39