Entertainment has no limits at least in today’s era. Every household is equipped with a television and internet that keeps them hooked to their screens. However, the choice of one person may differ from the other.

There are plenty of ways to get a shot of entertainment and one of them is to subscribe to cable TV. With plenty of cable providers offering services in the United States, Optimum TV has caught the attention of millions of people.

One of the reasons is the huge channel lineup that’s included in Basic to Premier TV plans. For instance, the Optimum Core TV plan includes over 220 channels, offering a pretty decent list of channels including ESPN, NBC, BBC World News, MeTV, Lifetime, and many more.

When we talk about entertainment and channel lineup, Pop TV is surely the top choice for many viewers due to its quality programming and decent shows. Luckily, Optimum cable subscribers would get the chance to watch Pop TV with all TV plans i.e. with Core, Select, and Premier TV subscribers.

When the time of the show is running out and you don’t have any clue what channel is Pop TV on Optimum, then the only possible way is to scroll through channels. But what if we can help you in accessing the channel directly without wasting a moment. Before we discuss what channel is Pop TV on Optimum cable, first have a look at Pop TV briefly.

Pop TV Overview

Pop TV or shortly referred to as Pop is a popular American pay-TV channel owned by ViacomCBS. It was founded in 1981 as a barker channel service offering a display of program listings and localized channels for cable TV providers. Pop TV offers everything that one needs for entertainment. If you want to spend some time on the couch without giving heed to tomorrow, then tune in to Pop TV without any delay.

When it comes to Pop TV programming, there is plenty of content to watch. For instance, you can watch Return of the Mac to give your jaws some exercise. And if your evenings and weekends are getting dull, Rock this Boat is going to transform them into flamboyant and dazzling.

If none of the shows on Pop TV could get a hold on you, then make sure to browse through movies and start watching your favorite one.

Popular TV Shows and Movies on Pop TV

Hollywood DarlingsRock this Boat
Throw Back TVEasiest Game Show Ever
Queens of DramaHollywood Girls Night
Big Brother After DarkThe Goldbergs
Sonic the HedgehogBig Top Academy: School's Out Edition
Oggy and the CockroachesHollywood Darlings
Transformers: Rescue BotsThe Amazing Adrenalini Brothers
Sally Bollywood: Super DetectiveSonic Underground

What Channel is Pop TV on Optimum Cable?

As we have mentioned earlier, Optimum cable offers a huge channel lineup on all of its plans. But when the viewer turns on the television, he/she may not find any clue about what channel is Pop on Optimum TV. Scrolling through a huge channel lineup isn’t going to work at all, especially if your favorite show is on air. To rescue you from this situation, refer to the table given below for the channel number.

What Channel Is Pop TV on Optimum New Jersey?

CityChannel Number
Bayonne154 (HD)
Oakland154 (HD)
Matamoras154 (HD)
Newark154 (HD)
Bergen, Cresskill154 (HD)
Elizabeth154 (HD)
Hudson154 (HD)
Ossining, Rockland154 (HD)
Ramapo154 (HD)
Wall154 (HD)
Rockland154 (HD)
Morris County154 (HD)
Hamilton (NY DMA)154 (HD)
Hamilton (Philadelphia DMA)154 (HD)

What Channel is Pop on Optimum TV Connecticut?

CityChannel Number
Norwalk154 (HD)
Litchfield154 (HD)
New Haven154 (HD)
Bridgeport154 (HD)

What Channel is Pop on Optimum Cable New York?

CityChannel Number
Brookhaven154 (HD)
Yonkers154 (HD)
Brooklyn154 (HD)
Yorktown, Cross River154 (HD)
Ossining, Rockland County154 (HD)
Bronx154 (HD)
Wappingers Falls154 (HD)
Lynbrook154 (HD)
Port Chester, Harrison154 (HD)
Southern Westchester154 (HD)
Great Neck154 (HD)
Islip, Woodbury154 (HD)
Hauppauge154 (HD)
East Hampton, Riverhead154 (HD)
Rockland County154 (HD)
Matamoras, Warwick154 (HD)

Summing Up

If you have been searching for a long time for a better cable option in your area, make sure to check out if Optimum is available in your area. Without contractual obligation and an extensive channel lineup, Optimum TV is the ultimate solution for every small and big household. Plus, if you subscribe to Optimum packages, rest assured to have seamless connectivity to as high as 1 Gig.

For further packages and plan details, don’t hesitate to call Optimum customer support at 1-844-518-2667. Keep in mind that Pop TV is only available on Optimum’s Select and Premier plan – so better decide which plan suits your requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is Pop HD on Optimum?

Pop HD on Optimum is on channel number 154.

Is Pop TV on Optimum?

Yes, Pop TV is on Optimum, available with Core, Select and Premier TV plans. If you want to more info, do not hesitate to call customer service at (844) 518-2667.

What is the starting price of Optimum TV?

Optimum TV's starting price is $74.99 per month excluding taxes, fees, and other charges.