A channel that urges you to “Be More” definitely deserves to be a part of your everyday programming, right? Well, this channel is called PBS, and it brings a diverse assortment of TV shows, independent films, and entertaining documentaries your way. From fine arts programs like Great Performances to home improvement series like This Old House, from intense dramas like Downtown Abbey to musical roundups like Austin City Limits, and from science-centered broadcasts like Nova to history repeats like American Experience, you can be sure to watch colorful programming on PBS. Besides these, the non-commercial, free-to-air, and public broadcast television network also airs interviews from Amanpour & Company, public affairs from Frontline, college sports, and children’s programming that is meant to entertain as well as educate. This form of instructional television is ideal for kids with young, impressionistic minds, so if you’ve got a lot of children in your household, you can keep them engaged throughout the day with PBS.

After all, the Public Broadcasting Service is a non-profit company and one of the most well-renowned providers of educational television, which inspires you to go beyond the bounds and simply, be more. So, acquiring it would be your wisest move ever! Speaking of the acquisition, here’s the best news, you can get access to PBS regardless of where you live with AT&T DirecTV. DirecTV is the nation’s #1 satellite TV service, available to both urban and rural residents. This post will show you exactly what channel is PBS on DirecTV, how to get it on your lineup, and what to watch on it during your leisure time.

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How to Get PBS on DirecTV?

Before we learn more about the PBS channel number on DirecTV, let’s take a look at the provider and the benefits that are in store for you should you subscribe to it today. DirecTV is essentially a direct broadcast satellite service, delivering high-quality television feed to more than 18 million subscribers throughout the United States. It is a subsidiary of AT&T and is based out of California. Another interesting fact about DirecTV is that it manages around 12 communications satellites in outer space that provide uniform coverage to all the nations in the US, even the geographically intricate areas that can’t get access to cable or fiber. Coming to its amenities, DirecTV packages consist of four main channel tiers starting from basic ENTERTAINMENT™ and going all the way up to the channel-rich PREMIER™ plan. In addition to hundreds of high-definition channels, this service offers:

  • 65,000 on-demand titles and more than 140 Live TV channels
  • HBO Max™ for a year on CHOICE™ and above packages
  • 2021 season of NFL Sunday Ticket & NBS League Pass included
  • Over 200 hours of TV storage with Genie® HD DVR
  • Free DirecTV app for streaming on the go

And so much more!

Thus, whether you get a standalone TV package or an AT&T bundle with DirecTV, your entertainment experience will be nothing short of amazing given the luxurious lineups and premium serves. What’s more, DirecTV makes sure to add PBS across all its channel tiers, so its customers can enjoy the best of public and educational broadcast television around the clock. Here’s an illustrative table in this regard, complete with DirecTV prices, plans, and the availability of PBS.

DirecTV Package Channel Count PBS Availability Monthly Price Subscribe
ENTERTAINMENT™ 160+   $64.99 Call to Order
CHOICE™ 185+   $69.99 Call to Order
ULTIMATE™ 250+   $84.99 Call to Order
PREMIER™ 330+   $134.99 Call to Order

How can you get PBS on DirecTV? By picking up your phone and calling 1-866-996-2797 to order any DirecTV package that suits your budget and your entertainment needs. You’ll find PBS included in all. Isn’t that great?

What Channel is PBS on DirecTV?

State City PBS Channel Number
Alabama Birmingham 10
Arizona Phoenix 8
Arkansas Little Rock – Pine Bluff 2
California Los Angeles 24/50/58
Colorado Denver 6/12
Connecticut Hartford – New Haven 24(HD)
Delaware Wilmington 12/23/39
Florida Jacksonville 7(HD)/8(HD)
Georgia Atlanta 30/8(HD)
Idaho Boise 4(HD)
Illinois Chicago 11/20/56
Indiana Indianapolis 20/30
Iowa Des Moines 11
Kansas Wichita – Hutchinson 8/9
Kentucky Louisville 15/68
Louisiana New Orleans 12
Maine Portland – Auburn 10
Maryland Baltimore 22/22(HD)
Massachusetts Boston 2/11/44
Michigan Detroit 56
Minnesota Minneapolis – St. Paul 2/10/17/22
Missouri Kansas City 19
Mississippi Jackson 29
Montana Billings 16(HD)
Nebraska Omaha 26/32
Nevada Las Vegas 10(HD)
New Hampshire Manchester 2/11/44
New Jersey Newark 13/21/50/49(HD)
New Mexico Albuquerque – Santa Fe 5/3(HD)
New York New York 13/21/50/49(HD)
North Carolina Charlotte 30/42/58
North Dakota Fargo – Valley City 13
Ohio Columbus 20/34
Oklahoma Oklahoma City 13
Oregon Portland 10
Pennsylvania Philadelphia 12/23/39
Rhode Island Providence 53(HD)/36(HD)
South Carolina Charleston 7(HD)
South Dakota Sioux Falls 20/23(HD)
Tennessee Nashville 8/22
Texas Houston 8
Utah Salt Lake City 7
Vermont Burlington 49/33(HD)/57(HD)
Virginia Virginia Beach 2/15
Washington Seattle – Tacoma 9/28
West Virginia Charleston – Huntington 25/33
Wisconsin Milwaukee 10/36

Channel availability and number may vary from area to area.

Watch PBS on DirecTV Channel Lineup Today!

PBS maintains a beautiful network of television stations throughout the US. These stations broadcast a remarkable mixture of entertaining and instructive programming to the American viewership. If you get the PBS channel on DirecTV today, you can tune into unique original shows like Washington Week (1967), PBS NewsHour (1975), MotorWeek (1981), American Masters (1986), P.O.V. (1988), Ciao Italia (1989), Kokoro: The Heart Within (1995), Secrets of the Dead (2000), We'll Meet Again (2018), Cobra (2020), and The Trouble with Maggie Cole (2020), etc. Not only that, you can get a taste of acquired programming on PBS, as well, in the shape of Start Up (2013), Closer to Truth (2008), Texas Parks & Wildlife (1985), Democracy Now! (2001), The Daytripper (2010) and WoodSongs (2006), etc.

PBS is an all-in-one television network that is ideal for your home. Use this guide to learn about the PBS channel number on DirecTV in your area and the easiest way to subscribe to it right this second. In case you have more DirecTV-related queries, feel free to reach out to the ever-ready AT&T customer service anytime you want.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is PBS on DirecTV Los Angeles?

PBS is available on channel 24/50/58 with DirecTV in Los Angeles.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV Florida?

You can get PBS on channel 7(HD)/8(HD) of your DirecTV Florida programming.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in Michigan?

You can watch PBS on channel 56 with DirecTV in Michigan.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in NC?

PBS runs on channel 30/42/58 of DirecTV NC programming.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in Ohio?

You can get PBS on channel 20/34 of your DirecTV Ohio programming.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in Missouri?

PBS is available on channel 19 with DirecTV in Missouri.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in Arizona?

Channel 8 is dedicated to PBS on the DirecTV Arizona lineup.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV in Texas?

PBS is available on channel 8 with DirecTV in Texas.

What channel is PBS on DirecTV NOW?

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