From inability to pay the bill because of budget constraints to unconsciously missing the due date, there can be multiple reasons for not paying your Spectrum Internet bill on time. However, Spectrum gives you 30 days’ period to pay your internet bills before discontinuing your service.

Read on to find out more about payment delays on Spectrum Internet services:

Spectrum Non-Payment Service Period

Once the 30 days grace period is over, and your payment is still pending, Spectrum will discontinue your service. The service will only be restored once you've cleared all your dues including the late payment fee. You can contact Spectrum customer support to coordinate your payment in case of service suspension or disconnection.

Is There A Late Fee On Spectrum Bills?

If you’re late on your Spectrum payments, then there will be a late payment fee. This usually between is $4.95-$8.

How Can You Pay Your Spectrum Bill?

Instead of delaying the payments and facing disconnection, you can pay your Spectrum bill easily through several methods.

Let';s check these out:

1. Pay Spectrum Bill by Website and App

You can pay your Spectrum bill online through the website or via the Spectrum app.

Pay Spectrum Bill through Spectrum Website

  • Visit Spectrum’s website
  • Head to Billing
  • Select Make a Payment
  • Follow the instructions to pay your bill

Pay Spectrum Bill through My Spectrum

  • Sign into the ‘My Spectrum App’
  • Head to the Billing tab
  • Follow the instructions to pay your bill

You can also check out our extended blog on paying your Spectrum bill online for more details.

2. Pay Spectrum Bill via Phone

You can also reach out to Spectrum customer service and pay your bill through phone. Just:

  • Call Spectrum customer service at (833) 267-6094
  • Follow automated assistant’s instructions
  • Select relevant prompt
  • Enter required details to pay

3. Pay Spectrum Bill via

You can also use your bank’s payment options to clear your pending Spectrum dues. This can be done online or by visiting the bank.

  • For online bank payment
    • Open your banking app and add Spectrum as your Payee
    • Once added, head to the payment option and pay the bill
    • Save the online receipt until you receive a clearance message from Spectrum

4. Pay Spectrum Bill via Auto Pay

Auto Pay is an excellent feature that allows you to set up future payments without worrying about missing one. You can simply enable this feature from the app or Spectrum’s website, and it will pay your Spectrum bill without any delays.

  • Open your Spectrum app or visit net and sign in
  • Head to the Billing tab and select Enroll in Auto Pay
  • Add a payment method i.e. credit card, debit card, bank account, etc.
  • Add bill dues or necessary payment details
  • Review and confirm to complete enrollment

5. Pay Your Spectrum Bill via Mail

If your subscription has been terminated, don’t fret as you can pay your Spectrum bill via mail.

  • Create a money order alongside the remittance portion of your bill.
  • Address it to Spectrum’s official mailing address provided on the invoice.
  • Add your details i.e. account number, contact, service you were using, etc.
  • Place everything in an envelope and mail it


What happens if I pay Spectrum bill late?

Spectrum gives you a 30-day grace period. However, once this has passed, it will suspend or discontinue your service. After 45 days of non-payment, it will terminate your service permanently.

How long does it take Spectrum to turn on my internet after paying the bill?

Once you’ve cleared your pending dues, Spectrum will restore your service in 1 to 2 hours. However, if it doesn’t restore, you can contact Spectrum at (833) 949-0036 for immediate resolution.