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A firewall protects your network, offering effective protection against infiltration and unauthorized access. That is why you should have it on all the time to avoid any bypasses. If you want to know how to set up a firewall for Comcast Xfinity, then continue with our blog that will comprise steps to activate and implement it successfully. So, let’s get started:

How to Setup Firewall on Xfinity?

In order to access Xfinity firewall settings, you’d need to connect your laptop/ PC to your Xfinity internet first, and then access the settings using the following steps:

  • Access the Admin Tool using 10.0.01 on the search bar. Login to the tool with admin credentials.
  • When logged in, click on ‘Gateway’ and then choose ‘Firewall’.
  • From there, choose IPv4 or IPv6. Once you do, you’ll see the following options:
    • Maximum Security: This option will enable the maximum level of security
    • Typical Security: this option will block peer-to-peer applications
    • Minimum Security: it enables all secure apps/ used as a default setting
    • Custom Security: you can enable/ disable traffic at your discretion
  • After choosing the level of firewall, click on ‘Save Settings’

With this, you should be able to set up a firewall for your Comcast Xfinity network. In any case, you should contact Xfinity customer service to get assistance setting it up properly. You can get insights about Xfinity internet modem to understand how things work on it.

Contact Xfinity Customer Service: 1-844-572-2220

Closing Thoughts

Setting up an Xfinity firewall is important since it’ll help protect your network, mitigating any unauthorized breaches. Following the above steps will help you achieve the goal. Simply contact Xfinity support to get assistance

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Change Firewall Settings On Xfinity Router?

You’ll need to access the firewall settings by logging into the admin tool of your Xfinity router. You can check out our blog on setting up Xfinity Wi-Fi routers to get an idea of how to access settings.

Can a Firewall Cause Xfinity Wi-Fi Authentication Failure?

Activating a firewall won’t cause Wi-Fi authentication failure on your devices. However, connecting third-party applications/ devices may face this issue since not all devices support dual-band connectivity. Hence the change in the band settings can cause this problem.

Can You Change Your Firewall Level On An Xfinity Router?

Yes, you can. By accessing the firewall settings on your Xfinity router, you can set the level of security you want and save the settings. You can also choose a custom range for your Xfinity firewall as needed.