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Why Choose Us? LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Why Choose Us?

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LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Kinetic by Windstream Plans

Unleash mind-blowing internet speeds with Kinetic Plans backed by exclusive Windstream promotions, and experience connectivity like never before.

Kinetic Internet 100 + Voice

$64.99/mo* For 12 months

  • Download Speeds up to 100 Mbps
  • Lag-free gaming and HD streaming experience
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Unlimited long-distance calls
  • No contracts
(877) 559-7147

Kinetic Internet 500 + Phone

$64.99/mo* For 12 months

  • Download Speeds up to 500 Mbps
  • Seamless gaming and streaming
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Unlimited long-distance calls
  • No contracts
(877) 559-7147

Kinetic Internet 1 Gig + Phone

$64.99/mo* For the first 3 months

  • Download Speeds up to 1000 Mbps
  • Game, stream, and chat across multiple devices
  • Unlimited local calls
  • Unlimited long-distance calls
  • No contracts
(877) 559-7147

*Price after a $10.00/mo AutoPay and a $2.00/mo paperless billing discount. Prices are subject to change after the 12-month promotional period. Taxes & Fees not included. View Terms & Conditions

What is So Good About Kinetic by Windstream?

With some of the fastest fiber speeds in the country, expanding market reach, and a wide range of plans, Kinetic by Windstream offers too good of a deal!

pros Things We Like:

  • No data caps – Enjoy freedom from data caps with unlimited data in all internet plans.
  • No Contracts – You don’t have to worry about hefty annual contracts and unnecessary ties. .
  • Affordable Plans – The plans are tailored to diverse needs, ensuring reliable service even within budget constraints.
  • Symmetrical Speeds – Revel in the absolute bliss of symmetrical download and upload speeds with Kinetic fiber internet.
  • Rural Availability – Windstream extends its amazing connectivity to rural areas, reaching even unconventional and remote places.

cons Things to Consider:

  • Price Dynamics – Windstream prices offered to new customers are valid for a promotional period of 12 months and will revert to standard rates after that.
  • Limited Fiber Availability – While Kinetic by Windstream is consistently expanding its footprint, fiber connectivity may not be accessible everywhere.

Kinetic by Windstream Availability

Windstream Fiber map covers more than 150 residential communities across 18 states - connecting both urban and rural areas with seamless broadband coverage.

Call (877) 559-7147 to check Windstream Internet availability in your area.

Benefits of Subscribing to Kinetic by Windstream


Fiber-fast Connectivity

Enjoy unmatched fiber internet speeds with Windstream for non-stop, lag-free streaming, surfing, and work.


Diverse Plans

Choose from a range of Windstream internet plans, starting from an affordable 100 Mbps to astonishing 8 Gig.


Unparalleled Support

Rely on Windstream customer service for prompt support, and enjoy smooth assistance whenever you need help.


Home Internet Security

Safeguard your online activities with Windstream’s Kinetic Secure and Total Protection to stay stress-free.


Contract-less Freedom

Experience limitless connectivity with Kinetic by Windstream without signing any annual contracts.


Unlimited Data

Elevate your online lifestyle without worrying about data caps/limits with Windstream packages.

Want more details? Reach our experts at (877) 559-7147

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kinetic by Windstream?  

Kinetic by Windstream is an internet and home phone service provider in around 18 US states. The provider offers various internet plans with speeds ranging between 100 Mbps and 8 Gbps.

Can I get Kinetic Internet without phone service?  

Yes, Kinetic Internet does not require you to sign up for the phone service. However, you can bundle the phone service with your internet plan.

Does Kinetic offer discounts for seniors?  

Windstream currently doesn’t offer senior discounts. However, it does participate in government-mandated discount programs, including the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and Lifeline Assistance Program, providing discounts to eligible households across its 18 serviceable states.

Does Windstream Have A Data Cap?  

No, Kinetic by Windstream lets you enjoy freedom from data caps by offering unlimited data with all plans.

Is Windstream Satellite Internet?  

No, among the internet technologies offered by Windstream, Satellite is not one of them. However, Windstream offers Fiber Optic and Copper internet connectivity to a large number of American households.

Is Windstream Fiber available in my area?  

Windstream Fiber is available in 18 states. You can enter your Zip code here or look at the coverage map. You may also call Windstream at (877) 559-7147 for more information.

Does Windstream require contracts?  

No, there are no contracts with Windstream. You can keep your services for as long as you like.

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