Did you know that there is an option for you to pause your Wi-Fi connection? If you are looking to provide minimal screen time to your kids, making sure they shut off their devices on time, this is the best option for you. It’s a pretty handy tool for maintaining internet downtime for your kids. Or if you want to pause the Wi-Fi for any other persons who are sharing your internet connection. Wi-Fi pause is the coolest feature that wireless connection has to offer and we’ll tell you why.

Also, psst! If you are on the other end of having your device’s internet connection paused by someone else, you’ll find out how to bypass that.

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What’s the Wi-Fi pause?

To be clear, Wi-Fi pause is a feature that allows freezing the internet connection for a group of devices or just one specific device. Internet users can also set a scheduled time ahead of routines, such as going to bed or maintaining some distraction-free productivity hours. Hence, Wi-Fi pause can put stop to the overall performance of Wi-Fi under several in-home routers.

Each device or service that you are accessing the internet through has its own steps on pausing the Wi-Fi connection. Here we will discuss the process regarding Xfinity Wi-Fi, which is also one of its most popular features.

Pausing feature Xfinity Wi-Fi

If you have an Xfinity wireless internet connection, and you are choosing to rent a Wi-Fi router/modem with Xfinity called xFi gateway. Brief info, if you don’t know: xFi Gateway is the internet modem and Wi-Fi router built into one, designed to offer you the best Wi-Fi experience by allowing you to set up your Wi-Fi password, know who is online, view cameras around the house, manage troubleshooting issues and other family members’ online experiences.

One of the features in managing the online experiences of other devices is being able to pause the internet connection for them. On the xFi web portal, you will find multiple options for managing personalization settings. One of those options will be Connect, where you can view all the devices that are connected to your internet.

Device statuses

You will also be able to view the status of all the devices connected to your internet.

  • A green dot means that the device is actively using the internet.
  • The pause symbol on the device icon means the network connection is paused for the device.
  • Crescent symbol on device icon refers to the internet being scheduled to pause for that device
  • Greyed out the texture on the device icon means that the device is not connected to the internet

How to pause

If you want to pause the internet connection for some devices, you can click on the device, and the Pause device option will appear. If you want to pause all the devices under a profile, you can select the profile and click on Pause All Devices. You also have the option to schedule the pause for a specific amount of time such as for thirty minutes, an hour, or even indefinitely until you choose to unpause.

How to unpause

You can unpause the devices the same way you pause them. Simply click on the devices and select the Unpause device option. If the device you have paused is scheduled for downtime, you will find the option Wake up for this device, and it will be able to use the internet connection for the assigned period of time.

Remove device

If you want to remove a device from connecting to your home internet, you will also find the option for it when you click on the device’s icon.

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Bypassing pause feature in Xfinity Wi-Fi

There are two reasons for your Xfinity wireless connection to pause; one is that it could be managed by the administrator of your home internet and the other is due to network signal congestion, firmware issue, or hardware limitations. The first one is no reason to worry, and you can simply pause or unpause if you are the administrator. If you are not one and your device’s internet connection has been paused by one, there are two things you can try to bypass:

  • If your device has been paused from accessing the Xfinity internet connection, you can simply turn the Wi-Fi off and on again on your device.
  • Another way to bypass the Xfinity Wi-FI pause is to install a tool called Technitium Mac Address Changer which, when run, can simply modify your MAC address. Your default MAC address that has been identified by the home network device will be hidden and you’ll get a new MAC address, not known to a home network device, and be able to access the internet that way.

After trying either of these steps, your device should be able to bypass the pause feature of your Xfinity Wi-Fi.

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