The adaptable nature of the internet has allowed it to seamlessly integrate into different fields of life like work, business, education, health care, entertainment, and other countless service industries. Since the internet has become a way of life today, everyone needs its access. But this is also a fact that with each passing day the price of the internet is also going up just like many other services.

Various reasons like rising inflation and economic recession have also played a huge part in the rising prices of the internet. But there are other factors influencing the price hikes such as the added taxes, surcharges, and other types of fees that are added up in the internet bill to rise up the tariff that can confuse a typical user.

This is why we have decided to ease up users' confusion regarding exact internet prices. Talking specifically about Cox Communications, Cox internet users almost rake up to 3.5 million across the country, and for such a huge number of people, a question like how much is Cox internet by itself becomes something that needs a proper answer, and we are here to do exactly that. 

How Much Does Cox Internet Cost?

Just like other internet providers, there are fees like equipment costs, taxes, installation fees, and other types of charges included in Cox's internet bill. However, in order to figure out how much Cox internet is by itself, take a look at the pricing table below.

Cox PlanStarting PriceSpeeds Up to
Cox Go Fast$50/month100 Mbps Order now
Cox Go Faster$70/month250 Mbps Click to Order
Cox Go Even Faster$90/month500 Mbps Click to Order
Go Super Fast$109.99/mo.
For 24 months
Up to 1 GbpsClick to Order
Go Beyond Fast$150/mo.*Up to 2 GbpsClick to Order

*Everyday low price. No annual contract See Offer Details

The catch of going with Essential Internet is that there is no promotional period in the Essential Internet plan while the Preferred and Ultimate Internet plans will jump to regular rates after the 12-month promotional period is over.

Another thing here is that all these plans have a limited data allowance per month which is 1.25 TB and if the user exceeds this limit additional price will be charged. The state-of-the-art Cox panoramic Wi-Fi comes included in all these packages, and the Pro install option of up to one outlet is also included in all these plans except the Essential Internet plan.

These are the actual charges excluding, taxes, fees, or any other additional fee that may be added to your Cox internet bill.


Through this blog, we have tried our best to answer one of the most-asked questions regarding Cox internet service and by now nobody should have any confusion regarding how much Cox internet is by itself, as pretty much everything has been explained in the above-mentioned table. Those still having questions regarding Cox services or pricing can feel free to contact Cox customer service anytime.