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When it comes to picking the right cable TV provider, you need to make sure to evaluate your options since you only want to pick the best. Amongst all the choices, you’ll come across DISH vs Xfinity comparisons. Both companies offer amazing experiences; however, some differences that we’re about to show will illustrate what option you should be choosing. So, let’s check them out now:

DISH vs Xfinity Price Comparison

Pricing is one of the important factors that you need to consider when choosing a cable TV operator for your entertainment needs. Therefore, when comparing both, you need to check out the price points first. Here’s our Comcast vs DISH price comparison:

  • Xfinity offers ‘Popular TV’ package starting from $60/mo. It covers 125+ channels including ESPN, Bravo, and others.
  • You also get live TV, on-demand, and sports content.
  • In addition, you get voice control with Xfinity remote.
  • DISH offers TV plans starting from $79.99/mo.
  • This covers 190 channels.
  • You can also extend the plan to 190+ if you go for its $94.99/mo. plan.
Contact Xfinity Customer Service: 1-844-572-2228

DISH vs Xfinity Deals/ Bundles

The next factor you should be considering for your cable TV choice is the deals and bundles that are available from the provider. Let’s check out what each of the companies is offering:

Xfinity offers a variety of bundles, including:
  • Fast Internet + Popular TV
  • Superfast Internet + Ultimate TV + Voice
  • Gigabit Extra Internet + Popular TV + Voice
  • Gigabit Internet + Ultimate TV + Voice
  • Gigabit Extra Internet + Ultimate TV + Voice
DISH offers multiple plans including:
  • Frontier
  • Frontier Fiberptic Gig
  • Viasat

The compelling element about Xfinity deals and bundles is that Xfinity offers a customized range of offers to its customers. You can simply choose the type of service you want and bundle it with other services.

This results in creating your personalized deal, and Xfinity also offers a discount on availing of multiple services. It adds value to your overall purchase. Hence, Xfinity does take the lead in terms of offering better bundles and deals.

DISH vs Xfinity Channel Count/ Lineup

Both companies bring an amazing channel lineup for their customers. Even though you probably won’t be viewing all channels that you’ll get with a lineup, still, knowing that there’s a good amount of channels gives the satisfaction of your expense.

  • With the Xfinity channel lineup, you get 185+ channels.
  • This includes premium channels as well as an X1 TV box that is offered separately and will not cost you.
  • With the DISH channel lineup, you get 290+ channels.
  • This includes premium channels and free installation service.

As highlighted earlier, you can surely go for a channel lineup that offers more channels. However, choosing the one that has quality content to offer is a thing to note. Here, Xfinity brings a better collection of premium channels including HBO, CINEMAX, etc. On the other hand, DISH doesn’t offer these. You can get a better idea from our blog on the Xfinity channel lineup to know what channel you’re getting.    

DISH vs Xfinity Contracts

Contracts are a company’s way of ensuring that clients stick with them. However, if you’re getting what you paid for, then it’s better to get into one since it’ll bring you a discount on your final expense after purchasing a service.

For Xfinity, you get 1-year and 2-year or no contract at all. It depends on your choice whether you want to save some extra bucks or not.

DISH on the other hand requires customers to get into a 2-year contract. There’s the ‘saving money’ element; however, it’s not much as Xfinity offers.

DISH Vs Xfinity Additional/ Hidden Fee

The hidden fee is something that you should evaluate with great caution. Sometimes the pricing seems too good to be true, and that’s when you’re hit with hidden charges and additional fees.

With this, let us see what each provider in our comparison here charges:

  • Although Xfinity is one of the biggest cable TV providers in the US, it still charges more fees than the others do.
  • You still get discounts from various ends such as free installation, promo discounts, multiple service discounts, etc.
  • DISH doesn’t have additional fees as high as Xfinity.
  • As for the discounts, you can choose to remove some channels from your lineup that will help you save some extra bucks.

We’ve already highlighted that Xfinity offers a better range of premium channels. Though you’ll need to consider the additional fee that it charges before opting for it.

Contact Xfinity Customer Service: 1-844-572-2228

Closing Thoughts

From our DISH vs Xfinity comparison, it’s pretty evident that Xfinity takes the lead in most tiers. The only downside is the lesser number of channels and additional fees, which is something that you can settle for. Apart from this, you can get Xfinity internet or create your own bundle for a personalized choice, something that you don’t get with DISH. Therefore, Xfinity is a better choice when you’re choosing a cable TV provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is DISH Different From Xfinity?

Yes, DISH is a different company from Xfinity, offering similar cable TV services.

Can You Have Dish TV and Xfinity Internet?

Yes, it’s possible to have DISH TV with Xfinity internet. Xfinity supports on-demand streaming services and is compatible with Hopper 3 devices too. However, it’s recommended that you go for Xfinity TV since you’ll be able to bundle it with Xfinity internet and get discounts.