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CenturyLink customer support is here to protect you from the traps, usually followed by poor internet connection and futile phone calls. Your desire for consistency will no longer be compromised for quantity. Get quality services at customer-friendly prices. Let us help you find the right services that are best suited for you!

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CenturyLink offers reliable customer service to its clients and represents millions of consumers. Consider yourself a member of the CenturyLink family to enjoy warmth and peace of mind. Get cost-effective deals coupled with outstanding customer service. You can reach out to the highly-trained representatives through CenturyLink customer service chat, email, or social media to get your problem solved. All your queries will be taken care of professionally and politely. Are you a potential customer, would you like to switch providers, or you just need some information regarding the offers? Call today to find the best internet connection, cable TV or telephone package, and get all your questions answered.

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Customer service

CenturyLink support is not just a job, it’s a tradition. The customer here is the utmost priority. Regardless of your concerns, requests, and pain points, CenturyLink customer service representatives will deal with all the issues expertly, and promptly. In simple terms, CenturyLink customer service existing customers get all their queries taken care of by providing name and preference only. You can contact CenturyLink customer service via phone, email, live chat, and more.

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Do you need more information regarding CenturyLink internet plans or need assistance with CenturyLink Customer Service billing? Call now for plenty of entertainment options, quick web access, and a reliable home phone. Helpful service representatives will assist you in choosing the perfect CenturyLink plan from the service options.

CenturyLink is one of the United States' finest telecommunications companies, famously known for the internet, TV, telephone and wireless services. Currently, CenturyLink has a huge coverage in over 50 states including Texas, California, Florida, Oregon, Wisconsin, and Washington. Nevertheless, CenturyLink caters to all its clients, irrespective of the state in which they work. You can call at 3 a.m. and CenturyLink’s ever-ready customer service agents will still provide you with valuable assistance because there are no limitations regarding the CenturyLink customer service hours. The internet support lines are operational seven days a week, 24 hours a day, for those who have trouble with their connections or have a question about the plan.

Call the CenturyLink customer service technical support to troubleshoot problems, report faulty or disabled equipment, seek help for software installation, or make a service technician appointment.

CenturyLink business customer service

Do you have a CenturyLink business login account? With CenturyLink business account, your call request takes precedence. Contact the CenturyLink business phone customer service for quick and supportive operation.

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CenturyLink troubleshooting and quick help guides

Without needing to call CenturyLink customer care or technical assistance, you may be able to fix those accounts and service issues on your own with the help of the following tactics.

Fixing centuryLink internet issues Fixing CenturyLink Internet issues

The CenturyLink home phone and Internet problems can be resolved from CenturyLink’s troubleshooting page. You just have to enter your billing phone number or account number and ZIP code, and press Run Test to correct problems. The page often provides quick solutions and highlights specific issues.

Reset your router Reset your CenturyLink internet router

Unplugging from the power source is the easiest and fastest way to restart the router, wait at least 15 seconds, and plug it in again. If you have two different devices, look for such links like the wire between the modem and router, while the device is unplugged.

Once the power to the router is restored, wait for it to reset for a few minutes. Your router forms a connection when all lights on the router turn green and are not blinking. Contact Tech support for more troubleshooting options if you notice red or yellow lights blinking.

Manage monthly data Manage your monthly CenturyLink internet data usage

CenturyLink imposes an Excessive Use policy requiring consumers to stick to a 1 TB / month data limit. In reality, that is more than the average domestic usage in a month, but you may consume 1 TB of data in one month if you stream HD and 4K videos or when you connect several devices.

There are currently no data overage fees charged by CenturyLink. Although, any person in breach will receive a written warning or an email. Repeat overages can be viewed as a breach of Terms and Conditions of the CenturyLink internet service which can trigger delays to the operation. Consider ways of managing your monthly data use to avoid violation of the CenturyLink overuse policy.

Change wifi password How do you change your CenturyLink Wi-Fi password?

  • Make sure the computer is linked to your internet and then open your web browser and type in:
  • Sign into your modem by means of your Admin username and password, mentioned somewhere on the modem.
  • Select Wireless Setup, and then 5GHz or 2.4 GHz.
  • Select Wireless Security, pick the SSID name, and then select the type of security you would like.
  • Click Both for encryption type and then Custom for the key/passphrase. Then you can type the new Wi-Fi password to be customized.
  • To keep your modified password, click Apply.

Troubleshooting Checking and reporting of CenturyLink service outages

While CenturyLink is proud to provide quality customer care, service outages from time to time are inevitable for any provider.

First, try to fix the issue yourself if the CenturyLink service doesn't work. Resetting the equipment can solve the problem in many cases.

You should search the CenturyLink Social Media account for warnings or new updates on service outages if the original rebooting / troubleshooting fix is not working for you. On the CenturyLink Troubleshooting page, you can input your account details and ZIP code to look for any service outages in your city.

Report any sort of outages including CenturyLink Internet, home phone, or TV in your town by simply calling the CenturyLink customer support at any time of the day.

CenturyLink customer service

CenturyLink bill payment options

It is quick and easy to pay your CenturyLink bill, and you can manage your monthly bill payments in one of the following ways:

  • You can call CenturyLink Customer service bill pay number to pay over the phone.
  • Go to CenturyLink Quick Bill Pay or use My CenturyLink login to pay online/electronically.
  • Stopover at a CenturyLink store to pay the bill in person, which could be found through CenturyLink store locator.
  • Send a money order or check along with your account number and billing slip to your local CenturyLink billing office.

You may now set up CenturyLink AutoPay to allow transfers from your account, credit card or debit card directly, without keeping deadlines in mind. You can select for AutoPay when you’re registered into My CenturyLink login.

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