USA Network was launched back in 1977 as a basic cable station. Originally, it was rolled out as a sports channel by the NBCUniversal TV and Streaming division. Later on, it was rebranded as “USA Network.” Ever since its inception, the USA Network has garnered great support and popularity among the masses. All thanks to its unique programming, which you can catch on DIRECTV.

If you have a DIRECTV plan and need to know what channel is USA on DIRECTV, then find out below.

What Channel is USA on DIRECTV?

Channel Channel Number
USA Network 242

How to Get USA Network on DIRECTV?

The good news is that USA Network is available on all DIRECTV plans. Whether you choose the basic ENTERTAINMENT package or go for the highest-tier PREMIER™ package, you will find USA Network included in all channel lineups. Simply subscribe to any DIRECTV package that suits you and start watching USA programming right away.  

Why Choose DIRECTV?

DIRECTV offers an HD TV service packed with some amazing features for your home or office. The channel lineups are quite extensive, offering a wide range of sports, action, comedy, entertainment, news, and lifestyle programming. Due to these amenities, DIRECTV is America’s number one choice for a satellite TV service.

You can get your DIRECTV connection directly or through internet providers. For example, CenturyLink lets you add on DIRECT service to your Internet subscription, allowing you to tap into both services at the same time. All you have to do is subscribe to the right CenturyLink package with DIRECTV and you’re all set to watch the USA Network along with other channels in high-definition.

In case of ambiguity, just get in touch with CenturyLink customer service and your query will be catered to immediately.

Watch Can You Watch on the USA DIRECTV Channel?

There is a lot to watch on the USA DIRECTV channel. You can catch all the sports broadcasts, live events from the world of WWE, or sit back and watch reruns of theatrically released movies.

USA Network is home to all the popular sporting leagues in America and the world. You can watch the live telecast of your favorite sports, in addition to the reruns of some network series.

Wrapping Up

Thus, no matter which DIRECTV package you choose, USA Network will be available on all channel lineups. So, sign up today and enjoy your favorite game telecasts.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the DirecTV channel for USA Network?

You can watch USA Network on channel 242 on DIRECTV.

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