Trinity Broadcasting Network is an international broadcast television network mostly broadcasting Christian content. It is deemed as the World’s largest religious television network. The network offers a broad range of faith-based programming and films. TBN prides itself in owning and operating six different broadcast networks as well as several other religious networks outside the United States. The Network is currently presided over by Matt Crouch who also hosts one of the Network’s most famous shows, Praise, with his partner Laurie Crouch. Some of the most famous programs by the Network include:

Top TBN Programs
Better Together
This is the first daily faith-centered talk show. Produced by women mainly targeting the female audience. The show discusses family, faith, friends, and more.
Joyce Meyer: Enjoying Everyday Life
Joyce is a famous Bible teacher and the author of a New York Times bestseller. Meyer shares simple holy principles to help us embrace what God has to offer every day of our lives.
Living Proof with Beth Moore
The show, hosted by the famous evangelist, Beth Moore brings the audience an encouraging outlook to a life full of knowing and loving Jesus via the study of the scriptures.
End of the Age with Irvin Baxter
Irvin Baxter, a popular Bible teacher, and prophecy expert brings a balanced view of the biblical prophecies about the recent events and international trends in the way they are unfolding and ways to pray to them.
One of the oldest programs by the network the talk show – Praise is the most-watched show on the Network. Matt and Laurie Crouch, TBN’s renowned couple, bring you the best Christian music and Worship as they host the show.
The Eric Metaxas Radio Show
Eric is a known cultural commentator and the author of a New York Times bestseller. The weekly 30-minute show features high profile guests talking prominent local as well as international stories, covering political lives, and American culture.

TBN on Spectrum:

The basic Spectrum Select Package costs $44.99 per month and includes more than 125 channels with thousands of on-demand movie titles and DVR service. The Spectrum Silver Package comes at a monthly price of $69.99 and includes everything in the Select Package with more premium networks like HBO, ShowTime, and Starz. The top-of-the-line Spectrum Gold Package has a price tag of $89.99 per month and it is loaded with everything in Silver Package plus access to sports networks and premium movie channels.

TBN Channel Numbers on Spectrum

Looking for your favorite channel number among a whole range of channels offered by Spectrum is just like finding a needle in the haystack. Nonetheless, one does not have to go through this hassle, all the while enjoying a whole lot of channels that too at a ridiculously low price. Since, to ease things a little bit for you, we have listed down channel numbers for TBN on Spectrum for some of the areas. In case your area or city isn’t mentioned below, type the details here and you will be redirected to a page with all the channel details you need.

City/State TBN
Clarksville, Tennessee 832
Beverly Hills, California 17
Litchfield County, Connecticut 69/822
Monroe, Michigan 70/837
Kahului, Hawaii 26/1026
Hammond, Louisiana 103/832
Indianapolis, Indiana 250
Louisville, Kentucky 76
Blountstown, Florida 33
Athens, Georgia 14/714
Berlin, Massachusetts 87/822
Picayune, Mississippi 103
Bergen Co., New Jersey 98
Montgomery, Alabama 10/715
Brooklyn, New York 98
Cincinnati, Ohio 15
Centralia, Illinois 103/760
Clover, South Carolina 22
Waverly, Virginia 103/864
Burlington, North Carolina 464

Frequently Asked Questions about TBN on Spectrum

Still have some questions on your mind? Here’s more:

Is TBN channel free?

TBN channel is free with any of the spectrum cable packages, as comes in all three of the prominent cable tv packages offered by spectrum. Be it Spectrum Select Package, Spectrum Silver Package, or Spectrum Gold Package, you can enjoy TBN channel in all of them.

Can I watch TBN Online?

You can watch TBN online via its android app downloadable from the android app store as well as the apple store so you can watch TBN shows while on-the-move.