DIRECTV is one of the most popular service providers that offer a long list of HD channels so that you can enjoy your favorite shows with excellent visual and audio quality. You can get information about HD channels in the channel guide provided with each package. With 99% reliable signals, households throughout America can watch local and cable channels in HD without breaking their banks. DIRECTV gives you endless entertainment by providing all the content you love. They have more than 70,000 shows and movies to watch on-demand, so you can never run out of content.

DIRECTV’s channel lineup has hundreds of amazing choices that all TV freaks desire to watch. These include Syfy, NBC, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, VH1, and FOX.

DIRECTV offers endless entertainment by providing content for everyone. Whether you are a sports freak, or you love the thrill, DIRECTV has something for everyone. You can now easily cut your cable cord and set yourself free from all those heavy cable bills that were nothing but a burden on your budget. DIRECTV has a lot more for you than ordinary cable.

If you love to watch the news and like to keep yourself up-to-date with all the hottest news, you can get an incredible assortment of news channels with DIRECTV. These channels air both international and local news reports just like MSNBC does.

What Channel is MSNBC on DIRECTV?

Like we said, if you happen to be a news fan who is not sure which channels he/she should tune in to watch the most recent news, do not worry at all because MSNBC is the answer. Below, we will break down all DIRECTV plans that include MSNBC and the channel numbers it is broadcasted on. It will help you save time and ensure ease while finding the channel that matches your interest.

DIRECTV Packages

DirecTV PlanChannelsMSNBC Channel Number
CHOICE™ 125+ 356
ULTIMATE 160+ 356
PREMIER™ 185+ 356


This package offers 90+ channels with MSNBC HD available.

MSNBC channel number:

The required channel is 356.


DIRECTV CHOICE™ provides endless entertainment with over 125+ channels and has MSNBC HD available.

MSNBC channel number:

The required channel is 356.


This package is a new addition to the DIRECTV package lineup. It includes 160+ digital channels that also include premium movie channels.

MSNBC channel number:

The required channel is 356.


It has several premium movie channels to watch and brings the best of the best entertainment for you. This package surpasses all packages with the highest number of channels i.e., 185+

MSNBC channel number:

The required channel is 356.


MSNBC is a news cable network owned by NBCUniversal Group in the United States. This channel covers news reporting, analysis of the hottest and latest happenings, and political talk shows. It is an innovative joint venture between NBC and Microsoft, consisting of over the internet and MSNBC TV over cable. This concept means that both computer users and television viewers can benefit from a service that offers interactive news, dynamic discussions of topical events, and quality breaking news coverage.

The greatest part about these packages is that once you have subscribed to a package, its price remains the same for a year. You do not have to fret about unexpected price increases. The icing on the cake, DIRECTV offers the opportunity to bundle DIRECTV with ultra-fast AT&T internet.

DIRECTV packages also facilitate the users by allowing them to watch their favorite shows on their desired devices. You can access your favorite movie on your mobile as well as on your laptop by downloading the DIRECTV App.


With hundreds of HD channels, DIRECTV has content to watch for everyone. With the abundance of choices and quality channels, you can choose your favorite channels, including movies, kids, music, sports, news, and much more.

DIRECTV offers national networks, local channels, sports channels, educational and family channels, and premium channels at a reasonable price that’s worth it. With DIRECTV, you can stream all your entertainment on any device. Access hundreds of movies, apps, and shows with a click.