When it comes to entertainment, the first thing that comes to mind is turning on the television and switching to your favorite channel. Movies, TV shows, sports, and news are some of the common things watched on television. However, sometimes we need a break from all these programs and turn to something to educate ourselves on different subjects.

Not everyone is interested in science and only a handful of people are interested in learning about the animal kingdom. Although there is also a subject that can turn some people into sleeping mode. But those who are interested can’t bear a glimpse without it.

History is one of the subjects many grownups would have avoided in their school and college days. However, those who had a keen interest would know how good and refreshing it is to know about past events.

People who are interested in historical subjects would love to know that many cable providers are offering History channels in their channel lineup. One of the best cable providers Optimum is also offering History channel on Optimum Preferred and Optimum Premium.

Before we discuss what channel is the History channel on Optimum, let’s take a brief overview of It.

History Channel Overview

History, which was formerly named The History Channel from 1995 until 2008 is a pay-TV network. The channel is owned by A&E Networks which is a joint venture between Disney General Entertainment Content and Hearst Communications.

The channel initially broadcasted history-based documentaries. However, in 2000, the channel shifted its programming from history-based documentaries to reality TV programs. Apart from changing its format, the network was criticized heavily by skeptics, historians, and scientists for airing pseudo documentaries without giving valid proof.

In 2015, the channel was part of approximately 96,149,000 American households. The channel also created localized versions of its channel in the Middle East, Latin America, India, Australia, Africa, Europe, and Canada.

History TV Shows

The Machines that Built America The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch
The Curse of Oak Island The Titans that Built America
Modern Marvels The Food that Built America
American Pickers Forged in Fire
America’s Book of Secrets Alone
America’s Greatest Threat: Vladimir Putin Christmas through the Decades
Battle of the 80s Supercars with David Hasselhoff Fight the Power: The Movement that Changed America
Game Changers: Inside the Video Game Wars Nazis on Drugs: Hitler and Blitzkrieg
Nostradamus: 21st Century Prophecies Revealed Only in America with Larry the Cable Guy

History Channel on Optimum

Optimum TV is the best cable provider in New Jersey, New York, Long Island, and Connecticut. If you are living in any of these areas, make sure to check the availability in your area.

When it comes to History Channel on Optimum, you can enjoy watching your favorite documentaries and shows without paying extra (unless you don’t have to upgrade your plan). With a huge channel lineup, the History channel is also included in it. But to search for the right channel number, you either need to have plenty of time to scroll channels or need to refer to the TV guide.

You don’t need to look here and there if you want to watch the History channel on Optimum. We are going to guide you on what channel History channel is on Optimum.

What Channel is HISTORY CHANNEL on Optimum NJ?

City Channel Number
Bayonne 47, 1017 (espanol)
Oakland 47, 1017 (espanol)
Matamoras 47, 1017 (espanol)
Newark 47, 1017 (espanol)
Bergen, Cresskill 47, 1017 (espanol)
Elizabeth 47, 1017 (espanol)
Hudson 47, 1017 (espanol)
Ossining, Rockland 47, 1017 (espanol)
Ramapo 47, 1017 (espanol)
Wall 47, 1017 (espanol)
Rockland 47, 1017 (espanol)
Morris County 47, 1017 (espanol)
Hamilton (NY DMA) 47, 1017 (espanol)
Hamilton (Philadelphia DMA) 47, 1017 (espanol)

What Channel is HISTORY CHANNEL on Optimum Connecticut?

City Channel Number
Norwalk 47, 1017 (espanol)
Litchfield 47, 1017 (espanol)
New Haven 47, 1017 (espanol)
Bridgeport 47, 1017 (espanol)

What Channel is HISTORY CHANNEL on Optimum New York?

City Channel Number
Brookhaven 47, 1017 (espanol)
Yonkers 47, 1017 (espanol)
Brooklyn 47, 1017 (espanol)
Yorktown, Cross River 47, 1017 (espanol)
Ossining, Rockland County 47, 1017 (espanol)
Bronx 47, 1017 (espanol)
Wappingers Falls 47, 1017 (espanol)
Lynbrook 47, 1017 (espanol)
Port Chester, Harrison 47, 1017 (espanol)
Southern Westchester 47, 1017 (espanol)
Eastchester, Bronxville, Tuckahoe 47, 1017 (espanol)
Great Neck 47, 1017 (espanol)
Islip, Woodbury 47, 1017 (espanol)
Dutchess 47, 1017 (espanol)
Hauppauge 47, 1017 (espanol)
East Hampton, Riverhead 47, 1017 (espanol)
Wappingers Falls 47, 1017 (espanol)
Rockland County 47, 1017 (espanol)
Matamoras, Warwick 47, 1017 (espanol)

What channel is History Channel on Dish and Other Networks?

Provider Channel Number
Dish Network Channel 120
DirecTV (US) Channel 269 (SD/HD)
Verizon FiOS Channel 628 (HD), 128 (SD)
AT&T U-verse Channel 1256 (HD), 256 (SD)

Summing Up

With the increasing trend towards cord-cutting, most of the households prefer to go with cable TV. The reasons are plenty and one of them is an extensive channel lineup along with additional perks, bundle discounts, and premium channel add-on.

If you are in pursuit of the best cable TV provider in your area, do check the availability of Optimum cable TV in your area. With internet up to 300Mbps and more than 220 channels, the provider offers voice-activated remote, free installation when you book your order online, and no contractual obligations.

Call now Optimum Customer Service at 1-844-518-2667 for details and assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is HISTORY CHANNEL on Optimum NJ?

History Channel on Optimum New Jersey is on channel number 47 and Espanol channel number 1017

What Channel is HISTORY CHANNEL on Optimum Connecticut?

History Channel on Optimum Connecticut is on channel number 47 and Espanol channel number 1017

What Channel is HISTORY CHANNEL on Optimum New York?

History Channel on Optimum New York is on channel number 47 and Espanol channel number 1017

How to watch HISTORY CHANNEL without cable?

A. If you wish to watch History Channel without cable, you can subscribe to Philo TV offering channels with 7 days trial for $25 per month. Sling is another great option to watch History channel without cable offering 45+ channels on Sling Blue at $35 per month. Other options include streaming services like Hulu + Live TV, fuboTV, and AT&T TV Now. For more details about these streaming services click here.