The thrill of watching sports is incomparable. Especially when it comes to major events like the Olympics, World Cup, and tournaments, every sports fanatic seems to be glued to the television screen. When a nail-biting match is on air, no one dares to blink an eye. Although the excitement of watching sports live from the stadium is much more than on a television screen, the cheers and the boo-s can be felt while being there.

However, if you can’t make it to the stadium because it is halfway across the country or the tickets are all sold out, you can still watch your favorite sports on ESPN, which is prominently featured on Xfinity TV.

To catch up with the live broadcasts on ESPN, you need to be aware of what channel is ESPN on Xfinity. Finding your favorite channel from an extensive channel lineup is not easy. Particularly when the time is running out and the thrilling moments are passing by, there is no way you could bear it as a sports fan. This is why we’re here to help you out.

Stay tuned to this post to find out what channel is ESPN on Xfinity TV across various regions.

What Channel is ESPN on Xfinity in Central Region?

Here are the channel numbers for ESPN on Xfinity TV being aired in the Central region of the US:

Channel NameChannel Number
ESPN2 35
ESPN Deportes 609/23400
ESPN HD 173/1205/21600
ESPN2 HD 203/1206/21700
ESPNEWS HD 231/1210/22600
ESPNU HD 253/1301/23500
ESPN DeportesHD335/1231

What Channel is ESPN on Xfinity in Northeastern Region?

If you live in any of the Northeastern regions of the US, you can use these channel numbers to tune in to ESPN channels.

Channel NameChannel Number
ESPN2 35
ESPN Deportes 585/1231/3351/3481/23400
ESPN HD 850/1205/21600
ESPN 2 HD 851/1206/21700
ESPNEWS HD 852/1210/22600
ESPNU HD 853/1301/23500

What Channel is ESPN on Xfinity in Western Region?

And now finally, the channel numbers for ESPN on Xfinity TV available in the Western region are:

Channel NameChannel Number
ESPN2 33
ESPN Deportes 619/23400
ESPN Deportes HD 678/1231
ESPNHD 724/1205/21600
ESPN2 HD 725/1206/21700
ESPNEWS HD 726/1210/22600
ESPNU HD788/1301/23500

So, there you have it – the channel numbers for ESPN on Xfinity across various regions in the provider’s footprint.

However, note that the channel numbers for ESPN might be different for every city, so if the channel numbers provided in the above table don’t match with the channel lineup on your TV, you can visit here: Enter your address in the search bar, hit ENTER, and locate the ESPN station number on Xfinity in your locality.

How to get ESPN with Xfinity?

You can get the ESPN channel on your TV screen if you subscribe to the Xfinity TV service. Along with ESPN, you can also get a number of other TV channels like Bravo, ABC, NBC, Fox, etc. Enjoy these live TV channels from the comfort of your home through your X1 TV box, or the Xfinity Stream app on your devices if you’re going remote.

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A Little Bit About ESPN

ESPN is one of the biggest sports networks and a basic cable sports channel. The coverage of ESPN is not limited to the residents of the United States. It is also broadcasted in more than 200 countries such as the United Kingdom, Brazil, Latin America, and Australia. The channel was first aired in 1979 and is operated by ESPN Inc.

The flagship network has several sister channels including ESPNews, ESPN Goal Line, SEC Network, ESPN+, ESPN Bases Loaded, ESPN Deportes, Longhorn Network, ACC Network, ESPN2, ESPNU, ESPN3, and many more.

You can watch everything including football, baseball, rugby, cricket, racing, and many other games. Not only that, but you can also catch up with the latest sports news, analysis, commentary, and some classic moments on ESPN.

Why Xfinity?

Xfinity is one of the largest cable providers in the United States offering everything entertainment seekers are hunting for. From TV On-Demand to the Xfinity Stream app, you can find exactly what suits your mood. Furthermore, Xfinity channel lineups cover almost all genres, from sports to news to blockbuster entertainment – and that too in HD!

If you are too busy and can’t catch up with your favorite shows, worry not because Xfinity has got you covered. Record movies and TV shows to watch on the go.

Summing Up

Now that you know what channel is ESPN on Xfinity, you will never have to miss out on your favorite games. When it comes to watching sports and other basic cable channels, Xfinity is the top choice for entertainment seekers. Reach out to Xfinity customer care for further information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Channel is ESPN on Xfinity?

ESPN channel numbers on Xfinity vary from location to location. Call 1-844-572-2230 to get the ESPN channel information for your area.

How can I get ESPN on Xfinity?

You can get ESPN on your TV when you subscribe to the Xfinity TV service.