Are you looking to relax after a long hard day at the office with a little bit of comedy, drama, news, or even sports? If yes, then simply head on to CBS on Spectrum. The network offers a diverse range of movies, TV shows, and daily news that will keep you glued to your screen.

A Brief Historical Background of CBS

The Columbia Broadcasting System or CBS, as it is commonly referred to nowadays, is a 93-year-old commercial broadcast TV and radio network, which was launched on 18th September 1927. CBS is the flagship property of CBS Entertainment Group that majorly operates from New York and Los Angeles.

CBS has a nationwide reach of 96% of households in the United States, which accumulates to around 300 million Americans. The network also offers video-on-demand through its application that is available on various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows.

CBS on Spectrum

Being one of the oldest networks in the world, CBS is available in almost all the states through Charter Spectrum. To deliver the best cable TV experience, Spectrum provides an on-screen TV guide with its plans so that customers can instantly log on to the channel that they want to watch without skimming through the entire lineup.

CBS Channel Number on Spectrum
City, State CBS Channel Number
Akron, OH 4
Cleveland, OH 4 & 1004
Cincinnati, OH 12
Canton, OH 4
Columbus, OH 10
Tampa-St., FL 10 & 1010
Petersburg, FL 10 & 1010
Daytona Beach, FL 6 & 1060
Melbourne, FL 5 & 1016
Lexington, KY 9
Louisville, KY 5
Jeffersonville, KY 5
Raleigh, NC 6
Durham, NC 2
Fayetteville, NC 10
Greensboro, NC 9
High Point, NC 9
Milwaukee, WI 5
Rochester, NY 8
San Antonio, TX 3
Dallas, TX 11 & 781
Park Cities, TX 11 & 781
Ft. Worth, TX 11 & 781
Birmingham, AL 3 & 1003

What to Watch on CBS on Charter Spectrum?

CBS houses a great mix of comedy, drama, and reality TV shows to keep you entertained at all times. Here are some of the popular shows that you can watch on CBS with Charter Spectrum:

Elementary: Written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Elementary follows the classic Sherlock Holmes adventures with a twist in each episode that makes you want to see more.

Gunsmoke: Being the second-largest broadcasting show in U.S TV history, Gunsmoke successfully ran for 20 seasons. This Western-American show revolves around Marshall Matt Dillon who is on a mission to reinforce law in Dodge City.

The Guardian: The show revolves around Nick Fallin, a Pittsburgh attorney who is sentenced to 1500 hours of community service for drug charges. Nick has to act as a guardian for people who cannot represent themselves in the court of law, and in addition to this, he also has to focus on his personal life, which mainly includes his work and relationships.

Apart from exciting shows, CBS also broadcasts live news coverage, keeping its audience updated at all times. CBS News on Spectrum is currently available on the following programs:

CBS News on Charter Spectrum
CBS Morning News This Morning Sunday This Morning News Sunday Morning Overnight News
CBS Weekend News CBS Evening News Face the Nation 48 Hours 60 Minutes

What Channel is CBS Sports on Spectrum?

Charter Spectrum offers a wide variety of sports channels in its TV plans, including CBS Sports Network.

CBS Sports Channel Number on Spectrum
City, State CBS Sports Channel Number
Cincinnati, OH 322
Cleveland, OH 322
Canton, OH 322
Columbus, OH 531
Akron, OH 322
Tampa-St., FL 139
Petersburg, FL 139
Daytona Beach, FL 106
Melbourne, FL 106
Lexington, KY 531
Louisville, KY 531
Jeffersonville, KY 531
Birmingham, AL 425
Raleigh, NC 315
Durham, NC 315
Fayetteville, NC 315
Greensboro, NC 315
Charlotte, NC 315
High Point, NC 315
Milwaukee, WI 322
Rochester, NY 315
San Antonio, TX 315
Park Cities, TX 290 & 706
Dallas, TX 290 & 706
Ft. Worth, TX 290 & 706

Subscribe to your favorite Spectrum Cable TV package today and enjoy premium facilities with hundreds of channels including CBS. The company offers three highly competitive TV plans, which are Spectrum TV Select, Spectrum TV Silver, and Spectrum TV Gold. To place your order, get in touch with Spectrum Customer Service and get a chance to win some amazing discounts that deliver the best value for your money.

Frequently Asked Questions About CBS on Spectrum Cable TV

Can I watch CBS online with Spectrum?

Yes. If you have a cable TV subscription from Spectrum, then you can access the live TV streaming facility on CBS All Access.

What Channel is CBS on Spectrum app?

The channel numbers vary with location. However, some channel numbers where you will find CBS are: 10 in Tampa, Florida, 5 in Austin, Texas, and 4 in Akron, Ohio.

Does Spectrum offer CBS All Access?

CBS All Access is a live streaming service that comes with numerous TV shows and movies including NCIS, Star Trek: Picard, The American President, and The Good Fight. However, you will have to pay separately for this facility, which will cost you $5.99/month or $9.99/month if you choose to buy the commercial-free subscription.

Does Spectrum have CBS?

Yes. Spectrum offers CBS with all its plans.

Does Spectrum have CBS Sports?

Yes. Spectrum offers CBS Sports Network with Silver and Gold TV packages.