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If we have to name the top two networks on TV, CBS and NBC stand out from the rest. It is safe to say that CBS has an edge over NBC. The channel achieved the status by coming up with solid programming and shows that are watched by millions of people in the world.

CBS stands for Columbia Broadcasting System and the operations began in 1927. At that time, it was just a news broadcast over the radio. However, as TV came into existence, it started as commercial broadcast television. Since its inception, it has been owned by Viacom CBS.

CBS Radio was sold to Entercom in 2017. CBS TV Network has been producing a variety of programming genres for more than 80 years.

The entertainment is guaranteed on CBS. Therefore, CBS is immensely popular and people demand the channel in their lineup while choosing a cable service provider.

Moreover, CBS is home to shows like Elementary, Gun smoke, and The Guardian. You get a great mix of comedy, reality TV, and drama to keep you glued to the couch at all times.

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CBS has a dedicated sports channel. CBS Sports Network is a pay-tv channel and primarily owned by CBS Entertainment. It started as a sports channel dedicated to cover college sports as CSTV (College Sports TV). CBS acquired it in 2006 and rebranded it as CBS Sports Network. After this acquisition, the channel became more diverse covering all the large-scale sporting events. Moreover, CBS also airs some smaller leagues in the country and runs analysis programs to highlight the best talent in the country. CBS Sports Network is available to more than 66% of cable customers in the US. You can get CBS on DIRECTV.

DIRECTV and CBS go hand in hand. CBS Sports is available as a premium channel for ENTERTAINMENT and CHOICE™ customers. However, it is included with the ULTIMATE and PREMIER plans.

How to get CBS on DIRECTV?

Before we can move to what channel number is CBS on DIRECTV, let’s learn a little about the provider itself. AT&T’s DIRECTV is a satellite TV provider that delivers high-definition digital TV transmission to more than 18.4 million households in the United States. Since it is a satellite provider, it is accessible in geographically remote areas where other services cannot reach. Therefore, it is available in countless states across America.

In addition to its accessibility, DIRECTV packages are known for their affordable prices without compromising on the entertainment value. The diverse channel tiers provide superior entertainment starting from ENTERTAINMENT™ and go all the way up to the PREMIER™ package. In addition to its diverse channel lineup with programming from all genres, you also get:

  • On-demand service with 50,000 titles and limited 4K HDR Programming
  • State-of-the-art Genie® HD DVR service with 200 hours of storage
  • Ability to watch TV anywhere with the DIRECTV App
  • Premium channels such as HBO®, Cinemax®, SHOWTIME®, STARZ®, and EPIX®

Most importantly, skip the hassle of paying separate bills for internet and TV. DIRECTV offers affordable and customized bundles containing an advanced satellite TV and CenturyLink internet.Now, it is entirely up to you whether you want to save up on the TV and internet bill by bundling the services with CenturyLink and DIRECTV. The prices are straight and plans include a 24-month service agreement.

DIRECTV Plan Monthly Price CBS Availability Subscribe
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CHOICE™ $69.99 Call Now
XTRA™ $79.99 Call Now
ULTIMATE™ $84.99 Call Now
PREMIER™ $134.99 Call Now
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What channel number is CBS on DIRECTV?

DIRECTV offers different plans for the customers. DIRECTV SELECT™ has 155 channels in the lineup. DIRECTV ENTERTAINMENT has 150 channels in the lineup. DIRECTV ULTIMATE and DIRECTV CHOICE™ have more than 180 channels in the lineup. Luckily, CBS is included with all DIRECTV plans. You can subscribe to any plan and get full access to the channel without any sweat. The channel number for CBS varies from location to location. If you are wondering what channel is CBS news on DIRECTV, we have a comprehensive guide on all the channel numbers.

City, State CBS Channel Number DIRECTV
New York, NY 2
Los Angeles, CA 2
Chicago, IL 2
Houston, TX 11
Atlanta, Georgia 46
Cleveland, OH 19
Kansas City, MO 5
Phoenix, AZ 5
Seattle, WA 7
Boise, ID 2
Colorado Springs, CO 11
El Paso, TX 4
Las Vegas, NV 2
Miami, FL 4
San Antonio, TX 5
San Diego, CA 8
Tucson, AZ 13
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What channel is CBS Sports Network on DIRECTV?

As we have already mentioned, CBS Sports Network is only available with the ULTIMATE and PREMIER plans. Therefore, you have to spend some extra bucks to get this channel on your DIRECTV subscription. Nevertheless, CBS Sports Network is available on channel 221 across all cities and states.  

What channel is CBS All Access on DIRECTV?

As we all know that CBS All Access is special news, entertainment, and sports streaming platform from CBS. Therefore, it is not available with DIRECTV. You have to get the CBS All Access subscription separately from your DIRECTV plan.


CBS is a must-have channel on TV. It is available on all the DIRECTV plans. CBS Sports is your one-stop solution to watch all the major sporting leagues. You can even get live coverage of all the European soccer championships such as the UEFA Champions League.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is CBS Sports on DIRECTV?

You can watch CBS Sports on channel 221.

What channel is CBS on DIRECTV?

You can watch CBSS on channel 221.

What channel is CBS on DIRECTV in New York?

You can watch CBS on channel 2 in NY.

What channel is CBS on DIRECTV in Houston?

You can watch CBS on channel 11 in Houston.

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