British Broadcasting Corporation or better known as BBC might just be crowned as the globally leading mass media network. Headquartered across Duchess Street in London, it is the oldest and largest broadcaster in the world, when it comes to the number of employees.

While the network works under the Royal Charter, it has never shied away from pursuing the truth and presenting it to the audience. The network operates several television channels locally and internationally to cater to all the needs and preferences of its wide-ranged clientele. From news to entertainment media, you can be sure to find bits of every genre through this network.

Although the BBC network offers an extensively large array of well-put, informational, and engaging channels, this post will shed the light on the ones that are most watched in the United States and further discuss, ‘what channel is BBC on Optimum’.


BBC One or formerly known as BBC1 is a free-to-air, British television public service channel that is owned and operated by the BBC network. As the name gives away, BBC One is the first and authentically most recognized flagship of the BBC family.

Launched in 1936, BBC One presents mainstream broadcasting programming that keeps you hooked to the television screens all day long.

BBC America

As soon as BBC recognized the great amount of appreciation by the U.S. audience, they decided to launch a flagship solely catering to the American customer needs. Co-owned by BBC Studios and AMC Networks, BBC America offers a collection of exciting movies, TV series, documentaries, and reality shows.

Being a commercial-supported channel, BBC America gets its funding through TV subscription fees and advertising contracts.

BBC World News

Controlled by the BBC Broadcasting House, BBC World News is an international pay-tv global news channel. It was launched in 1991 and has stood through the test of time to ensure premium quality news updates to the masses at all times.

Presenters like Stephen Cole, Karen Bowerman, and Tony Campion have had the run of their careers presenting global news to the world through this platform.

How to watch BBC on TV?

Throughout and since the coronavirus pandemic, TV and the internet have been the escapes that we all needed to keep our sanity intact. The inclination towards these two services has increased by many folds due to the global industrial lockdown but also on account of the fact that people need to release the daily exhaustion to function better.

Owing to the high demand for cable service, there has been an observable rise in the number of cable TV providers throughout the last decade. However, the experience to choose one can be a bit overwhelming for some since there are a hefty number of cable providers offering more or less the same plans.

Having said that, it is fairly important that you find out all the best cable deals before signing up with any provider. While it might seem hectic, it sure is not and all you need to do is search your zip code to find the cable plans being offered in your vicinity. This way you can compare the features of different plans and choose the best-suited one according to your taste and preference.

People living in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, or Pennsylvania have a great option in the name of Optimum Cable TV to watch the BBC network. If you are new to the wonder that this cable provider is, we have got the summarized view of the most popular Optimum TV packages:

Cable PlansChannel CountHD Channel CountCloud DVRVoice Activated Remote
Optimum Core TVMore than 220More than 60YesYes
Optimum Select TVMore than 340More than 110YesYes
Optimum Premier TVMore than 420More than 140YesYes

What’s more, is that you can take your Optimum Cable TV anywhere you go with the Optimum TV to Go app. This online web and mobile application allow you to access TV networks from anywhere in the world. In order to go ahead with this idea, all that is needed is a stable internet connection and your Optimum ID.

Another fascinating feature of Optimum Altice is its buyout policy in addition to the no-contract policy – this means that even if you are in a contract with some other cable provider that requires you to pay early termination fees, Optimum will help you by paying up to 500 USD to get you out of your contract. In the event that this comes off as somewhat unbelievable, you must also know that Optimum does not impose any contractual obligation and you would just have to pay your bill as a month-to-month customer. It is further suggestive that you can cancel your Optimum cable subscription at any given time – DOUBLE WIN.

What Channel is BBC on Optimum?

Assuming that you have recently discovered the Optimum TV plans, you might be wondering what channel is BBC on Optimum since there are somewhere over 420 channels to scroll through the lineup. However, wipe that sweat right off your forehead as we have come over to rescue you from the trouble you might have had to go through, otherwise.

Through this official link of Optimum TV, you can access the entire channel lineup with utmost ease and convenience:

However, to help you save some time, we have jotted down what channel is BBC on Optimum in this section as well.

What channel is BBC America on Optimum?

Channel NameChannel Number
BBC America101

What channel is BBC World News on Optimum?

Channel NameChannel Number
BBC World News104

All three plans discussed in this post offer BBC America and BBC World News in their channel lineup.

Best Programming Offered by BBC America

If you are interested in genres like sci-fi, action, drama, comedy, reality TV, documentary, thriller, crime, legal, mystery, or romance – BBC America is right up your alley. Following are some of the best TV shows airing on BBC America as of now:

Original Programming

  • Killing Eve
  • The Watch
  • Earth’s Great Seasons
  • Blue Planet Now

‘From BBC’ Programming

  • Dynasties
  • Africa
  • Blue Planet II
  • Doctor Who
  • The Hunt
  • Luther
  • Madagascar
  • CripTales
  • Great Bear Stakeout
  • Life
  • The Graham Norton Show
  • Weird Wonders
  • Monty Python’s Flying Circus
  • Planet Earth
  • Nature’s Weirdest Events
  • Seven Worlds, One Planet
  • Ripper Street
  • Yellowstone
  • Sherlock

Syndicated Programming

  • Law & Order
  • Star Trek
  • Man vs. Wild
  • A Discovery of Witches

Best Programming Offered by BBC World News

BBC World News has become the number one viewers’ choice when it comes to gaining information because of its honest and investigative journalism style. Here is a glimpse of the best and most followed programming on BBC World News:

Live Programming

Sports & Business

  • Sport Today
  • Worklife
  • Asia Business Report
  • World Business Report


  • Impact
  • GMT
  • Outside Source
  • Global
  • Newsday
  • Focus on Africa
  • BBC World News America
  • World News Today
  • BBC News with Katty and Christian
  • The Briefing

Recorded Programming

  • Click
  • The Travel Show
  • Newsnight
  • Dateline London
  • Africa Business Report
  • Politics Europe
  • Panorama
  • Talking Movies
  • HARDTalk
  • Our World
  • Reporters

Wrapping Up

BBC is one such network that has always proven that audiences are the real authors of media. Be it entertainment or relentless journalism, it has made sure that you get the right dose of truthfulness. A mix of subtlety and hard-hitting truth is what makes BBC the mirror of our society.

As such, Optimum Altice offers both BBC America and BBC World News (the two most-watched BBC channels) in all of its cable plans. If you want to know more about the packages and plans offered by Optimum, feel free to call at 1-844-518-2667.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is BBC America on Optimum?

You can go to channel number 101 to watch BBC America.

What channel is BBC World News on Optimum?

You can find BBC World News on channel number 104.

What channel is BBC One on Optimum?

While all three of the Optimum TV packages include BBC America and BBC World News, Optimum does not offer BBC One in any of its plans.

What channel is BBC Two on Optimum?

Optimum Altice does not include BBC Two in any of its cable plans.

Can I watch BBC without cable?

Yes, you can access the BBC network through live streaming platforms like Philo, YouTube TV, Fubo TV, and Sling TV.