Spectrum is one of the top service providers in America currently available across 41 states. Mainly catering to Internet, Cable TV, and Home Phone services, Spectrum likes to keep a wingspan that touches both commercial and domestic properties. By doing so, it achieves a holistic approach to serving both home services and large-scale businesses, side by side.

Owing to how much manpower and potential brain juice is required to keep its systems always ready to serve customers, it's only natural that Spectrum’s workflows sometimes encounter hiccups.

If you find yourself on the receiving end of these, don’t fret and follow our concise guide specifically given shape for those who are having problems with the My Spectrum App.

Check for Potential Power Outages in Your Area

If you’ve caught wind of a power outage in your area which may or may not be affecting you directly, it’s best to go ahead and get to the bottom of it. There are a couple of ways to do this:

Check on the MySpectrum App

Spectrum’s dedicated app offers a sure-shot way to sniff out outages. Simply log in to the app, tap on the Equipment tab, and let the real-time map load.

The service aims to check your Spectrum equipment and report if it is functioning optimally. If everything is all good, there will be a green circle displayed. A yellow will mean that your equipment is unreachable at the time and a red will indicate a power outage.

In the case of a red circle, you can always tap on the Notify Me option so that the app can ping you whenever the concerned service is restored.

If ambiguity is still getting the better of you, give Spectrum Customer Care a holler and let them figure it out for you.

Check for Outages Online

Alternatively, users can log in to their Spectrum account online and navigate to the Account & Billing tab. Once there, select the Check Service Status option to let Spectrum run a quick scan on your area for you.

The Service Status page will open a map similar to the one available on the MySpectrum App and an alert will pop up on the top of the page in case there is an outage in your area.

Sign up using Spectrum Customer Service right away! - Call (844) 481-5993 to Order!

Reeling in After a Service Outage

Not every service feature is bound to get back up on its feet in the aftermath of a service outage. There may still be a kink or two to be fixed. Don’t worry, read on through to check out how you can get your service back up to 100%:

Reset Your Modem

Sometimes the simplest of hacks provide the most straightforward solution. If your Spectrum internet isn’t doing so hot, try resetting your modem with these simple steps:

  • Unplug your modem’s power and Ethernet cables.
  • Remove backup batteries from the device (if any).
  • Wait a few minutes for the modem to turn off completely.
  • Reconnect power to your modem.
  • Wait for the Internet light to turn solid.

If the problem persists, contact the customer support team for help from a professional.


Spectrum remains committed to providing excellence in all categories residing underneath its umbrella. Whether you’re looking for a basic plan on a service or want all the bells & whistles in tow, Spectrum has something for everyone. Go ahead and have a look at their website yourself or reach out to them on their toll-free number for quick resolution.