Xfinity Internet Speeds up to 50 Mbps

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$30.00 /mo

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For 12 months with 1-year term contract. Taxes and equipment not included.
Includes $10/mo automatic payments and paperless billing discount.


Are you looking for information on how to get started with advanced Xfinity Internet security? Then look no further, as this is the perfect guide about Xfinity online security. By the end of this blog, you’ll get to know about how to establish a secure network for your home with the help of xFi Advanced security i.e. a complete 360 protection to secure yourself from the risks of having no internet security. Read on about this ahead.

Why use Xfinity xFi Advanced Security?

You can secure yourself from the risks that come along with the online presence, with the use of Xfinity Internet security. Xfinity provides its users with an xFi Gateway, a router with the inclusion of security measures in place to protect customers from the vulnerability of going online when they sign up for Xfinity internet plans.

What does xFi Advanced Security do for you?

Xfinity Internet security a.k.a xFi Advanced Security delivers protection in a personalized and smart manner. One-stop security based on a solution-oriented approach. Moving towards having complete protection from the risks that come along with going online. Xfinity internet protection is combined security for your computers, mobile phones, smart home gadgets, and other home-connected devices. Check out below how to get started with xFi Advanced Security.

How to get access to xFi Advanced Security?

 Firstly, you also need to download the Xfinity app from Google PlayStore or Apple app store to operate the xFi Gateway from your phone. In case you are new to Xfinity or have gotten your xFi Gateway recently, either way, you need to have the xFi Gateway or you cannot access the advanced security feature of Xfinity WiFi.

If a technician sent by the provider installed your equipment, then advanced security will be on. You can check by going to the Overview tab in the Xfinity app, if there is a Security Status then it is on. If you cannot see it, then follow the steps below to activate “Advanced Security” with help of the Xfinity app.

  • Go to the Security tab in the Xfinity app.
  • Click on the Advanced Security options and follow the steps on the screen to enable it.
  • This may take up to 10 minutes until the setup is complete

Equipment Requirement for Advanced Security

There is no requirement. Once you sign up for Xfinity internet and you get your equipment installed at your home. You can use the Advanced Security function right away with the method mentioned in the section above. However, all the xFi Gateways support Advanced Security, the Gateway “Cisco DPC3939” does not. Contact Xfinity support at 1-844-572-2230 for further help.

Note: Advanced Security cannot be enabled on the Gateway modems on Bridge Mode.

Features of xFi Advanced Security

  • Protects you from the risks of sites that may make you susceptible to harm.
  • Offers protection to block remote access to smart devices like home cameras from unknown sources.
  • Real-time tracking of devices and alerts when your devices are behaving out the usual ways indicating a network breach.
  • The xFi Advanced Security is smarter, literally. It adapts to your home network offering a conscious effort to protect you from risks.
  • There are real-time notifications and a dashboard you can view and manage alerts of risks right from the Xfinity app.

Benefits of xFi Advanced Security

  • No additional hardware is installed. The xFi Gateway is all that you need.
  • No additional software has to be installed on your devices, all the protection comes from the enabled Advanced Security.

Wrapping Up

Now, that you know how to get started with advanced Xfinity Internet security, have it set up and enjoy the amazing benefits of advanced security features and an integrated safety network for your home.  

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