Automated calls or marketing calls can be really annoying. Businesses often use this gimmick to promote their products or services, and there are times when you actually happen to find amazing deals through these marketing calls. However, if you are done getting these calls and looking for a way to block them, we are not going to blame you for that.

Besides businesses, hackers and cybercriminals use this technique to get your personal information, and many people have become a victim of it. If you get a phone call from someone who asks you for confidential information, it's possible that it's part of a scam to gather intel about you in order to steal your identity. This can also lead to a data breach.

If you no longer wish to receive these scam calls or you just want to block someone’s number but are unable to, don’t worry, we will help out in this regard. Learn how to block incoming calls on Cox Communications below.

How do I Stop Unwanted Calls on Cox Communications?

Cox makes sure that its customers don’t go through any inconvenience while using the Voice service, which is why it has set up a standard procedure through which users can block incoming calls on their phones.

There is a feature offered by Cox to its customers known as Anonymous Call Rejection. By subscribing to Cox Anonymous Call Rejection, all those callers who’ve blocked their Caller ID information or set it to private will receive a notification that you don’t accept blocked callers. Follow the below steps to enable Anonymous Call Rejection on your phone:

  • Pick the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
  • Dial *77or on a rotary phone, dial 1177.
  • Hang up after hearing the confirmation beep.

Furthermore, there is another feature offered by Cox to block any incoming unwanted calls known as Selective Call Rejection. With this feature, you will be able to block up to 25 numbers on your phone. To block a number on your  

  • Pick up the receiver and listen for the dial tone.
  • Dial *60.
  • Press 1 to enable Selective Call Rejection and 2 to add a new phone number to the list of prohibited numbers.
  • Make sure to include the area code when entering a 10-digit phone number.
  • To save the modifications, press 9 and then, put the phone down.

What are the Other Ways to Stop Prerecorded Calls? (H2)

There is a software called Nomorobo, which allows you to block telemarketers, prerecorded scams, and swindlers' calls. Here's what you'll need to do if you choose this option:

  • Open your web browser and go to
  • Sign in with your User ID and Password.
  • Go to the Settings
  • Activate the Nomorobo/Simultaneous Ring
  • Next to the Activate Nomorobo option, click ACTIVATE.
  • Give your permission to Cox to share your name, email address, and Cox phone number with Nomorbo.
  • Click Save.

Summing it up

The aforementioned ways can help you in blocking incoming calls but if you still face any issues, you can reach out to Cox customer service and they will help you out with any queries.

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