Charter Communications is an American telecommunication and broadcasting corporation that, under the Spectrum name, provides its services to customers for home and business purposes. It is the second-biggest cable operator in the United States by subscribers, falling only behind Comcast, and the 3rd largest pay-TV operator after Comcast and AT&T, offering coverage to over 26 million consumers in 41 states. Charter network is the convergence of Time Warner Cable and Charter communication with the Bright House Network. Because Spectrum is a new brand name, Time Warner and Bright House Network's previous subscribers continue their services as before and collect multiple customer service numbers in case they need help. Cable, internet, and phone all come under one umbrella and can either be accessed as stand-alone networks or subscribed to as bundles, should you want to save money.

Even though the services can be ordered online or on call anytime, people usually prefer visiting authorized retailers to pick up their equipment or with any other queries they have. Spectrum has about 676 stores in total across the US. It’s quite evident that retailers cannot be present in all the cities within the states they are providing services. Therefore, finding spectrum stores within close proximity could be frustrating and time-consuming. Having that said, the best way to find spectrum stores nearby or store hours is by calling and asking a sales agent to find their locations and timing. Or, you can simply visit to check the spectrum’s serviceability by putting in your address or zip code alone.

What services does Spectrum offer?

Spectrum offers a wide variety of cable TV, internet, and phone services for residential and commercial purposes.

Spectrum TV: Provides instant access to thousands of on-demand services, more HD than any other network, and DVR services. It lets you watch live television anywhere at home or download movies and shows on smartphones with their TV application and lets you take TV everywhere with over 60 channels in one application to stream on-the-go.

Spectrum Internet: Provides the fastest available Broadband connections starting from 100 Mbps. Customers can concurrently upload videos, download music and so much more with Spectrum internet, without dropping its performance. Charter offers free modems and the fastest home broadband Internet service for its users. And, because the Charter does not prohibit data limits on the Internet or costs an additional amount, users have unrestricted freedom of internet access.

Spectrum Mobile: Offers the highest performance devices at affordable prices. It is built to provide consumers with the best product service through a nationwide network of free WiFi hotspots and save them money. Mobiles are designed in a way that can be used today and for tomorrow's use.

Spectrum Home Phone: is a completely loaded, secure service with Voicemail and other common phone apps such as call waiting and call routing plus free 411, and consists of unrestricted local and long-distance phone plans. Charter is one of the leading providers of residential telecommunications services in the country with nearly 10 million voice customers.

Prices and Plans As far as prices are concerned, Spectrum likes to keep it simple and straightforward in comparison to its rivals. Due to their unlimited access to data and no contract policies, cord-cutters favor spectrum plans over other companies. Internet

Spectrum offers 3 basic flavors: Standard, Ultra, and Gig. Speeds vary from area to area and are different in each plan. Standard internet offers speeds of up to 100Mbps but is in the range of 60-100Mbps in most regions, or it could even go as high as 200Mbps as well, depending upon your location. The price for this plan starts at as low as $49.99 a month and costs an additional $5 per month for the Wifi router.

The 300 to 400Mbps Spectrum Ultra Service is the best option for big households and homeworkers. It features an integrated Wi-Fi, superior range router and a free modem designed to support increased bandwidth in spectrum ultra.

Spectrum’s Gig plan is the highest speed internet and costs around $100 a month. Besides the tremendous downloading speed of 1000Mbps, it also provides fast uploading rates for live streamers of up to 35 Mbps. Although the fastest speed package can be appealing, it is important to evaluate your usage to save a lot of money by choosing a low-tier plan if your usage is moderate and not heavy.

Spectrum TV

Spectrum TV offers 3 primary bundles: Select, Silver, Gold

On the bottom end, you get to watch as many as 125 channels that are far more than what other providers offer at their basic package. Whereas you get a huge range of premium channels in the high-level bundle, including more than 200 channels.

Spectrum rates tend to be slightly higher for TV plans, particularly for self-subscribe deals, but the internet, TV and phone bundling significantly reduces the price of the package overall.

Customer Reviews

It is believed that the best way to predict what a company has to offer is to ask its current customers about their interaction with customer service. The foundation of all successful and efficient businesses is considered to be the customer service and also the biggest factor to differentiate a specific organization with the same kind of services and products from the others, is the excellent customer support. Without ignoring the fact that getting your problems resolved through ISPs will usually be a challenge, spectrum customer service suggests otherwise by providing numerous customer solutions that clear the matter promptly.


To reiterate, Spectrum is a great stress reliever for customers sick of sluggish internet speeds and tired of paying incremented bills. It offers a diverse field of home entertainment services including an array of benefits in the form of unlimited data, no contract policies, and affordable prices.

If you’re eager to find more about Spectrum, be it, the serviceability within your area, or the comparison of spectrum bundles with other providers, simply visit our website to find out more about it.