A good internet connection is no longer a luxury because, as of today, many important and sensitive tasks are being performed over the web. Things like remote education and work-from-home are becoming a norm due to which the internet has taken up the status of an essential service.

For tasks like these, it is essential to have a good internet connection, and we all know that good internet doesn’t come cheap. This puts consumers in a dilemma since they can’t perform their important tasks without the internet, and in order to get a good internet connection, they need to pay more.

Many service providers have found the solution to this problem, and that solution is to offer discounts to certain sections of society who use the internet for various important purposes. These discounts cater to students, people with low incomes, and remote workers. Many service providers offer such discounts to consumers.

Customers also enquire about such discounts whenever going with a service provider. In the case of Cox, their customers often ask questions like “does Cox offers student discounts?” on multiple user forums. And in simple words, yes, Cox does offer discounted internet for students.

This makes sense because Cox Communications is a major provider with a service area spanning 19 states. Plus, with millions of internet subscribers, it is considered one of the major high-speed internet providers in the country.

With this much stake in the industry, it is evident that users would be getting special types of discounts from Cox, and below we’ll be talking about the special student discount offered by Cox.

Cox Connect2Compete – Discounted Internet For Students

Does Cox offer student discounts? Yes, and Cox Connect2Compete is the answer to this question. That’s because this is not just a discount but a special internet package designed for students and their educational needs. However, certain conditions need to be met in order to subscribe to this package.

CoxConnect2Compete opens a portal of opportunities for families having students in the K-12 grades. It offers a superior internet connection for home as well as wifi for an incredibly low price.

Moreover, to qualify, students should be enrolled in any of the eligible government assistance programs like The National School Lunch Program, SNAP, TNAF, and Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program among many others to get CoxConnect2Compete. For full terms and conditions regarding eligibility and to apply for Connect2Compete, click here.

In the Connect2Compete plan, Cox users get a reliable up to 100 Mbps internet connection with a 1.25TB data allowance per month. Along with that, a free wifi modem is also included in this package as well as access to a network of 3 million Cox wifi hotspots. All this comes at an incredibly low price and with no term agreement.

Summing Up

To sum it all up, Cox does offer discounted internet for students, and their student package is quite good, which families having K-12 students can utilize for both their educational needs and for other tasks as well.

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