Charter Spectrum™ is one of the top-most broadband providers in the US with services in more than 41 states. Spectrum has become a household name in the country. Everything was possible after the merger of Charter Communications with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks.

Charter Spectrum™ has an extensive network of coaxial cables that spreads across the US providing high-speed internet, HD cable, and crystal-clear Voice services. The plans are tailored with perfection to fit the needs of every household. Moreover, the plans are quite affordable as well. For example, you can get Spectrum internet in just $49.99/month. With Cable, you get all the popular channels like TNT, Bravo, HBO, Cinemax, Comedy Central, ESPN, and many more. Make the best out of DVR service, record as many shows as you like at a small monthly charge.

Many people find it very difficult to tweak their Spectrum internet settings. Therefore, we created a comprehensive guide on how to change the Spectrum WiFi username and password. This is the simplest method available.

How to change my Spectrum WiFi router password?

With all Spectrum internet plans, you get a free modem. There is no monthly charge for the modem but you have to pay a fee for the WiFi router every month. If you just have a modem, you don’t need any password to connect your devices through an Ethernet wire.

For secured wireless connectivity, you need your WiFi username and password to connect all your wireless devices to the internet.

To locate your password:

How to change my Spectrum WiFi name and password?

You can even change your network name commonly known as SSID and password. It is a simple process and requires you to sign-in to your modem’s web-based interface. Here is what you need to do:

Arris DG1670A admin password
Arris DG860A admin password
Arris TG1672G admin password
Arris TG852G admin password
AArris TG862G admin password
Technicolor/Thomson/RCA TCM8715D admin password
Technicolor/Thomson/RCA TC8717T admin password
Technicolor/Thomson/RCA DWG875A (Not required) admin
Ubee/Ambit DDW3611 user user
Ubee/Ambit DDW365 user user
Ubee/Ambit DDW36C admin (See Device Label)
Ubee/Ambit DVW3201B admin user
Ubee/Ambit DVW32CB admin (See Device Label)

(Look for Wireless, SSID, Gateway Name, or Network on the menu. Your WiFi password might be indicated as WPA Pre-Shared Key. If you can’t locate any of the information, contact the Charter Spectrum customer service and ask for assistance)


How to change my Spectrum WiFi password from my phone?

You can use the My Spectrum App on your smartphone to change your WiFi password by selecting Services and then the Internet option.

How to change my Spectrum WiFi username and password?

Follow the instructions in this article to change your Spectrum WiFi username and password.

How do I change my Spectrum WiFi password?

You can use the My Spectrum App (Service → Internet) or your Spectrum Account (My Internet → Manage WiFi Settings) to change your WiFi password as well as the username/SSID.