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The Digital Phone Service of your Dreams

Mediacom digital phone service outranks all other providers in its domain by INSTANTLY connecting you with your friends and family across the states at super-affordable rates. With Mediacom, you don’t have to worry about a single thing. Simply pick up the receiver and make your call without dreading the minutes. More than that, you can get the following delicious perks by subscribing to this majestic phone service.

Fail-Safe Connectivity

Looking for a dedicated landline service which backs you during emergencies? Mediacom is the answer to your problems. This brilliant phone service provides a fail-safe connectivity no matter what. You can rely on it to carry you through the worst of storms, through the longest of power outages and even through the toughest of career-defining moments. Feel free to make your calls and let it take care of the rest.

Non-Stop Chit-Chat Ease

When you call your loved ones after eons, you tend to chat for hours on end, right? There’s just so much to talk about after all, from work to relationships to pets to the latest trends in the market! This cannot happen if your phone plan is limited, counts your minutes and charges you extra for each ounce of delay. Lucky for you, Mediacom offers UNLIMITED calling plans across the states, giving you the non-stop chatting freedom that you truly deserve.

Bundle & Save Affordability

Mediacom gives its customers a never-before-seen flexibility when it comes to choosing the plans. Such as, you could either get the phone service separately, or bundle it with internet & TV into powerful combos and get the benefits of three in one at the lowest price range possible.

Ultimate Nationwide Coverage

Be sure to stay connected with your relatives and mates no matter where they are located. Whether it’s United States or Guam, Canada or Puerto Rico, or even the U.S. Virgin Island, you will get the best coverage at the lowest cost possible with Mediacom. That’s a promise.

Immaculate Call Quality

Nothing is more embarrassing than a call which gets distorted mid-conversation due to a bad reception. You’re discussing matters of a significant importance with your boss, let’s say. The next thing you know, there’s a major signal drop and you’re left shouting “Can you repeat what you just said?” into the receiver. Mediacom guarantees against such kinds of social embarrassments by offering a service that NEVER drops your calls. Place your trust in Mediacom and say goodbye to spotty coverage, bad audio quality, unreliable reception and other network flaws.

Technical Assistance on the Go

If you experience the slightest of problems in setting up the equipment or have the minutest of queries about the phone service, then dial 1-877-387-8087 to speak to Mediacom’s ever-ready and super-friendly technicians and get assistance on the go.

Mediacom Connectivity


Seamless International Connectivity with Mediacom WorldTalk

Making crystal-clear calls across international waters has never been easier with WorldTalk from Mediacom. No matter how many miles lie between you and your loved ones, talk to them like they’re in the other room at a remarkably low cost. WorldTalk brings everyone together on a global level through its flexible plans.

WorldTalk 200
WorldTalk 250
WorldTalk 30
Mediacom Calling Features

Calling Features

Mediacom Offers High-End Calling Features

A digital home phone is not complete without a set of useful features to take the calling experience to a whole other level. Even in this category, Mediacom takes the cherry by offering state-of-the-art calling features with its must-have digital phone plans. These include:.


Enable the smart vociemail feature so your friends and family can leave important messages for you when you’re unable to accept their calls.

Listen to the recorded voicemails later on to stay informed and not miss out of anything.

Priority Call

Assign a special ringtone to your favorite callers by putting them on the ‘priority call’ list and know who’s calling from across the room.

Speed Dialing

Press a single digit on your phone to place an instant call to a dedicated number when you’re in a rush. ‘Speed dialing’ allows you to allocate eight most-called numbers to specific digits on the phone, saving you energy and time.

Caller ID

Pick your calls like you pick your fruits. Know who is calling beforehand with the useful ‘caller ID’ feature. Choose whether to take the call or keep it on waiting.

Caller ID on TV

Bundle with Mediacom’s reliable TV service and see the caller’s information (name and number) on your television screen.

Call Forwarding

Taking a vacation or simply running an errand outside your house? Make sure to never miss a call by activating the call forwarding option. This useful feature will transfer all the incoming calls to a specific number when you’re unavailable to accept it from the home landline.

Selective Call Forwarding

Don’t wish to accept each and every single incoming call that’s forwarded to your number? Worry not. With ‘selective call forwarding’, you can specify a list of up to ten designated numbers whose calls you choose to be automatically forwarded to you. Save yourself the inconvenience of having listen to sales pitches and prank calls when you’re driving.

Call Waiting

Get instantly notified about a second incoming call while you’re engaged on the phone. Hear the dedicated ‘call waiting’ ringtone and continue talking to the current caller, or switch to the second one with liquid ease.

3-Way Calling

Science project putting you down? Take help from your besties at the same time with the awesome ‘3-way calling’ feature. Talk to one or both parties on the current call and easily do hour-long discussions.

Call Transfer

Relocate a new call to an existing caller with ‘call transfer’ feature.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Automatically dismiss calls from people who’ve blocked their ‘caller ID’ information from coming through the line to your phone. Once you activate this feature, the ‘Private’ and anonymous callers will hear an automated recording that you’re not accepting their calls on account of their ‘restricted’ nature. So, block phone calls without the slightest hassle.

Selective Call Rejection

Your ex binge-calling you? Put their number on the ‘selective call rejection’ list and let the feature auto-reject their calls without your intervention.

Customer Originated Trace

Have you been getting threatening calls from a stranger? Trace the harasser’s location through the ‘customer originated trace’ feature on your phone and hand over that information to the authorities for putting a better stop to the personal attack.

Do Not Disturb

Busy making an important presentation and don’t feel like taking any calls? Activate the ‘do not disturb’ feature on your phone to temporarily block all incoming calls. The list of Mediacom calling features goes on. Subscribe to the service to avail them ASAP, and make your life a thousand degrees easier.

Home Coverage

Switching Providers is No Longer a Hassle

Change is tough. True. But, with Mediacom, it becomes slightly less so. Are you worried about switching to a new phone provider and having to change your current phone number? Put your troubling thoughts aside, because Mediacom has your back through thick and think. Rely on Mediacom’s helpful support to contact your existing provider on your behalf, disconnect you from there, install your new phone equipment at home, and transfer your number as it is to the latest Mediacom network.

Mediacom Phone Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Call 1-866-755-2225 to make the service installation appointment for your Mediacom phone and to get your phone modem set up by a professional.
Only on internationally placed calls, and that too at affordable rates.
A variety of touchscreen pads was announced by Mediacom back in 2014 and 2015. Majorly, it is a landline/home phone service provider.
There are three ways you can access your voicemail.
  1. Login to Mediacom Phone User Portal online by entering your credentials (10-digit phone number + password) and listen to the messages in the mailbox.
  2. Dial your 10-digit number on any phone and press the * key. Next, enter your voicemail passcode starting with # key, and access your messages.
  3. Dial your 7-digit number on your own phone and enter the voicemail passcode (#____) to get your recordings.
Probably yes. Although Mediacom doesn’t guarantee it.