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Catch your favorite TV shows, movies, music, news and all the sports action you could ever need with Mediacom, which include the following in it's starter double-play pack:

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Channel availability and surcharges may vary from location to location.

Additional installation, activation and modem rental fees may apply.

Mediacom Cable

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Services Plans

Mediacom Cable Packages

Local 60

100+ Channels

100+ Channels

Starting from $49.98/mo For the first 12 months


Xtream 100 Silver

170+ Channels

170+ Channels

Starting from $99.98/mo For the first 12 months


Xtream 100 Gold

220+ Channels

220+ Channels

Starting from $119.98/mo For the first 12 months


Mediacom TV Features

Mediacom Cable


Brings you Top-of-the-Line TV Features

The digital revolution has changed the way people watch television in the present era. It’s definitely a far cry from the times of analog channel format. Mediacom, being a progressive provider, knows this well. That is why it strives to digitally enhance its current cable TV services, introduce a quality of seamlessness in its entertainment plans, and create bigger yet better products for the future market. If you take a look at any cable package, you’ll find it replete with some of the best features in the digital line, from TV recording to TV on app.

Extensive Channel Line-up

Mediacom caters to its customers’ needs for ‘diversification’ in television entertainment by offering not one, not two but several channel lineups in its cable TV plans, including:

The list of Mediacom cable TV channels is longer than a light-year and more diverse than the color spectrum. All in all, it is perfect for suiting each unique taste.

On-Demand Programming for Endless Movie Marathons

Experience more autonomy with Mediacom’s Video On Demand feature, bringing you thousands of entertaining titles per month. Watch whatever whenever however you want, instead of being restricted to the traditional TV timings. There is,

Multi-Featured TiVo® at YOUR Service

A regular TV setup puts a time limit on your content viewing experience by broadcasting your favorite shows at certain appointed times only. If an episode is missed, it’s missed. But, not with TiVo®. Yes, this advanced system makes you a master of your own entertainment by bringing TV control to your fingertips. It so happens that Mediacom offers TiVo® in its Xtream plans and enables you to:

Luxurious Digital PAK Add-Ons

Mediacom gives its customers a sense of exclusivity with its luxurious digital PAKs, essentially a part of the Xtream Gold and above packages. There are three kinds of PAKs that are available to Mediacom cable subscribers.

Endless Streaming via TV Everywhere

Is your brother hogging the big-screened HDTV in the living room for his gaming session? Fear ye not. With the remarkable TV Everywhere℠ service, you can convert any device at hand into a TV and fulfill your entertainment needs without starting a domestic war. So, no matter whether you’re on the subway or in the bathroom of a high-rise, at your kid’s soccer practice or in the airport terminal, you can enjoy the top-tier content from Mediacom via TV Everywhere℠ (offered free of charge in its extensive cable packages) on your device without breaking a sweat. Simply catch a reliable internet signal and sign in with your unique Mediacom ID to authenticate the access.

Xtream TV App to Redefine Mobile Entertainment

Smartphones are the lifeblood of today’s generation. Mediacom understand this and thereby integrates the TV watching experience in the mobile phones through the all-in-one Xtream TV app. With this dedicated (not to mention FREE) Mediacom cable app, you can check what’s new in store by browsing through the updated TV listings, record the shows on your mobile courtesy of TiVo®, and stream LIVE videos on the go just like that!

Mediacom Cable

Cable Service

Bundle with Mediacom and Save More!

TV on its own may bore holes in your pocket given the outrageous cable expenses you see in the market. However, Mediacom senses these financial grievances and addresses them effectively by offering not one, but several well-tiered cable TV deals which you can customize to your liking. What’s special about these packages is that they reduce the price of any one service down to the minimum and combine it with others in different manners to create highly-affordable, benefit-rich power-packs for its customers.

So, if you choose the introductory Double Play deal, not only would you get extended cable services (more than 170 Family TV channels, thousands of On-Demand titles, free HD and TV Everywhere℠ etc.), but super-fast network speeds to superchage the basic TV experience into the premium digital realm, changing the game of your entertainment. Price? Only $89.99 per month, and that too, sent on a single clearly-made bill. Whereas separately, you’d get the services at a much higher price bracket.

Mediacom cares for you, lets you bundle your services and save your money unlike anything else.

Mediacom Support

24/7 Support

Easy Equipment Installation with Mediacom 24/7 Support

What equipment can you expect to get once you subscribe to Mediacom’s amazing cable TV service? Depends on the plan you choose, really.

Once you reach an informed decision about the kind of equipment you want with your cable TV combo deal (because some have a rental fee too), you can install it on your own or have it professional installed (one-time fee charges) by calling the efficient Mediacom cable customer service—the technical division—over 1-877-387-8087. They’re available 24/7, so if you have a technical query or wish to make an equipment installation appointment, feel free to do so anytime you want by calling the helpline.

Home Coverage


According to stats, Mediacom is United States’ fifth largest residential cable provider by area, as it supplies remarkably affordable cable TV, internet and phone services to more than 7 million people across 22 states, including Iowa, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, Florida, and North Carolina to name a few. Its coverage is expansive and its approach, customer-focused.

Mediacom Cable Coverage

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Yes, Mediacom offers exceptional DVR services in its Xtream cable TV packages.
Yes, Mediacom offers exceptional DVR services in its Xtream cable TV packages.
In case you’re not satisfied with Mediacom’s cable service, you can always call the customer helpline and cancel the service WITHIN THE FIRST 90 DAYS without being charged an ETF.
You can set up the Mediacom cable box in five steps:
  1. Take the coax cable line from the outlet in the wall and connect it to the back of the HD box.
  2. Attach the HDMI cable’s one end to the slot in box’s back and the other end to your HDTV.
  3. Fix the power line in the HD box and set it in the right position.
  4. Plug the power cord into the closest wall outlet.
  5. Fire it up, select the HDMI input on the screen and start watching TV.
For more information, check out this one-minute video: