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Get the best of internet, TV and phone at the cheapest rates possible with Mediacom Xtream 100 Silver plan, offering:

At a remarkably affordable price of


For the first 12 months

Channel availability and surcharges may vary from location to location.

Additional installation, activation and modem rental fees may apply.

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Services Plans

Mediacom Packages

Internet 60

400 GB

60 Mbps

Starting from $39.99/mo For the first 12 months


Double Play

(Internet 60 & TV)

400 GB

60 Mbps

Starting from $89.98/mo For the first 12 months


Xtream 100 Gold

Triple Play (Internet, Phone and TV)

1 TB

100 Mbps

Starting from $119.98/mo For the first 12 months


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Mediacom Internet


Mediacom Xtream Internet
Redefines the Way you Access the Web

There is no space for speed lags, loading buffers and broken connections in today’s fast-paced world. Period. People want to access the web and they want to do it without having to waste their time, energy and money. Makes sense, right? That is why Mediacom takes two steps forward in providing you with an internet service, which is free from all insufferable impurities and takes your web access experience to the Xtream.

In the best way, of course. With Mediacom's plans, you can get:

Blazing Fast Network Speeds

Starting from a basic 60 Mbps per month and going all the way to a 1000 Mbps/1 Gig, Mediacom’s cable internet speeds are designed for every home. So, whether you want to access the internet for mere browsing or for hosting a high-end online gaming marathon, you can choose the speed plan which is right for you, and rely on Xtream network to carry you through to the end.

Commendable Xtream Wi-Fi Range

State-of-the-art wireless technology meets supercharged internet speeds to bring you a Wi-Fi experience like never before. It is made possible through the smart mesh system, known as Xtream router, which delivers up to 1 Gig data speeds even in the dead spots of the house to make sure you have a web access 24/7.

Multiple Device Support

Settle your domestic data wars once and for all with Mediacom’s high-speed internet plans which cater not to one but up to more than 12 devices simultaneously in the same household, depending on the package you choose. Xtream Wi-Fi spreads bliss in its wake and is ideal for handling a home of multiple internet users at the same time.

Online Security

When you’re surfing the web, the last thing you want is to be waylaid by a phishing scam. In this regard, Mediacom gives you the perfect protection through its Total Defense™ Security Suite, and that too FREE OF COST. Simply subscribe to the Mediacom's internet plans and enjoy a safe network passage, as the software scans, detects and removes the threats for you, offline & online.

Unbeatable Connectivity

If there is one thing you need to be sure of while placing your trust in Mediacom, it’s that the connection never drops. The advanced DOCSIS 3.1 technology powers Mediacom’s cable internet, ensuring unstoppable speeds and a constancy of service provision not seen in many. So, stream your favorite episodes in a go, video chat with your friends for hours, surf and shop online without worrying about lags or freezes, because Mediacom Xtream commercial-wide network definitely has your back!

Find out more about Mediacom internet service here.

Mediacom Phone


Mediacom Xtream Phone
Connects you Instantaneously to your Loved Ones

Landline persists in the world of cell phones for a reason. And, that reason is perfectly internalized by Mediacom, as it continues to offer a stellar digital phone service at rates that are highly affordable. So, stay in touch with your loved ones across rooms and borders by subscribing to your favorite Mediacom phone plan that’s just as Xtream as it sounds.

With Mediacom home internet plans, you can get:

Call that Comes Through

Whether it’s a power outage, a terrible storm, a medical emergency, crackling reception, or a weak signal, rely on Mediacom's landline service to help you make a crystal-clear call against all eXtream odds.

Unlimited Nationwide Minutes

With Mediacom’s generous phone perks, you don’t have to worry about getting charged per minute while making a nationwide call that extends to Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands as well. Pick up the receiver and chat non-stop with your loved ones for UNLIMITED minutes.

Convenient Calling Features

Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb, Caller ID, Speed Dialing and up to 17 such essential calling features are offered by Mediacom in its digital phone plans for stay-in-touch on a next-level.


International calling becomes super easy with Mediacom’s well-tiered WorldTalk plans

and , which is exclusive to Xtream category, making a global-wide connectivity possible for you and your social relations!

Find out more about Mediacom digital phone service here.

Mediacom TV


Mediacom Xtream TV
Makes you a Master of Digital Entertainment

Gone are the days when people had to wait around for their favorite shows to get broadcasted at an appointed time. Digital revolution has opened a gateway towards unbridled television entertainment and placed its control into the users’ hands. Interestingly, Mediacom has adopted this digitalization like a pro and designed its cable TV packages to offer the Xtreme experience of televisual joy to you and YOU only.

What can you get out it?

Channel Diversity

From a local area-wise programming

to an essential Family TV lineupfrom international selectionsto Premium subscriptionsMediacom’s exceptional cable TV service brings a wonderful diversity to your home entertainment units. Simple choose the package you like, one with the Local channels or with Mediacom channel lineup, and open the portal to a 24/7 TV rave.

Intelligent TV Search

Trouble finding the perfect movie title to watch on your date? Trust in Mediacom’s Xtream intelligent search system to scan the on demand library/web/online channels thoroughly in a matter of minutes to bring the latest titles to your screen. Mediacom offers this ideal TV assistance as a part of its cable plans, saving you time and effort. It’s voice-controlled too if you have the compatible remote for it.

On Demand Facility

Browse through the extensive VOD selection of Mediacom cable TV including

and order your title from among thousands, without the slightest hassle.

Xtream TV App

Mobile mania of the current generation is perfectly catered to by the Xtream app, given its seamless TV integration. With this amazing app, you can watch Live, recorded or chosen TV on your smartphone endlessly.

TV Everywhere

This is a handy facility if you’re constantly on the move, and as so, provided FREE OF COST with all Mediacom cable packages. TV Everywhere ℠ enables you to watch your favorite shows anywhere and on any device. Simply sign in with your Mediacom ID, catch a good network signal and start watching!

Find out more about Mediacom cable TV service here.

Mediacom Packages


Mediacom Xtream Packages
Offer you an Integrated System with 100% Savings

No doubt it is a great inconvenience having to stack three separate bills for three individual telecom services on top of your budget, month after month. It is enough to drive anyone to the edge, especially the households that live from hand to mouth. Mediacom stands out from the rest by introducing an Xtream flexibility in its pricing without compromising on the quality of its services. Once you subscribe toMediacom, you can compare the Xtream prices & bundles, customize the service packages and plans to your liking, and then seal the deal. The Xtream platform has been especially created keeping your ‘seamless entertainment’ and your ‘budget friendly’ needs in mind.

With such a setup, you can get:

Optimal Streaming & TiVo

Combine cable TV and internet services in a single powerful combo to stream and record your favorite shows on the devices of your choice, non-stop. Mediacom Xtream 100 Silver package will satisfy your needs quite well in this regard. Plus, for the Xtream in-home Wi-Fi speeds, the full Family TV channel line-up, TV Everywhere ℠, single-room TiVo® connection, free On Demand, Xtream TV app and so much more, the $99.98/mo promo tag doesn’t sound too much, does it?

Caller ID on TV

Avail this beneficial feature by subscribing toMediacom plans, and integrate your digital phone with your TV seamlessly. Choose to take your calls while watching an episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead on the television. This calling feature, once activated, will show the caller’s information on your television, so you don’t have to get up from the couch and interrupt your show just to see who’s ringing at the late hour. Bring an Xtream convenience into your life by getting Mediacom bundle deals.

All-in-One Bill

The specialty of an Xtream bundle package is that it beautifully winds up the monthly prices of each telecommunication service into a single discounted bill, saving you time, energy and money. Sweet, right?

Find out more about Mediacom Xtream bundle packages here.



Mediacom is a well-renowned telecommunications provider which offers top-notch TV, internet and digital phone services to its clients across 22 states, including Iowa, Georgia, Alabama, Virginia, Maryland, Florida and North Carolina to name a few. What makes it better than other service providers of today’s world is its marked affordability, value-plus Xtream bundles, next-level entertainment opportunities, reliable phone connectivity and startling network speeds.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

It is the simplest and most powerful way to access TV, internet and phone services on a single affordable platform.
Yes, the Xtream router can deliver up to 100 Mbps (even 1 Gig in some areas) network speeds, which are enough to support multiple devices and serve multiple purposes.
A Wi-Fi router, a Digital Adapter/Converter (SD or HD), a TiVo® DVR (single room or multiple room) and a phone modem.
Yes, Mediacom requires its subscribers to have the advanced DOCSIS 3.1 modem variety to access the Xtream internet speeds effectively.
Yes, Mediacom has incredibly flexible data caps for its Xtream internet, settling at 1TB per month and with a $10/50 GB overage fees.
Yes, Mediacom does offer speeds up to 100 Mbps (Xtream) in Rochester, MN.