The weekend will be upon us soon. So what are your plans? Going on a date? A romantic dinner, a stroll, and the usual stuff? It is fun and all but what about when you want to stay at home? What if you don’t want to go out or imagine good time without food? Sit back for a serene evening with your lover. How about adding a little inspiration? Something to reignite the desire to love even more!

We may have a solution to this. A list of movies to watch this weekend. Enjoy the best company in the world.

1. Before Sunrise

Jesse and Celine come across each other while they travel on the same train running around Europe. Celine is a student and has to get back to Paris. Jesse, on the other hand, is an American who has to get to Vienna to catch a flight back home. They start a conversation that seems to be ongoing and never-ending. They feel a connection and Jesse convinces Celine to get off the train with him. His flight leaves in the morning and he has no money for lodging. They decide to stroll around the city together and explore Vienna. The night progresses and they see through each other. They cannot deny the connection that they have. It is almost morning and separation has become a difficult choice.

2. La La Land

Sebastian is a struggling musician. His time in Hollywood is becoming difficult but he refuses to give up on his passion for jazz music. Mia is another aspiring artist. She desires to take the industry by storm but is struggling to get her breakthrough. Their passion and love for what they want brings them together. The struggle finally starts to pay off and the success starts to walk towards them. It all seems to be working out but the affair seems to be something that may take them away from what they have worked so hard for. The success now threatens to rip them apart.

3. The Notebook

It is the 1940s in South Carolina. Mill worker Noah Calhoun and rich girl Allie are in love. The social standing of the two is a gap that separates them. Allie’s parents don’t approve of Noah. He then goes off to serve his nation by taking part in WW2. His departure seems to be the end of this affair. While Noah fights the war Allie finds herself involved with another man. This to her marks the end of the love affair with Noah. She marries a guy and life seems peaceful. Two years later Noah returns and everything changes. It becomes evident that the affair is not over.

4. Romeo Juliet (1996)

Baz Luhrmann adapts the Shakespearean classic to fit the big screen. The new setting takes place in a city called Verona Beach. Capulet and Montagues are two rival gangs. Juliet is Fulgencio Capulet’s daughter. Her parents throw a costume ball. This ball marks the newly formed relationship. Fulgencio arranges Juliet’s marriage with Paris. This is a part of a strategic alliance plan. Romeo is member of the Montagues family. He happens to attend this ball. The young members of the families meet and fall in love. The secret meetings and dates bring them closer. The gang rivalry stands in their way to be together.

5. Titanic

Titanic is an action-packed romance movie. James Cameron’s masterpiece is based on the real event of a shipwreck. R.M.S Titanic is the pride of White Star Line. It is also the largest ship ever built. The world is amazed by the size and everyone wants to make the maiden journey. Jack is a poor young man who has a taste in sketching. He wins a gamble and in return gets ticket of R.M.S Titanic. He must rush to make it in time or he will risk losing his prize. Rose, on the other hand, is part of the family that has lost its fortune but her mother wishes to continue the lifestyle she’s grown accustomed to. She decides Rose’s marriage with a wealthy guy and she is to be married after they arrive back home. Rose despises her fiancé and is looking to avoid the marriage. The young couple meet and fall for each other. Before the love story begins the ship hits an iceberg.

6. Pretty Woman

Edward is in LA on a business trip. He buys companies breaks them into pieces and then makes profits off of them. Edward is on the top of the food chain but without an assistant. He wants to make an impression and looks to hire someone to play his assistant for this deal. He gets out and finds Vivian, a hooker, to stay with him for the weekend. A series of events happen and they find each other getting closer. They may be getting closer but the society may not accept them and throw hurdles in their way.

7. A Star is Born

This is another one of romantic musicals of Hollywood. Bradley Cooper makes his directorial debut while Lady Gaga is in her first movie. Bradley Cooper is playing Jackson Maine who is a singer whose best is behind him. He is in a bar and finds Ally singing. He likes what he hears and gets to know this aspiring singer. They start working together and find themselves head over heels in love. They get married and Ally begins to climb the stairway to fame. As her popularity rises Jackson finds himself drifting away with a drinking habit. It becomes worse, to the point where he risks bringing the love of his life down. He must get a hold of himself before he destroys Ally’s career and fame.

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