AT&T truly makes its name among the remarkable internet service providers in the country. Whether it is due to the cost-efficient AT&T Internet prices with quality services, or the extra dose of features that only make it all better for the customers. AT&T WiFi calling is one such feature that makes the ISP stand out.

Continue reading this blog to find out what AT&T WiFi calling is and it is all about convenience for the users.

What is AT&T WiFi Calling?

WiFi Calling is a service offered by AT&T where the users can call and text anyone across the US over a WiFi connection. If you have the WiFi Calling service turned on, you will be able to make calls and texts just as you would on your cellular network without any extra charge.

So, if your network signals were weak at any point in the country, you will automatically switch to WiFi calling. With AT&T WiFi calling you can do the following:

  • You can send texts and make calls on all US numbers free of cost.
  • Emergency calls will go through even with weak cellular signals.
  • If you are abroad, you can call on any number in the US without any extra cost.
  • You can use Visual Voicemail.

However, if you make a call from the US to abroad, you will be charged as per the long-distance call rates, and calls on any premium numbers will be billed.

Closing Remarks

Now that you know what WiFi calling is, put it to the best use when you’re in need. The internet has certainly made communication convenient, and no matter the distance, contacting is the least of your worries, especially with AT&T WiFi Calling service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is WiFi calling free on AT&T?

Yes, WiFi calling comes free of cost in the US. Since the call is done over the wireless internet, you are not billed any extra. However, you might have to pay for internet access in some cases.

Does WiFi Calling use minutes?

No, your WiFi calling does not use up any minutes from your data plan. These are the calls over the internet and work when your cellular signals are weak.

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