There are countless channels on satellite and cable TV giving hourly updates on the weather conditions, state and city-wise. These channels relay a timely prediction about the upcoming weather changes at a certain place.

This is crucial for many cities where the prevalence of hurricanes and storms is greater, as a timely indication of a catastrophe may save many lives.

Fortunately, The Weather Channel is available on DIRECTV along with all the popular channels from a wide range of genres.

What Channel is The Weather on DIRECTV?

Here’s the channel number you can press on your remote to access The Weather Channel on DIRECTV:

ChannelChannel Number
The Weather Channel362

Is The Weather Channel Available Across All DIRECTV PACKAGES?

With extensive content, news, and documentaries, The Weather Channel is a must-have for every TV viewer. Currently, DIRECTV offers four different packages and The Weather Channel is available on all DIRECTV packages except for the ENTERTAINMENT package.

The availability of weather channels on DIRECTV Plans can be seen below:

Channel NameEntertainmentChoiceUltimatePremier
The Weather Channel
The Weather Channel HD

Why Choose DIRECTV?

DIRECTV is an excellent satellite TV provider with diverse channel lineups. You get the right blend of all the local, premium, and regional networks on one plan. Everything is available at an affordable price range. As we already know, satellite TV is a common source of entertainment for Americans, and DIRECTV is a top-notch provider in that category. Here’s what you get to enjoy:

  • Thousands of on-demand titles
  • Live TV and 4K programming
  • DVR service with hours of recording capacity
  • DIRECTV app for streaming content on the go

These features make DIRECTV the perfect fit for your home. What’s more, you can pair fiber-powered AT&T Internet to your DIRECTV package.

What to Watch on The Weather Channel?

You can find very interesting documentaries related to natural disasters on The Weather Channel. The Weather Group had rights to this channel, which is a subsidiary of the Allen Media Group. The headquarters are based in Atlanta, Georgia. The Weather Channel has a sister network as well. It is called “Weatherscan,” offering 24/7 local forecasts with radar imagery.

There are some great TV shows on The Weather Channel. American Super/Natural is one of the most popular choices for many consumers as it presents to you a new perspective into the Earth sciences seen through the eyes of America’s legends. This show will give you an insight into all the terrifying tales, their origins, the fascinating meteorological and geographic elements, and the first-hand experiences of survivors who have lived through them.

Another great show you must watch on The Weather Channel is Highway Thru Hell. The show centers on the Coquihalla – one of the most dangerous highways in the world. This highway rises through the steep mountains of British Columbia and you can expect brutal weather conditions. It is a main junction between the east and west. Many people don’t make it through the tough weather conditions and white-knuckle driving.

All the responsibility falls on Jamie Davis Heavy Rescue, as they have to clear all the major wrecks and keep the highway operational at all times. For Jamie and his experienced crew, the winter brings new challenges and stressful conditions that would push anyone to a breaking point. 

Hurricane 360 is another great show to watch on the weather channel and centers around the stories of Hurricane 360. Dive into the world of all the major natural calamities such as Hurricane Katrina, where you can watch the first-hand account of the survivors and rescuers telling all the stories in their words.

Wrapping Up

The Weather Channel is an elemental part of any channel lineup, and luckily, DIRECTV customers can watch it on channel number 362.