If you’re looking for high-speed internet service to support your small business or household needs in a rural area, considering AT&T Fixed Wireless would be a wise decision. Why? Because it delivers consistent high speeds, allowing you to connect multiple devices simultaneously. If you’re wondering, ‘is AT&T Fixed Wireless available in my area?’, then stick around this brief blog post to get your answer.

About AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet is a wireless internet service designed for consumers that live in a select rural area, where they cannot easily access AT&T DSL or AT&T Fiber Internet connections. Once you qualify and sign up for the Fixed Wireless service, tech experts at AT&T will come by to install wireless equipment and an antenna to connect you with the service. Sufficient signal strength at your location will be confirmed by a professional installer before the installation process.

With reliable connectivity offered by AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet, you can easily carry out standard internet activities like streaming HD videos, streaming music, online gaming, web surfing, social media, and email. For best results, use it with a wired connection (Ethernet).

AT&T Fixed Wireless Availability

AT&T is constantly improving its network availability and becoming more accessible to people nationwide. Currently, it’s available to more than 1.1 million locations, serving Americans in the rural heartland with wireless internet.

You can visit the AT&T Availability page to check if they are offering services in your neighborhood. Or you can contact AT&T customer service to find out about their eligibility steps and proceed with your order.

Wrapping up

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet is the perfect solution to support your business and household, especially in rural areas. It gives you a safe, secured internet option to surf, stream, and game online without worrying about losing connectivity. To get AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet at your location, contact 1-855-386-4590 today.