There are several ways to return the Xfinity equipment and this guide will tell you how. All you need to do is make sure that primary devices like cable or TV boxes, remotes, gateway, and modems are prepared from your end because those are the ones you need to return. If you run into any problems or confusion about it, you can reach out to Xfinity customer support.

Reasons for Returning Xfinity Equipment

There could be a number of reasons why you are choosing to return the equipment. You might need to cancel the services because you are switching to a different service provider. You might need to upgrade to high-tier plans or vice versa. Another reason you may consider returning or replacing your Xfinity equipment is that your devices showing signs of being faulty. Those are customary reasons to return the equipment back to its original manufacturers.

How to Return Xfinity Equipment?

Here are some of the ways for you to return the equipment back to Xfinity:

UPS Shipping

  • Firstly, you’ll need to inform Xfinity that you are planning on returning the equipment. Enter your login credentials on the Xfinity page and find the option for Equipment Return.
  • There, you’ll need to check all the devices that are to be returned and make sure the serial number on your devices matches the ones shown on the screen.
  • If you have selected UPS prepaid shipping as an option to have it delivered to the Xfinity store, you can check that option. It will also give you an option for printing the shipping label. You will need that for later.
  • You’ll put all the equipment in the shipping box and paste the shipping label, that you printed, on the box.
  • Call UPS to schedule a pickup from your home, or you can drop it directly at the nearest UPS store.

It will take around two weeks for the return or exchange to be shown on your Xfinity account.

Xfinity Store

You can also stop at the nearest Xfinity Store or Comcast Service Center and then make an appointment by visiting Take your equipment and drop it off there. When you return your equipment, it will be immediately removed from your account. You will also get a receipt confirming your return details.

If you are a new customer, having recently purchased Xfinity services (or an existing customer looking to upgrade your plans), and you are thinking of returning or exchanging the equipment, you’ll need to do it as soon as possible. You have only 14 days to initiate a return or exchange for Xfinity devices, but for accessories, you have 30 days.

What Do You Need to Return?

Your equipment might include some of these:

  • TV box
  • Internet Modem
  • Modem/Router
  • Remote control
  • xFi Gateway
  • Voice Modem
  • Xfinity Cameras

If you are planning on returning any of the equipment mentioned above, make sure it includes all the these items.

  • All the electrical cords and accessories
  • Coaxial cables
  • HDMI cables
  • Ethernet cables
Contact Xfinity Customer Service: 1-844-207-8722

Wrapping Up

To wrap it all up, in order to return your Xfinity equipment, you will be required to use UPS shipping and have them pick up the equipment from your place and deliver it to the Xfinity store. Additionally, you can also go to the nearest Xfinity store and hand over the equipment yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Equipment Do I Need to Prepare If I am Returning It?

You’ll need to make sure you have all these devices prepared if you want to return the equipment to Xfinity; TV box, Internet Modem, Modem/Router, Remote control, xFi Gateway, Voice Modem, and Xfinity Cameras.

Do I Need to Return Cables and Other Accessories?

Yes, you need to return all cables and accessories, which include HDMI cable, coaxial cable, Ethernet cable, and all cords.

How Can I Make an Online Inquiry About the Return?

You can visit to make your online inquiry.

How Can I Return the Equipment?

There are two ways to do that: by visiting the local Xfinity store or Comcast center, or you can have it shipped via UPS.