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Call Now For Best Cable, Phone and Internet Deals 1-855-386-4087


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Whether you’re an existing Windstream customer or are thinking of shifting to Windstream services, you can contact the customer service department for maximum support. The same number is valid for all new TV, Internet, Phone, and Security services. You can also get an immediate response to all your queries regarding technical issues, service interruption, billing, change of address, and other general concerns. Talk to a customer representative today for support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by dialing the following number:

windstream Internet


Thinking of shifting to Windstream High-Speed internet? Look no further. The customer service staff will take care of all your requirements. You can also contact customer support for all kinds of after-sales services including technical issues that may arise with your internet connection. The technicians are always ready to take up any query and provide urgent help regardless of the time. Make sure to check the Windstream online support for all issues through their live chat, forums, emails, etc. Call the following number in case you want your issues addressed in a one-to-one conversation:

windstream phone


If you’re already a customer of Windstream and need help with any technical problems, call the number mentioned below. You can also call this number if you are facing any internet connectivity troubles related to your devices and gadgets. These also include support for PCs like ill-timely software crashes, privacy and security concerns, updates, and upgrades. Windstream technicians are simply one of the best out there. They are well-trained and able to deal with all kinds of technical and advanced tech issues.

windstream phone


Having trouble clearing out your monthly bill? No worries! There are Customer Payment Centers that you can visit to pay your Windstream bill. If you’re still unsure about anything regarding billing then call Windstream Customer Service and talk to a representative, relaying any concerns that you may have. The Account support team is always there to assist with everything, from technical issues with account access to billing and payments.

windstream phone


You can call their staff 24/7 for technical support and queries regarding your Windstream services. However, if you are facing problems with your account then the account support team is available Monday to Friday between 7 a.m. and 8 p.m. (ET). They are also there for you to extend help on Saturdays between 8:30 a.m. and 5 p.m. (ET). The number for availing both these services is the same:

windstream phone


If you have chosen Windstream for your business then you can try the given number for all your business-related issues. You can find relevant help with all kinds of queries, be it general or specific. You can also find support for adding or changing services, billing, account issues, etc. Call the business services today, get timely support and amazing deals to help your business grow.


Still not happy? Well, do not fret. If you weren’t able to contact the Windstream customer service through any of the above-mentioned ways or require some other method of support then look no further. Just follow the steps and given links below. You will get answers to all your queries and receive exceptional supportive services from the comfort of your home.

Windstream Customer Service Chat

It’s not an absolute necessity to get support only through calls. Other ways are equally viable to get the same customer service. Windstream is there for you every step of the way, offering services like video guides to help deal with technical issues, payments, and general concerns. Simply click on the links below:

Windstream Support Forums

If you want to try your hand at handling any problem with your Windstream TV, Internet, Phone, and Security services, then refer to Windstream online support forums. You can find helpful answers to many common problems and deal with simple issues on your own, e.g., how to reset your internet connection to deal with slow speeds. Similar queries are also answered on these forums regarding TV and Phone services as well.

Windstream Welcomes All of its Present and New Customers

Windstream welcomes all new customers to become a part of the Windstream family. You can get accessibility to news updates, promotions, and support regarding your new connection. Existing customers are also appreciated for their trust in the services.

Windstream Email and Chat Support

With Windstream, you can get a response from the Windstream customer services through the email support center. You can list down issues and queries, get information regarding bills and payments, and ask for technical assistance, all through emails. You can also get to a representative during allotted times on live chat. This can help save up on the time that a phone call would take during rush hour.

Windstream’s My Account

We are there to support all internet geeks who want to handle their concerns with a few clicks of the keyboard or the mouse. Use your Windstream internet connection and log in to your account. Once you are signed in, you can now add more services to your existing plan, chat with a representative, manage your usage and payments, and so much more.

Windstream Billing and Payment

You can make payments at Windstream payment centers or call customer service for assistance. If that doesn’t work then you can access your bill online through the My Account page. Chat with a support rep and get help with paying your bill or just get online. Check the support forum for billing and find out what to do and where to go to make all your payments.

Contacting Windstream on Twitter and Facebook

You can tweet or post on Twitter and Facebook. It’s the era of social media communication and we would love to hear from you. Therefore, tweet away and keep the posts pouring in. We’ve got you completely covered from all angles.


Account Number

Account Number:

Write down your account number on a piece of paper or memorize it if you have a knack for remembering numbers and digits. You can find this number on the paper bill that you receive every month. However, if you opted for paperless billing then you will find it in your billing email. If that doesn’t work then simply sign in to your account and get the number from there. When you make the call to Windstream Customer Service, the representative will ask for your credentials to get details of your account. In case you can’t find your account number, simply provide the phone number that is connected to your Windstream account as that will also work as identification. The Windstream staff is there to help you in every way possible so don’t worry if you end up failing in retrieving your account info.

Social Security Number

Social Security Number:

Only you can make changes to your account. No other member of your family or any of your friends can access the details of your account or expect a response from the customer services. This is done to keep your information safe from prying ears and eyes. That’s why the customer service rep will require you to give the last four digits of your social security number to make sure there is no discrepancy. This extra check ensures the safety of your connection service.

Billing or Service Address

Billing or Service Address:

Want to add a new service or make changes to existing ones? The customer support representative will need confirmation regarding the address at which you’re receiving the Windstream services. Moreover, you should also know the exact address of the new location in case you’re moving. For any of these services to go through, your present billing address is essential for the Windstream staff.

Stationery for Taking Notes

Stationery for Taking Notes:

You need to keep a pen/pencil and paper to write on in case the customer service representative requires you to take down some relevant information. It is also preferable to write down any important points that are discussed during the call for future reference for a speedy response to queries and issues.

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