Internet service providers often face similar critiques from their customers. This common complaint or dissatisfaction is towards the customer service levels that are prevalent in the service provider’s department. A quite similar opinion was once held by internet consumers of Windstream regarding its Windstream Customer Service department.

Windstream provides its internet services in many rural areas i.e. if you happen to desire an internet connection in a 14,405 ZIP Code area, then you probably would be looking at Windstream Internet as your closest source to a high-speed internet connection. Windstream Kinetic, though being slightly on the high-priced internet plans side, offers blazing fast symmetrical internet download and upload speeds. This internet plan which is brought to us by Windstream uses fiber optic technology which indeed has a hefty price tag to it, though there is no reason to worry as Windstream also has plenty of excellent DSL internet connection options out there for their consumers.

Coming back to the initial point, internet service providers have a bad reputation regarding customer service, but if you are a Windstream Internet customer, chances are that you won’t be seen pulling out your hair after you try and convey an internet outage at your area of connection to the customer service agent.

Windstream Internet Outages and Service Interruptions

If you ask the Windstream company policy regarding internet outages and service interruptions, then well, it is to get things up and running back again as quickly as possible. The policy is to resolve all customer issues within a 24-hour time spans i.e. within 24 hours of being notified about the issue by the customer. Windstream normally takes into account or rather addresses issues not regarding an outage is a later business date i.e. the next business day. In case of an anomaly, natural disaster, or issues related to severe weather, Windstream and its team would respond in a very timely manner and as soon as possible.

Windstream prides itself on providing a reception that is far away from being troublesome, however, no matter how many precautions one takes, issues in equipment may still arise. The Windstream customer policy regarding delays in connection of more than 24 hours is to offer the customer or household some store credit. Windstream has a 24/7 window available to its customers that allows them to call up the customer service number at their will, however, it is recommended that the customer places the call in a timely fashion so that the issue may be resolved as quickly as possible. Windstream denies the responsibility of offering credit to those customers who do not report the problem or notify the company about the issue promptly and for circumstances that are beyond the grasp of the internet service provider.

Windstream Customer Service Contact for General Information

The number that you would dial to get connected to a Windstream customer service representative is 1-855-386-4087. You can place a call on this number regardless of whether you are or you are not a Windstream customer. This number is valid and deals with all of Windstream's main services like Windstream Internet, TV, Security, and Phone. You can get assistance or all your queries regarding any service issues, interruption issues, changing your address, general concerns or even some technical issues answered on this number. You will always find a Windstream customer representative available on the number that has been provided above.

Windstream Customer Service Contact for Broadband Services

If you are considering the move towards Windstream and its high-speed internet plans, then you would be placing a call on 1-800-347-1992. Through this number, you would be able to connect to a Windstream customer care representative who would address all of your requirements and needs. The number could very well be used by Windstream broadband users to report an internet outage in their area or for when the issue specifically lies with them, to address some technical issues that the user may be facing or any other concern which is concerning the internet connectivity of the user through Windstream.

Windstream Customer Service Contact for Advanced and Technical Problems

In case the above-mentioned number does not connect or due to some reason, there are exceptionally long call wait times you could place a call on 1-800-347-1991. You could also place a call on this number if you are already a Windstream customer to complain or inform the internet service provider about the issues that you are facing or even if there is an internet outage that has taken place. The most common issue that Windstream customers face is that their devices do not get a fully working connection to the internet. On this number, you would also find solutions or quick tips to improve the performance of your laptop, desktops, etc. regarding software issues.

Windstream Social Connect

Social media is arguably the fastest way to connect and link customers with service providers. A common trick that many service providers use is that they check up trends that are prevalent on different social media sites to get an idea of what consumers think about their product and their service. They could very well also figure out where there is significant room for improvement and look towards developing products or services that the customer wants. Windstream has social media presence on two major platforms.





By going to the social media handles of these service providers, you could get in contact with a representative that could potentially offer you a quick fix towards the issue that you are facing. In the event of a service outage, logging on to these internet platforms may help guide you as to what has caused the internet outage, how long will it take for the internet outage to be fixed, and answers to other relevant questions relating to an issue being faced by the internet consumer.

Visiting Windstream Official Stores

In case the telephone lines are down, the Windstream customer always has the option to pick up his or her car keys and visit an official Windstream store to report the issue being faced by the customer and to get firsthand information as to what the issue is and what steps are being taken to remedy that issue.