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Offer Availability and Terms

Limited time offer is available to new residential customers who are serviceable for cable, Internet, and phone, and is subject to change. Not all services are available in all service areas. Services are subject to WOW!’s terms and conditions of service, as well as WOW!’s acceptable use, privacy or other policies and network management practices, as the same may be adopted and amended from time to time by WOW!. Please see WOW!’s complete terms, conditions and policies by clicking on the Terms & Conditions section of the WOW! website or calling WOW! for further information regarding services and offers.

Offers not valid with any other discount unless expressly approved in writing by WOW!. Offers and services subject to change. Unless otherwise agreed to by WOW! as part of a specific offer, rates, equipment pricing, taxes, fees, and other charges subject to change at any time during and after any promotional period.

If you subscribe to WOW! Internet service, you may, where available, subscribe to WOW! tv+. WOW! tv+ requires a WOW! tv+ box (or other approved equipment) and a subscription to WOW! Internet and cable services.

We reserve the right to verify and approve credit as a condition of providing any services. We may deny service or impose additional terms depending upon your credit history.

Pricing, Taxes & Fees

Unless otherwise indicated, prices exclude applicable taxes, fees, surcharges and cost recovery fees, and other applicable charges (such as equipment, installation and service call charges, and measured, or other usage-based, or separately billed charges), including a Sports Surcharge of up to $8.85 per month and Broadcast TV Fee of up to $24.89 per month (together referred to as “Separate Charges”), all of which are subject to change. The current applicable Subscriber Line Charge, Network Line Fee, Broadcast TV Fee and Sports Surcharge are not government-mandated taxes or fees, are subject to change, and will apply and vary depending upon your service location and the type of phone and cable services to which you subscribe.

Money-Back Guarantee

For eligibility and terms of money-back guarantee, click on the Terms & Conditions section of the WOW! website.


WOW! services require equipment, which equipment requirements and prices vary depending upon your service, service level and service location. Equipment requirements and pricing are subject to change.

A compatible cable modem is required to receive certain services and is available for lease from WOW! at $14.00 per month.

Whole-Home WiFi, including one eero Pro and one eero Beacon, for $9.99 per month (each additional Beacon is $5.99 per month). All Whole-Home WiFi eero equipment must be returned by customer if WOW! Whole-Home WiFi service is disconnected for any reason.

WOW! Advanced equipment includes a digital receiver, HD receiver, DVR, HD DVR, ULTRA or WOW! tv+ box (or other approved equipment). WOW! Advanced equipment is required on every TV to receive WOW! large cable. WOW! Advanced equipment is required to receive WOW! On-Demand, DVR, HD, and other digital services and may result in additional charges. HDTV and HD equipment is required to receive HD programming.

WOW! tv+ requires a WOW! tv+ box (or other approved equipment) on each TV. WOW! OnDemand and other digital services will result in additional charges.

ULTRA equipment is required to receive ULTRA service, WOW! OnDemand and other digital services and will result in additional charges. You must lease a WOW! media gateway (modem) to receive ULTRA service and must lease a media player for each TV (up to five or six per household, depending upon the model of your media gateway equipment) on which you wish to enable ULTRA features. Digital equipment is required on every TV to receive WOW! Cable and will result in additional charges.

Self-Installation of Services

For some services and in some market areas, WOW! may allow (or require) self-installation and activation of WOW! equipment to be used in connection with WOW! services. If customer agrees to self-install WOW! equipment, Customer further agrees that: (A) Customer will adhere to the self-installation requirements specified by WOW!, which will be provided to Customer, at WOW!’s discretion: (i) as written instructions included as part of the self-installation kit provided to Customer; and/or (ii) within an email communication by WOW! to Customer. In this connection, Customer agrees that WOW! may require that it provide to WOW! a valid email address (to receive communications from WOW!, including the self-installation instructions) and/or provide a telephone number so that a WOW! technician may assist in the installation process; and/or (iii) on WOW!’s website; and (B) it will be responsible for any damages (to WOW! equipment, customer equipment or otherwise) that may result from Customer’s failure to adhere to the self-installation instructions; and (C) Customer’s use of WOW! equipment and services is subject to WOW!’s terms of subscription, and acceptable use, network management and other policies that WOW! has implemented in connection with the services; and (D) installation fees may apply.

Call a WOW! representative for more details about equipment requirements, installation options and prices.

Internet Speed Availability & Streaming

Internet speed reflects wired speeds that are provisioned up to the speed indicated. Internet speeds not guaranteed and may vary by your equipment, number of users/devices and other factors outside of WOW!’s control. WiFi connection speeds are also subject to limitation of WiFi network protocols (currently up to roughly 650Mbps) and the capability of the device on the network. Internet use and speeds subject to WOW's! acceptable use and network management practices and may be restricted when network usage is heavy or otherwise exceeds normal use. 1 Gig is not available in some areas.

If you use your WOW! Internet service to access video programming or other content (“Streaming Services”), you agree and understand that Streaming Services providers are third parties not affiliated with WOW!, and may require additional subscription and/or payments to access, and may be subject to their own terms, conditions and policies. You understand and agree that WOW! is not responsible for your access to or use of such third-party Streaming Services, including their subscription or payment requirements, their content, terms and policies, or any other aspect of the third party Streaming Service, or for the use, storage or disclosure of information that you provide to a such a third party. You assume all risks associated with such third party Streaming Services.

WOW!’s provision of links or other direct access to a third party Streaming Service provider does not imply endorsement by WOW! of the third party site, service or its contents, or affiliation with its operators. You alone are responsible for viewing and abiding by any applicable privacy statements and terms of use of the third-party Streaming Service. You expressly acknowledge that you assume all responsibility related to the security, privacy, and confidentiality risks inherent in sending any content or information over the internet, or providing personal information to a third party.

Netflix streaming membership is required to stream Netflix using any WOW! video or Internet services. Dlna™ software is required to access personal content between your computer and TV.

WOW! Broadband Phone Limitations; Battery Back-up Availability

WOW!’s broadband-enabled phone service (including access to 911) is not available if you lose your broadband connection, due to a loss of power or otherwise. In the event of a power failure, your WOW! phone service will not function beyond the duration of any battery backup (or other external power) resources. For certain WOW! phone service modems, new residential customers may purchase a battery backup from WOW! (or from another third party retailer), which will provide power to the WOW! modem for a limited period of time in the event of a power outage. The battery backup does not supply power to the phone itself. If the battery backup does not provide power, the services will not function until normal power is restored. AS A CONDITION TO SUBSCRIBING TO WOW! PHONE, YOU AGREE TO ASSUME ALL RISK AND LIABILITY ASSOCIATED WITH OBTAINING, INSTALLING AND MONITORING A BATTERY OR OTHER EXTERNAL POWER SOURCE. The address associated with an E911 call is the authorized address where Service was originally provided. If the WOW! phone equipment is moved, an E911 call will still identify the original service location. Movement of the advanced cable modem from the original service location is prohibited without WOW!’s prior written approval.

Privacy Policy

WOW! is committed to maintaining robust privacy protections for users of its services. Our Privacy Policies (“Privacy Policies”) are designed to help you understand how we collect, use and safeguard the information you provide to us or that we otherwise obtain from you as you use the service and to assist you in making informed decisions when using our services. We have a Privacy Policy for our customers who subscribe to our services, and we have a separate Privacy Policy for persons who visit and use our website, whether they are WOW! customers or not. Our Privacy Policies are available on our website for you to review. As described more fully in those Policies, we collect Non-Personal Information and Personal Information. Non-Personal Information includes information that cannot be used to personally identify you, such as anonymous usage data, general demographic information that we may collect, referring/exit pages and URLs, platform types, preferences you submit and preferences that are generated based on the data you submit and number of clicks. Personal Information includes information that can personally identify you such as your email, name and phone number, which you may submit to us through a registration process at our website or otherwise as a customer of WOW!.

Please contact us for more details.

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