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Enjoy Top-of-the-Line Home Phone Plans with Time Warner Cable

Staying in touch with the people you care about is fundamental to maintaining healthy social relationships. One of the best and the easiest ways to do that is to simply pick up the receiver and give your loved ones a call over a reliable phone connection. This is where Time Warner Cable comes in with its remarkably affordable and geographically extensive calling plans. Once you place your trust in the popular TWC phone service, you can be sure to stay connected to your friends and family 24/7. On top of that, you won’t have to worry about dropped calls, bad receptions, poor signals and other embarrassing situations ever again. Talk freely and non-stop with TWC. Its vast coverage spans over the following plans:

twc local


This inter-district plan extends to your Local Calling Area and the neighboring vicinities. It offers an UNLIMITED talk-time with the basic monthly rate.

twc regional


This national calling plan by Time Warner Cable home phone stretches across the U.S. states from Alabama to Wyoming and caters UNLIMITED minutes to the subscribers.

twc long distance

Long Distance

This peripheral plan covers Canada, Guam, Puerto Rico, the U.S, and the Virgin Islands. On top of that, it provides UNLIMITED chatting opportunities.

twc international


This cross-continental calling plan further divides up into two categories, one with UNLIMITED minutes and the other with Pay Per Call minutes.

Spectrum International Voice

This TWC phone plan enables you to talk freely across international waters without having to worry about the cumbersome per minute charges. It covers up to 70 countries, mostly from Europe and Asia, including:

ArgentinaHungaryParaguayIndiaPhilippinesBermudaJapanItalyChileLuxembourgSwedenCosta RicaFranceGermanyNorway

Pay Per Call International Plan

If your relatives live in international countries other than those which Spectrum Voice® covers ‘unlimited-ly’, then, you can avail the flexible Pay Per Call Plan by TWC to talk with ultimate ease. Its per-minute charges are pocket-friendly and high-affordable.

VIP Ring & Other Amazing Time Warner Phone Features

The present era is all about technological upgrades, which boost people’s daily lives and let convenience flow through their homes. Time Warner Cable stays on top of this progressive trend and offers up to 28 digital phone features that take your basic calling experience to the next level, such as:

twc vip ring

VIP Ring

Plays distinctive ringtones for programmed callers so you can know who’s calling from across the room.

time warner cable phone

Return Call

Redials the last received incoming call automatically. Applies to Local Calls only.

twc anonymous

Call Guard

Blocks calls from sales agents, political activists, and robot callers.

twc three way calling

3-Way Calling

Connects you with two different people on the same call and lets you move back & forth between the two.

twc do not disturb

Do Not Disturb

Stops all incoming calls for a time on command if you’re engaged elsewhere.

twc voicemail

Readable Voicemail

Sends message transcripts and audio files to your email address so you can check them out while on the move.

twc caller id

Caller ID on TV

Displays the Caller ID information of the ringing party on your television screen.

time warner cable voice

Block Anonymous Calls

Rejects calls from an anonymous party whose Caller ID information is hidden.

twc phone

Call Waiting

Alerts you about an incoming call with a soft tone while you’re talking to another party.

twc voice

Forwards Calls When Busy

Redirects the incoming calls to a specified number when you’re out of the home.

So on and so forth. These brilliant calling features are included in every Time Warner Cable bundle consisting of the phone service, making the accessibility of these perks easier than ever.

Home Monitoring Takes a Professional Turn with TWC Phone

If you’re concerned about the general security of your home and don’t want to end up like your neighbors who fell prey to home invasion last summer, then mount a strong surveillance grid around your personal haven and keep an eye on everything 24/7. For better security, sync the alarm system with your Time Warner landline service to refine the sensitivity of the sensors and to alert the authorities ASAP without wasting any time. This double security shield, enabled by the integration of TWC phone with home monitoring setup, will surely keep you and your loved ones safe this summer!

Time Warner Phone Service Helps You Meet Emergencies Faster

An emergency could be anything from a storm-induced power outage to a gruesome accident on the road, or even a gas leak. What matters is how you deal with it. You could either panic or take charge of the situation. And, in the latter case, Time Warner phone comes to your aid with its advanced geo-location feature. Yes, unlike a cellphone, TWC’s landline cuts the time it takes for the authorities to reach the situation in HALF. Just dial 911 from your digital phone and let the emergency response team take over from there. Another remarkable attribute of this phone is that the backup battery doesn’t let it die and leave you be when you need it the most. Therefore, rely on TWC to save lives!

Switch to Time Warner Cable Phone Service with Ultimate Ease

Changing service providers is one of the most difficult and bothersome processes every modern consumer has to go through. There are the heated calls, the tentative retention offers and the Early Termination Fees that you have to worry about. However, Time Warner takes this burden off people’s shoulders by offering them a unique ‘Contract Buyout’ deal. Yes, simply by contacting TWC, you can say goodbye to your old provider, and avail the awesome TWC phone packages, all in a go. Provided you don’t have any outstanding obligations to Spectrum and your old ETF doesn’t exceed $500, TWC will make the payment on your behalf to make the transition easier for you. Cool, right?

How to Set Up Time Warner Cable Phone Modem?

A phone modem is an important hardware component that sends and receives digital data via a phone line. As such, every Time Warner phone bundle comes pre-equipped with a Spectrum special modem which you can get professionally installed or set it up yourself, DIY style. How?

  1. Determine the perfect location for modem placement as it can potentially affect the signal strength.
  2. Connect the coaxial wire from the cable outlet to the ‘Cable In’ port on the rear of the modem.
  3. Extend the phone wire from the base of your digital handset and attach it to the ‘Tel 1’ port at the back of the modem.
  4. Take the power cord, fix it in the POWER slot of the modem and plug it into the electrical wall outlet.
  5. Check that everything is linked nicely and then, turn it on. The light in the modem will fire up and the phone receiver will start giving off the standard dial tone.

In case you face any issue with the equipment setup, don’t hesitate to call the TWC technical support to resolve it ASAP.


twc faq

In principle, it can. However, you’ll have to consult with your home security provider to see about the modem compatibility and the network looping.

You can set up Voicemail in three easy steps.
  1. Dial *98 from the handset.
  2. Once prompted, create a four-digit PIN followed by #.
  3. Listen to the instructions to record your Voicemail greeting message and check options for customizing mailbox, etc.

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