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Here’s Everything You’ll Get with Time Warner Cable Internet Plans

‘High-speed internet’ has come to acquire elemental importance in the present era. Without it, you cannot expect to achieve your daily tasks with as much efficiency as you would with it. That is why people these days have zero tolerance for network lags, loading buffers, and unfair data caps. They want an error-free internet connection, which flows endlessly at the speed of light and gratifies them instantly—something that’s hard to come by. Fortunately, Time Warner Cable understands the urgency of this consumer demand and offers an internet service which is incredibly fast and free from all the network impurities. Once you select TWC internet for your home, you’ll come to enjoy the following benefits.

Powerful In-Home Wi-Fi Connectivity

Are you a single parent who works from home? Then, it’s only natural that you’ll need the support of a reliable Wi-Fi connection which links you to the world wide web 24/7, and helps you meet deadlines on time. Luckily, Time Warner Cable is here for you with its high-speed internet plans that construct a state-of-the-art wireless network in your home. The mere signal strength and the extensive range of TWC’s amazing Wi-Fi tech are enough to fulfill your requirements ideally.

Network Protection Against Cyber-Threats

According to a Gallup study, more than 70% of the Americans are concerned about being attacked on the cyberspace, in contrast to the 22% who’re worried about being attacked physically on the streets. This fact shows the indispensable importance of having strong network security in this era. Time Warner Cable excels in this regard by offering a FREE Security Suite along with its internet plans. With such protection, you can surf & stream safely!

UNLIMITED Data to End All Domestic Wars

Is your brother hogging the bandwidth AGAIN while you’re trying to stream your favorite TV show? Are you tired of the everyday broadband-incited domestic wars? Do you constantly worry about overstepping your DATA CAP limit imposed by the provider? Then, it’s high time you switched your network and chose a provider that actually cares for you enough to give unbelievably fast speeds, multiple device support, and UNLIMITED monthly data—all in the same package. Yes, I’m referring to the Time Warner Cable with its highly-popular internet only plan.

Wireless Internet Access to Nationwide Hotspots

Are you a traveling executive who’s always on the move and conducts business deals from the roads? Do you find it hard to trust the open public networks that might jeopardize your career? Are you tired of paying for the extra wireless mobile data plans that are in fact too burdensome for your pocket? Then, stop worrying and take advantage of the out-of-home WiFi network that Time Warner Cable has laid out for you throughout the nation. Work smoothly with TWC!

Understanding Time Warner Cable's Remarkable Internet Speeds

ISPs use multiple variations of the network mediums for delivering bandwidth data to your homes—not all of them as satisfactory or reliable as TWC’s setup. Adopting the popular coaxial cable infrastructure, Time Warner provides a ‘Cable’ based internet to its subscribers. Principally, it relies on your neighborhood’s current cable TV grid to transmit internet signals throughout the connected houses in the vicinity. Having a double-wound copper wire composition in its makeup, the coax internet is TWENTY TIMES faster than the old-school Digital Subscriber Line. An HD movie of 3GB file-size, which takes more than half an hour over a DSL connection to download, takes only four minutes with a 200 Mbps cable internet connection that’s offered by Time Warner. Moreover, this ‘cable’ internet connection is sturdy enough to outlast all kinds of weather anomalies and signal interferences from the external surroundings, which makes it a perfect candidate during storms or power outages. Even when the world goes dark, the light of Time Warner Cable’s internet service will shine on with perfect speeds and diverse connectivity options.

TWC Internet Speed Tiers

Time Warner Cable cares for its customers to such an extent that it offers them THREE kinds of internet speeds in case one is not enough. If your usage habits demand higher speeds, you can always call the ever-ready TWC customer support and ask them to update your Internet Only package speeds to the tier you like, starting from:

time warner cable internet

Standard Speeds – (Up to 200 Mbps)

These are Time Warner Cable’s entry-level internet speeds, and are offered as an essential part of every basic network plan. This standard speed package is enough to support a household of up to 4 people.

twc internet

Ultra Speeds – (Up to 400 Mbps)

This mid-level internet speed plan is perfect for relatively larger families and people who are ‘power’ users. Having a higher bandwidth rate, these speeds require top-performing modem & router to deliver the data effectively.

twc internet plans

Gig Speeds – (Up to 1000 Mbps)

Time Warner’s advanced DOCSIS 3.1 technology enables the provider to deliver almost 1000 Mbps download speeds to a dozen of houses across the States. These raw speeds are asymmetrical and require a high-end modem & router to function properly.

The availability of Spectrum ULTRA and GIG speeds vary from region to region, so do ask the CSR before applying to avoid inconvenience.

State-of-the-Art Internet Equipment from TWC

Time Warner Cable Internet requires two kinds of equipment hardware to push the lightning-fast speeds to your homes. One is the modem and the other is the router.


A modem is a modulator. Meaning, it translates and converts the bandwidth sent by the provider (through the coaxial cable) into digital signals that can be received by the network-hungry devices in a home. That said, Time Warner Cable offers this crucial device for FREE along with its internet plans. You could use the TWC-issued modem or you could keep on using your own modem, provided it’s been authorized by the provider for delivering complex speeds. Some compatible modems include:

*Arris SB6120 (for 60 Mbps speed tier)
*Motorola MG7315 (for 100 Mbps speed tier)
*TP-Link TC-7620 (for 300 Mbps speed tier)
*Linksys CM3024 (for 400 Mbps speed tier).
*ASUS CMAX6000 (for 1 Gig speed tier)


A router is a dissipater. Meaning, it distributes and broadcasts the data signals wirelessly from the modem to the connected devices in a house, enabling the individual units to be a part of the in-home network grid. That said, Time Warner Cable offers its advanced wireless router system for a small rental fee (around $5/mo) in its standard internet plans. You could pay the cheap leasing fee each month or if you’re planning to stick with TWC for longer, you could purchase your own router once and for all (around $40 or so). Just make sure that it’s been authorized by your Time Warner Cable internet provider. Some compatible routers include *Netgear R7000 and TP-Link Archer A7.

Modems and routers are sold separately and also, in the form of combos.

How Can I Install TWC Internet?

Setting up your TWC internet hardware may seem like a daunting task at first, however, it’s as easy as pie. There are two ways you can go about it:

twc installation


This method is recommended if you’ve subscribed to an Internet Only package. TWC will send you a self-install kit with a proper e-connect guide which you can follow step by step. The kit will include a modem, a router, router stand, power cords, Ethernet cable, and a coax cable + a splitter. Attach the coax to the back of the modem, connect the Ethernet to the router, plug the power cords and turn the equipment on. This is just an overview. For detailed guidelines, check out the manual.

twc professional installation

Professional Installation

This method is recommended when you’re bundling internet with TV & phone, and have more hardware pieces to tackle. The professional installment fee isn’t too steep and varies from region to region.

Time Warner Cable Internet Packages

Integrate your Services & Save More via Time Warner Cable Internet Packages

TWC gives you a chance to exploit three services in one go without having to go overboard on your budget. Bundling internet, TV and home phone enables you to unlock premium features cost-effectively, and bring about a load of convenience into your life with seamless integration of the three. For instance, Time Warner internet’s powerful combo with TV yields the popular Spectrum TV app that enlists hundreds of entertaining titles from live shows to On Demand movies every month, and allows you to watch TV on your mobile no matter where you are. Moreover, TWC is a ‘cable’ internet, so it’s naturally optimized to render both internet and TV efficiently. Go on to include the digital phone service into your Triple Play, and avail multiple calling features plus better home surveillance, etc.

twc contract

Contract Lock-Ins are Out of the Question!

While other ISPs may impose terribly constricting terms and conditions on consumers, Time Warner Cable prefers to keep such contract lock-ins out of its service equation. Not only that, TWC proposes to buy you out of your current contracts with service operators, provided the ETF (Early Termination Fee) doesn’t exceed $500 and you promise to purchase a Double or Triple Play at the completion of the transition. So, experience ultimate freedom and total flexibility with TWC!


twc faq

The standard speed offered by Time Warner Cable is up to 200 Mbps, depending on where you live.

TWC provides a sturdy coaxial cable-based internet connection to its subscribers, as opposed to fiber optic and DSL.

The internet-only plans start from $49.99/month and go up to 109.99/month.

TWC delivers a basic 200 Mbps speed to a majority of areas. Not only is it enough to hold gaming marathons, but also suitable for downloading movies, etc.

Offer terms and conditions apply. Please check Offer Details for more information.