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Get Amazing Extras with TWC TV

TV does not have to be an entertainment center. Lots of channels, HD programming and a plethora of genres is the thing of the past. You pay a hefty subscription every month and you deserve a little more. Time Warner Cable TV offers a number of extras with your TV subscription. Entertainment with extras is your gateway to future entertainment!

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Free HD

Life is all about sharp colors and amazing sound. Break free from duplicate channels and SD copies of the HD original. Time Warner Cable offers you a wide list of channels with free HD programming. Pay for your regular cable and enjoy crisp colors with crystal clear sounds. Life is a lot more entertaining with HD!

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DVR Services

Life is busy because there are a lot of things to do. You have work commitments and friends that take a lot of your time. You are busy in meeting or spending time with the family. You regularly miss your favorite sports event and have not watched live TV in a while. Time Warner Cable DVR services can change all that for you. You can get back to the entertaining days when you enjoyed sports live shows and latest episodes. All you have to do is set the time or select the show and put it up for recording. Get back to your TV whenever you find the time. Your recorded shows are waiting for you!

Time Warner Cable Offers Flexible Entertainment

Years have gone past since you have re-watched your favorite show? You no longer remember the last time you enjoyed your favorite movie? Reason? Limited time, hefty streaming subscription fees and long downloading times. All this is now the thing of the past. Time Warner Cable offers you flexible entertainment with options that follow your schedule!

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TV App

Entertainment should set you free. The TV should be about liberation and flexibility. You can no longer stay chained to a single room or a limited space just to watch TV. Fast paced life in the modern world requires flexibility and liberty to move about and get entertained on the go. Your Spectrum TV® App is the gateway to entertainment on the go. TWC allows you to take your TV with you. All you need to do is connect your device to an internet connection and you have your entertainment box right where you are. You are no longer bound to sit in a room or confine yourself in a limited space. Feel the freedom with TV on the go!

On Demand

TWC offers you freedom from hefty monthly subscriptions. Break free from streaming services and feel the buzz with on-demand choices. Choose from over 40,000 on demand options. Select your favorite movies, shows, seasons and so much more. With TWC, entertainment is truly unlimited. Entertainment knows no boundaries and on-demand offers you flexibility with the all new My Spectrum App. Enjoy your on demand choices on the go or on your big screen at home. You are in control, no matter where you are!

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Time Warner Cable TV Packages

Package Name Offered Channels HD Included Optional DVR
Select TV 125+
Silver TV 175+
Gold TV 200+
twc TV bundles

Bundle Your Entertainment with Connectivity Today!

Life has so much to offer and so does TWC. Entertainment alone is not enough, enter the world of connectivity and calls to create a bundle of happiness. TWC offers you a chance to combine your services to form bundles. Bond together entertainment and blazing fast internet to get a double play bundle. Or combine all three services to get a triple play. Entertaining TV, lightning fast internet and a phone with unlimited calls. You have an entertaining life with a connection with your loved ones. TWC TV packages combine well with the remaining services and these bundles have a lot to offer. The bundles are carefully designed keeping in view your unique needs. This combo of joy is not only tailor-made to your needs but also helps you save on your bills. Get a bundle that suits you and start saving today!

TWC TV Bundles

Bundle Name Channels Download Speed Unlimited Dialing
Select Double Play 125+ Up to 200 Mbps
Silver Double Play 175+ Up to 200 Mbps
Gold Double Play 200+ Up to 200 Mbps
TV Select + Phone 125+
TV Silver + Phone 175+
TV Gold + Phone 200+
Select Triple Play 125+ Up to 200 Mbps
Silver Triple Play 175+ Up to 200 Mbps
Gold Triple Play 200+ Up to 200 Mbps


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Time Warner Cable, Charter Communications and Bright House Networks joined forces to form Spectrum. Time Warner Cable offers services powered by three giants under a single umbrella.

There are numerous ways to watch TWC TV online. The easiest way is to use your smart device, download My Spectrum App and start enjoying your TV on the go. The app is also available on various platforms like ROKU, XBOX ONE, Samsung Smart TV and more!

Recording a TV show, movie, episode or a sporting event is now easier than ever. All you need is the TWC DVR facility and you can pause rewind and record live TV to watch later. You can also watch these recordings repeatedly as many times as you like.

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