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TWC Packages

Triple Play SELECT

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For 12 mos when bundled*

Triple Play SILVER

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For 12 mos when bundled*

Triple Play GOLD

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For 12 mos when bundled*

Build your Own Bundle with Time Warner Cable

Empowering consumers with unbridled choice is something TWC is distinctively proud of. It is most evident in its ‘bundle customization’ facility, whereby customers get the chance to personalize their TV , Internet & Phone Packages any way they like. Not many telecom providers in the market can boast of the same thing. Time Warner gives you ample choice for selecting/deselecting the service features while building your own bundle. Depending on your needs, you can mix and match home phone with the internet, TV with the internet, or even get all three services in a single shot. Cool, right? Following are the possible TWC combos which you can easily customize to your liking.

Double Powered Combos

Join together two of your most used services in a single double play package by Time Warner Cable and let convenience breeze through your life.

Double Play Select
Internet 200 + Spectrum TV Select
$89.98/mo for 12 mos when bundled*
Double Play Silver
Internet 200 + Spectrum TV Silver
$119.98/mo for 12 mos when bundled*
Double Play Gold
Internet 200 + Spectrum TV Gold
$139.98/mo for 12 mos when bundled*
Internet + Phone
Internet 200 + Spectrum Voice® (unlimited calling & up to 28 features)
$62.98/mo for 12 mos when bundled*

Triple Powered Combos

Get the benefits of three services in one go by getting the well-tiered triple play bundles by Time Warner Cable.

Triple Play Select
Internet 200 + Spectrum TV Select + Home Phone with unlimited calling
$102.97/mo for 12 mos when bundled*
Triple Play Silver
Internet 200 + Spectrum TV Silver + Home Phone with unlimited calling
$132.97/mo for 12 mos when bundled*
Triple Play Gold
Internet 200 + Spectrum TV Gold (Premiums included) + Home Phone with unlimited calling
$152.97/mo for 12 mos when bundled*

Unlock Unique Features with TWC Bundles

To say that this is an intensely interconnected era wouldn’t be an exaggeration. In order to partake in this global network, you need to modify your home with the latest digital services, which are integrated efficiently to allow for greater convenience. Time Warner bundle specials are quite famous in this regard. Because, they thrive on the interconnectivity between TV, internet, and phone, and by that, enable subscribers to enjoy the uniqueness of all three services in a go. With any TWC bundle, you’re sure to get:

twc wifi

Unlimited Wi-Fi

With network speeds up to 200 Mbps for Spectrum Internet® and a smart Wi-Fi system covering every spot in the house, you can easily watch TV online, host gaming marathons, access your Readable Voicemails (when bundled with phone), and shop to your heart’s content, etc. You can upgrade the speeds to Spectrum Internet ® Ultra (up to 400 Mbps) and even Spectrum Internet® Gig (up to 1000 MbpsΔ) if your needs aren’t met with the Standard TWC plan. You can also take advantage of the nationwide network of Spectrum out-of-home WiFi, courtesy of the amazing TWC packages.

twc tv everywhere

TV Everywhere

Log in to your personal Spectrum TV® App which is offered as a part of every TWC package that involves TV, and get access to hundreds of entertaining titles in FREE HD right on your smartphone. Watch live shows wherever you are, by connecting to your bundled Time Warner internet (which extends your channel count by the dozens) or to any other network. Moreover, if you’d like to refine your TV-watching experience, then get Premium Subscriptions with Triple Play Gold.

twc calling features

Advanced Calling Features

Integrate TV with Time Warner phone and receive Caller ID information right on your television, so you don’t have to pause your movie and get up to see who’s calling. In addition to that, avail 25+ calling features by subscribing to Time Warner Cable bundle packages ASAP.

Time Warner Cable Bundles

Time Warner Cable Bundle Options are Cheap, Convenient and Customer-Centric

Everyone knows what a massive inconvenience it is to sort out separate bills for each individual digital service in your home and deal with different TV, internet & phone providers every month. Time Warner Cable removes this repetitive trouble once and for all. Yes, it brings to you an uncomplicated, concrete and concise way to combine the digital services on a SINGLE platform and pay ONE bill for internet, TV and/or phone each month. This way you don’t have to worry about the hidden fees which come riding on individual bills and enjoy premium features from your selected bundle for a pocket-friendly price. If you face any issue while choosing your bundle, you can always call the helpful customer service to find your way out of the bind. Time Warner Cable’s bundle plans are truly cheap, convenient and customer-centric.

twc bundles

TWC's Buyout Program & Contract-Free Flexibility

Time Warner Cable proposes a wonderfully convenient ‘way out’ of your old contract through its ‘Contract Buyout’ program—provided you don’t have any outstanding obligations to Spectrum and plan to subscribe to one of its amazing double play or triple play bundles after the switch. According to this program, TWC will negotiate with your old provider and pay the Early Termination Fee (up to $500) on YOUR BEHALF so you can smoothly carry out the transition towards the better contender. Moreover, one of the best attributes of Time Warner Cable is that it throws all kinds of contract binds out the window and gives flexible freedom to its subscribers, which you will surely come to enjoy once you choose a bundle.


twc faq

The average TWC bundle price jumps to about $10.00 – $35.00/mo on top of the basic promo rate after the first 12 months. The exact rate increase depends on the kind of package you’ve subscribed to.

Time Warner Cable bundles stand out from the rest due to their extreme affordability and flexibility. So, yes, you can call the customer service and add on/remove any featured services you like from your plan.

Though it doesn’t offer a senior-special discount per se, it does provide a Spectrum Assist program to help low-income households having an, at least, one 65+-year-old resident.

Offer terms and conditions apply. Please check Offer Details for more information.