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Enjoy Unlimited Streaming by Subscribing to Time Warner Internet

There is no doubt in the fact that speed is of ultimate essence in the present era. Nothing is more frustrating than having to wait while the loading bar buffers on, pulling unnecessary breaks on your smooth entertainment flow. Time Warner chucks all kinds of speed lags out the window by offering an internet service, which is round-the-clock fast, constant and reliable. So, whether you wish to send an important business email or binge-watch your favorite series throughout the night, Time Warner cable internet (bundled or not) will fulfill your needs without fault, by providing:

twc gold package

Gold Standard Speeds

A minimum of 100 Mbps network speed is a part of every plan that Time Warner hosts regarding its internet service. This basic speed level is enough to support standard web usage. However, if you want higher speeds, you can also upgrade to Ultra (up to 400 Mbps) or even Gig (up to 1000 MbpsΔ). Your choice!

twc zero data caps

Zero Data Caps

No one likes to be restrained, which is precisely why Time Warner removes data caps or ‘provider-imposed restrictions’ from its internet service. Get the freedom to stream, shop, game, or work online at your own pace. Plus, enjoy UNLIMITED access to the web without worrying about extra charges with TWC.

twc wifi

Extended Wi-Fi Range

TWC’s state-of-the-art router enables you to surf the web from any room of your house. Such is its commendable range! Not only that, but you can also take advantage of the network of Spectrum out-of-home WiFi throughout the nation while you’re on the move. Cool, right?

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Get Superior Entertainment With Time Warner Cable TV

Digital content, with mind-blowing visual varieties and relatable story turns, is a truly desirable commodity, to say the least. That is why television has acquired undeniable importance in every modern home, because by tuning content over a cable network, it helps people unwind, relax and shed their stress. Most of the cable TV providers out there offer a good enough dose of entertainment to their subscribers. However, what makes Time Warner Cable different from others is the ‘quality’ and the ‘quantity’ of exhilarating content that it provides to you and YOU alone. In its well-tiered cable TV packages (SELECT, SILVER & GOLD), you get:

twc channel lineup

FREE HD Channels

Whether it’s local programming or a nationwide lineup, international prime-time TV or online Premium subscriptions, TWC cable has got everything for you. That too with FREE HD. Simply pick the plan you like, customize the channel lineups, and experience a superior form of digital entertainment in your home.

On-Demand Library

Planning to host a family movie marathon this weekend? Order your favorite movies and TV series ON DEMAND from thousands of titles, renewed every month, by Time Warner Cable. Most of the choices are for FREE, others like 3D movies may have minimal charges. Watch your favorite content anytime with TWC On Demand.

twc on demand
twc live tv app

Live TV App

With the amazing Time Warner app, you can watch LIVE sports no matter where you are, order movies On Demand, and record your favorite episodes via DVR for a later viewing session. Most importantly, the app is free to download on your devices once you subscribe to the amazing Time Warner Cable packages.

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Choose Time Warner Phone To Stay Connected 24/7

A digital phone is an absolute necessity in every modern household. Why? Because it can instantly connect you to your loved ones over a fail-safe network and bridge distances within seconds, given you have the right provider backing you up—such as Time Warner. Yes, TWC phone service stands out among the rest due to its crystal-clear call quality, WiFi network range and some of the finest digital perks that you and your family will surely enjoy. For just a $12.99 price tag per month, you can avail:

time warner cable

Local To International Coverage

Whether you’re calling your next door neighbor, your relatives in another US state, your parents across regional Canada or your boss in Asia, Time Warner phone will ensure that you have a perfectly stable connection at perfectly affordable rates.

twc unlimited calling

Limitless Talk-Time

Chat non-stop without counting your minutes both locally and internationally* by subscribing to TWC’s amazing phone plans. Wish to ask a family recipe over the phone? Discuss a business project? Gossip about the latest trends? Pick up the receiver and talk for UNLIMITED minutes.

twc calling features

Brilliant Calling Features

No phone is ever complete without a set of essential calling features to take your Voice experience to the next level. That is why TWC offers 28 advanced calling features in its super-convenient plans, including Voicemail, Call Guard, Trace Call, Speed Dial, Caller ID on TV and several more.

*Up to 70 countries.

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twc deals

Time Warner Brings You A Brand-New Buyout Deal

Have you had enough of the shenanigans of your current provider? Are you looking for a window of opportunity to make the grand switch? Is the Early Termination Fee making you wait out the full term of the contract begrudgingly? Then it is high time you placed your trust in a provider that is so eager to have you on board that it will buy you out of your old contract’s bind. Yes, TWC comes with a one-of-a-kind offer* in hand for consumers who are stuck in a fix. All you have to do is contact Time Warner’s 24-hour customer service with the clear intention of getting the buyout deal, and let it do the rest.

*Offer inconclusive to some areas. Terms and conditions apply.

twc contract

Say Goodbye to Contracts with TWC

A contract is like a cage. Suppose you once signed a deal with a provider for a grand 1000 Mbps internet speed to cater the three families living in your multiple-storied house. However, over time, the families moved out. Now, you’re left with no one but yourself to utilize that gigantic bandwidth per month and pay an equally heavy bill for it. Yet you can’t get out of the contract before the end of the term, or you’ll have to deal with the ETF that’s sure to render a deadly blow to your budget. What can you do? Switch to TWC, that’s what! Yes, unlike other providers, Time Warner Cable removes ‘contract commitment’ from its plans outright, and gives a flexible, whole-hearted freedom to its subscribers.

twc locations

Top Time Warner Cable Locations

Time Warner Cable has a profound footprint across the American states, but most significantly, it can be seen operating in the cities of San Francisco, Brooklyn, Corpus Christi, Danville, Kansas City, Fremont, Makawao, Nederland, Palm Desert, Chapel Hill, Port Smith, San Antonio, Cypress, Morrisville, Tiffin, etc. State-wise, you’ll find TWC’s locations below, right before its merger with Charter.

  • Arkansas1
  • Alabama1
  • Hawaii1
  • Illinois1
  • Idaho1
  • Massachusetts1
  • Pennsylvania1
  • Maine1
  • Oregon1
  • South Carolina1
  • Wisconsin1
  • Virginia2
  • Connecticut2
  • Kansas2
  • Missouri3
  • Kentucky5
  • Ohio6
  • California7
  • New York7
  • North Carolina8
  • Texas8


twc faq

Yes. Charter Communications Inc. merged with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks back in 2016 and now offer their collective services under the banner of ‘Spectrum’.

After 30 days—once the statement of warning and the ‘past-due’ fee has been disregarded by the consumer.

Time Warner Entertainment is owned by AT&T and Time Warner Cable is owned by Charter, just to make the difference clear.

Dial the company’s customer service at 1-888-267-6121 to cancel your subscription.

Offer terms and conditions apply. Please check Offer Details for more information.