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Why Choose Us? LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Why Choose Us?

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LocalCableDeals can help you find the best Internet & TV provider around you for your needs and budget. How we make money?

Reach out to Kinetic Customer Service

Connect with Windstream Customer Service in a way that suits you best.


Phone Support

Dial the Kinetic customer service phone number 1-800-347-1991, to add or remove services, pay bills, or upgrade your existing plan.


Live Chat

Connect instantly with a customer service representative via Windstream live chat on the Windstream Website.


Email Support

Send your queries or concerns to Windstream email support by filling out this form and receive a timely response from Windstream’s support team.


Online Resources

Visit and log in to your account for bill payment, service status, add services, or technical support.

You can also explore our online knowledge base for FAQs and detailed Guides to find solutions to common issues.


Social Media

Follow Windstream on Twitter at for updates and assistance.


Go Kinetic App

Download the Go Kinetic by Windstream app from Google Play and Apple app stores for customer service and easy bill payment options.

Prep Steps Before Dialing Kinetic Customer Service Number

When ringing the Kinetic customer support line, save your time and streamline your experience with these pre-dialing tips:

  • Keep Your Kinetic Account Number Ready

    To verify your subscription details, you will be asked about your Kinetic account number. The number is mentioned on your monthly bill or billing email or can be found by logging into your account.

  • Be Prepared to Provide Your Phone Number

    In case you can not find your Kinetic account number, you can also provide the phone number associated with your Windstream account.

  • Keep the Last Four Digits of Your Social Security Number Ready

    For security purposes, you may be asked to provide your social security number so keep it handy before calling Windstream Customer Service.

  • Have Your Billing Address ready

    For any changes to your existing subscription or to add a new one, make sure you have your exact billing address on hand.

Get Instant Support and Quick Issue Resolution. Call (877) 875-1220

Windstream Customer Service 24/7 Phone Numbers

Sales Number

Sales Number

For assistance with subscribing to a new service or other sales-related support, reach out to our dedicated team by dialing the following sales support number.

(877) 559-7147
Business Customer Service

Business Customer Service

For businesses seeking personalized and comprehensive support, connect with Windstream’s Business Customer Service and talk through your concerns.

(855) 212-9648
Internet Customer Service

Internet Customer Service

Facing internet related issues? Kinetic Technical Support is here to help. Reach out for prompt resolution of your broadband technical issues.

(833) 241-0100
Customer Service for Bill

Customer Service for Bill Payment

For convenient bill payments, call the Kinetic Bill Pay phone number, and get your dues cleared from the comfort of your home.

(866) 445-5880

Problems Addressed at Windstream Internet Customer Service

Windstream Customer Service is available to address all your queries and concerns, ensuring top-of-the-line services.

Here are all the reasons to contact Windstream phone number:

Why People Call Windstream Internet Customer Service?
  • • To order new Windstream services
  • • To ask about any outages
  • • To troubleshoot any problems
What Issues are Resolved via Windstream Internet Customer Service?
  • • Connectivity issues
  • • Billing-related issues
  • • Changes in account details

Contact Kinetic Customer Service For All Your Regularly Asked Questions

Here are some common queries Kinetic Customer Service can assist you with:

  • “How to cancel Windstream?”
  • “My Windstream Internet is not working since last night…”
  • “Is Windstream Internet good?”
  • “How much is Windstream Internet?”
  • “How to reset Windstream router?”
  • “I need help setting up my new Windstream Wi-Fi”
  • “Is Windstream down in my area?”
  • “Does Windstream have cable TV?”
  • “How to pay Windstream bill?”

Have Questions? Connect Directly With Windstream Users in the Reddit Community.

Posts from the windstream
community on Reddit

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Windstream customer service?  

You can contact the Kinetic customer service number 1-800-347-1991. For sales support, dial (877) 875-1220. Other options include Windstream live chat support, email, social media, and Go Kinetic App.

Does Windstream have a mobile app for account management?  

Yes, Windstream offers a mobile app for customers to manage their accounts on the go. You can download the Go Kinetic by Windstream app from Google Play and Apple app stores.

Is Windstream customer service 24/7 available?  

The Windstream customer service team is available 24/7 for your convenience. You can reach out at any time by dialing Windstream phone number: 1-800-347-1991

How can I pay my Windstream bill?  

There are several options for paying your Windstream bills:

  • Pay your bill over a phone call by contacting Windstream Customer Service at 1-800-347-1991.
  • Download the Go Kinetic by Windstream app for easy bill payment options.
  • Login to your account at

How do I report no Internet on Windstream?  

Reach out to Kinetic technical support at any time by dialing 1-833-241-0100 for prompt resolution of your broadband technical issues.

How do I create a ticket for Windstream?  

To create a support ticket, visit Click on My Support Center and then click on Create Request.

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