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Charter Spectrum Double Play™ Select

$89.98 /mo*

For the first 12 months

Price increases after the promo year.

Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Silver

$119.97 /mo*

For the first 12 months

Price increases after the promo year.

Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Gold

$139.97 /mo*

For the first 12 months

Price increases after the promo year.

Charter Spectrum TV™ Guide— Extensive Lineups from Basic to Premium!

Boredom is the last thing you want to encounter while watching television in your leisure time. However, when your regular, run-of-the-mill operators run the same stuff over and over again on cable, you’re left with nothing but that exact feeling of boredom you’ve come to hate. In contrast, Charter Spectrum™ successfully defeats boredom with an impressive, extremely diverse lineup of channels that range from over-the-air networks to the elite cross-border stuff. Once you subscribe to the amazing Charter Spectrum TV™ service, there is no getting off the electrifying rollercoaster ride. That’s for sure. Each plan is well-tiered price-wise, and comes with enough upgrading opportunities for the consumers, from basic Select to luxurious Gold, which includes:

Nationwide Channels

AMC, BBC America, BET Jams, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel varieties, Disney Channel, E!, Food Network, FOX varieties, Fuse, Hallmark, MovieMAX, MTV varieties, National Geographic, Nickelodeon, Oxygen, WE and hundreds more are offered by Charter Spectrum™ cable in its TV Select, TV Silver and TV Gold plans.

International Channels

TV5 Monde (French), GMA Pinoy (Filipino), Rai Italia (Italian), TVP Polonia (Polish), TVB (Vietnamese), TV JAPAN HD, Channel 1 Russia and multiple other networks from China, Portugal, South Asia, Latin America, Korea, Greece, Germany, etc. are available to Charter Spectrum TV™ subscribers for an around-the-globe prime entertainment.

Premium Channels

HBO®, STARZ® & STARZ ENCORE℠, CINEMAX®, Epix®, Showtime® & The Movie Channel® are all included in the Spectrum TV Gold package at the lowest price possible.

Local Channels

CBS, CW, NBC, PBS, ABC, C-SPAN, TBN and several others which are broadcasted in your area over the free-to-air network.

So, pick the channels of your liking from Charter’s extensive lineups and escape from the clutches of boredom. Permanently!.

Get Instant On-Demand Access: with Charter Spectrum TV™

How can you become the master of your home entertainment? With Charter Spectrum’s™ next level On Demand programming, which gratifies you with THOUSANDS of entertaining titles from the oldest cinematic number to the latest blockbuster additions. Try out a new series, re-watch an old favorite and record the episode for later through the amazing Charter Spectrum™ cable TV DVR. Experience a greater autonomy and hold ultimate movie marathons with incredible ease!

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Bundle to Unlock More Features at a Pocket-Friendly Price

charter tv

Charter Spectrum™ puts its customers on a pedestal. Period. The truth in this assertion becomes clearer when you look at the way it encourages and empowers subscribers to customize their own packages and plans out of the stock of available options. With Charter Spectrum™, you have the choice to select not just a single service, but enjoin two or more telecom services in a feature-filled combo, which is super-affordable, to say the least. For instance, you can get the Charter Spectrum™ cable TV for your home (with Select channels and DVR) at a $44.99/mo promo tag only, or you can bundle it with internet (100 Mbps at $44.99/mo) and home phone (unlimited calling for $9.99/mo) at a total rate of $99.97/mo—which is the cheapest so far. Upgrade the services any time you want and pay the price of three in a single bill each month. Convenient, right? In addition, its CONTRACT-FREE policy is freedom incarnate.

Get your Charter Spectrum™ bundles now!

Take your TV Anywherewith Charter Spectrum TV™ App

Smartphones are, technologically, modifying the lifestyles of billions of users around the globe. These top-performing devices with their diverse apps are the epicenter of today’s culture. Partaking in this wildly popular trend, Charter Spectrum™ has designed an app of its own, often referred to as Spectrum TV app. This app is full of benefit-rich features, which can rapidly modify your television watching experience. Once you download it on your smartphones for FREE, you can enjoy:

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Charter Spectrum™ Live TV

Access to 250 live channels when you’re connected to a Spectrum network, and about 150 channels when you’re hooked to any other internet stream. Watch your favorite shows LIVE on your mobile wherever you are, and catch the ongoing game even if you’re pulled back at work with this amazing app.

Thousands of On Demand Titles

Get 30,000 On Demand choices for movies and TV shows over your Charter network and 20,000 titles when you’re on the move. Make any movie marathon possible with a few taps.

Personalized Guide

Utilize the enhanced search filters to sort through the best of entertaining content (LIVE and otherwise), and create your very own ‘favorites’ profile on the Spectrum TV app.

Remote Receiver and DVR Control

Change the channels on your Charter Spectrum™ cable receiver and control the DVR functions (record, play, delete, modify, etc.) right from your smartphone with this spectacular app.

Parental Authority

Set restrictions for your kids on the PG13 TV content by activating the Parental Control feature from your Charter Spectrum TV™ app. Insert your PIN and extend the rule across each device in the household.

The TV app’s programming range depends on the kind of Charter Spectrum TV™ package you’ve subscribed to and the type of internet connection you have at home. With a Charter-powered Wi-Fi, you get more choices, as you can see above. Moreover, to make your app experience seamless, you need to set a username and password, which takes about two minutes and gives you a lifetime worth of expediency. Just like that.

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Avail the Greatest Contract Buyout ofAll Time with Charter Spectrum TV™

Nearly everyone is familiar with the massive inconvenience of negotiating one’s way out of a binding cable contract. The heated calls, the wasted breath and most importantly, the ETF (Early Termination Fee) warning is enough to dissuade people from leaving their current provider. Charter Spectrum TV™ understands these dilemmas and comes to your aid with a one-of-a-kind offer*, i.e. a contract buyout program. This limited-time offer extends to people who don’t have any outstanding obligations to Spectrum and are willing to get a triple play package at most upon the completion of the program. All you have to do is reach out to Charter Spectrum TV™ support with the desire of switching, and it will settle YOUR scores with YOUR old provider, pay the ETF (up to $500) on your behalf and enter you into its CONTRACT-FREE service, all in one go. Convenient, right?

*Offer inconclusive to some areas.
Spectrum coverage Map

Charter Spectrum TV™Coverage

According to the recent stats, Charter Spectrum™ Communications, Inc. is the second largest residential cable operator by subscriber count and comes just behind Comcast in the great telecom race. It supplies top-notch internet, TV and phone services to more than 26 million people across 41 U.S. states, including Alabama, Georgia, Hawaii, Iowa, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Maine, North Carolina, Nebraska, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Rhode Island, and Wyoming, etc. Ever since its era-defining merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks, Charter Spectrum™ has seen a soar in popularity unlike ever before, thereby, gaining an impetus to offer better products in the future and serve the consumers in every way possible.

The Charter Spectrum™ FAQS

You can record a Live event by simply pressing the RECORD button on your remote. If it’s a whole series, you can choose to record a specific episode on the receiver, set its start and end time accordingly. You can even use the On Screen Guide to schedule a recording of an upcoming episode, and enjoy it just as it comes out.

Upgrade instantly by tuning to Channel 2495, or visit Charter Spectrum’s™ site to expand your current package.

Spectrum TV SelectMore than 125 channelsPromo Price: $44.99/mo.
Spectrum TV SilverMore than 175 channelsPromo Price: $84.99/mo.
Spectrum TV GoldMore than 200 channels + Premium SubscriptionsPromo Price: $104.99/mo.

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