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Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Select

$99.97 /mo*

For the first 12 months

*Price increases after the promo year.

Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Silver

$119.97 /mo*

For the first 12 months

*Price increases after the promo year.

Charter Spectrum Triple Play™ Gold

$139.97 /mo*

For the first 12 months

*Price increases after the promo year.

Spectacular Local + International Coverage

Charter communications® surpasses all other providers when it comes to the provision of high-quality services. Its top-performing phone line is especially famous in this regard, as it enables you to connect instantly with your loved ones regardless of where they’re located. Moreover, the call quality is so immaculate that you’ll feel as if the other person is sitting right in front of you. With Charter Spectrum™, you can be sure to get a spotless reception, a strengthened signal hold, and an UNLIMITED talk-time at the cheapest rates possible. Unlimited in the sense that you can chat non-stop for the longest duration ever without a worry tying you down. On top of that, the network coverage provided by Charter Spectrum™ home phone extends across multiple geographical regions and carries your calls through the worst of storms and the longest of distances.

charter phone
RegionalCross-State (Charter Spectrum™ caters to 41 U.S. States from Alabama to Wyoming)Unlimited
Long DistanceCanada, Guam, Puerto Rico & U.S. Virgin IslandsUnlimited
InternationalUp to 70 countries of Europe and Asia from Argentina to VietnamUnlimited with only $5/month*
Rest of the worldPay Per Call with the cheapest per minute rates (e.g. Albania—$0.2003/minute, Morocco—$0.0134/minute and Zimbabwe—$0.0989/minute, etc.)

Nomorobo & Other ReliableCharter Spectrum Phone™ Features

One of the best things about subscribing to Charter’s amazing phone services is that it offers a LOT while asking only a little in return. Through its uber-affordable plans, you can get a chance to avail not one, not two but up to 28 high-end calling features. These essential elements accentuate your calls and enable you to control your landline’s functions in the most suitable way possible. The best Charter Spectrum phone™ features include:

charter tv


Allow other callers to leave messages on your machine by activating this handy feature. Don’t miss out of anything important by listening to the recordings later on and giving a callback.

Readable Voicemail

Receive your recorded messages in audio/text transcript format via email through this feature. Charter Spectrum™ facilitates the sensory impaired folk too!


Automatically obstruct any calls coming from those annoying political workers with a proposition, telemarketers selling you stuff out of the blue and spamming robo-callers by getting this cool feature in your Charter Spectrum phone™ plan.

VIP Ring

Assign distinctive ringtones to your favorite 30 or so callers on a priority list with this helpful feature so you can know who’s calling without having to check ID.

Caller ID on TV

See the caller’s information (name & number) displayed on your TV screen via this feature while watching a show, and decide whether to take the call or not.

Speed Dial

Program up to 8 of your most accessed phone numbers in the Speed Dial list to make a fast one-digit call to a designated number. Charter Spectrum™ aids you spectacularly in times of need!

Forward All Calls

Away from home and on a vacation? Utilize this feature to transfer each incoming call from your landline to a specific active number, bypassing the voicemail. Stay in contact wherever you are.

Trace Call

Initiate the trace feature against a harasser to extract information regarding him/her, and forward it to the law enforcement for taking proper action.

Repeat Dialing

Get notified when a number you’ve been trying to reach for a long time is finally available for calling. This feature takes the burden of redialing from your shoulders and automatically try a busy number for you until it connects.

Block Outbound Caller ID

Hide your identity from a stranger you’re calling back by activating this feature. Deactivate it once you feel it’s safe enough to trust the other party.

The list of Charter’s wonderfully useful calling features goes on. You can take advantage of them by subscribing to the Spectrum phone plan of your choice, and thereby, enjoy trouble-free connectivity for life.

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Faster Emergency Response withCharter Spectrum™ Landline Phone Service

Your home is your safe haven. It is a personalized space where you are at your most vulnerable. That is why attackers and invaders tend to target this place to catch you off-guard and bring harm to your loved ones. How can you reinforce the defenses around your house and safeguard your family? With an advanced home security system, of course. Lucky for you, Charter’s Spectrum™ versatile phone-line works brilliantly with the security setups and dials the protection level up a few notches. The landline syncs with the home monitoring tech seamlessly, and if an alarm is set off, it sends an SOS alert to the concerned authorities automatically. You can even integrate Charter Spectrum Phone™ and internet to create a powerful home surveillance network that’s monitored by you and by professionals 24/7 for a double security shield.

Not only that, Charter’s Spectrum™ digital home phone wins against any cell phone in the speed with which it connects people to the emergency services in times of dire need. Suppose your child has met a minor accident, or you’ve burnt your hand at the stove, or perhaps, you’re all stuck in the middle of a weather anomaly, no matter what the emergency, Charter Spectrum™ will carry your calls through in crystal-clear quality. The landline’s inherent geo-location feature helps the authorities pin-down your GPS position and aid you instantly without wasting any time at all. Therefore, place your trust in the swift Charter Spectrum telephone™ service and find help sooner than later in the darkest of times.

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Charter phone

Charter Spectrum Phone™Makes Switching a Piece of Cake

Are you unsatisfied by the services of your current phone provider? Do you sincerely wish to make the switch yet are trapped by a terrible contract? Is the ETF (Early Termination Fee) discouraging you from moving on to a better life? Then, let Charter Spectrum™ solve all your problems in a single move by proposing to pay the ETF on your behalf (up to $500) and organizing a grand contract buyout like a pro. Simply reach out to Charter Spectrum™, relay your problems and forget them. Observe as your old provider is removed from the equation and Charter Spectrum™ fills the vacancy with a NO CONTRACT efficiency.

Charter phone

Troubleshoot Equipment Problemswith Charter Spectrum Phone™ Support

Though the chances for it seem pretty low, if you do come to face any sort of problems with the phone equipment, then there are a number of ways you can set it aright. One, check whether the phone is plugged in properly into an active jack. Two, make sure the multimedia terminal adapter’s Standby mode is turned off and the phone cord is attached in the Tel ½ port. Three, refresh the equipment online or manually for the boost that it might need. If none of these troubleshooting tips work, then feel free to contact professional support. Charter Spectrum™ offers a dedicated phone number for technical and equipment-related issues (1-855-757-7328) which works 24/7 and is there for whenever you need it to be.

The Charter Spectrum™ FAQS

Yes, Charter communications® launched ‘Spectrum Mobile’ back in July 2018 for existing customers, and continues to offer two flexible plans for it.

You can set up Voicemail in three easy steps.

$29.99 as a standalone telephone & $9.99 when bundled with other services.

Charter Spectrum™ does offer Voice over Internet Protocol over its own private network.

For the mobile service, you must buy a new phone from the Spectrum store if it’s not already compatible.

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